Source: Marriage Notices from Kansas Territorial Newspapers 1854 - 1861; transcribed by Vicki Bryan

The files of the Kansas Historical Society's territorial newspapers are remarkably complete, however in some instances there are only scattered issues. This fact and negligence in reporting marriages to the newspapers necessarily cause this list to be incomplete, but it does bring together marriage records from all parts of territorial Kansas for the first time.

The recording of marriages has been required of the counties of this sate since the start of county government in 1855, and many of them have such records from their beginning. One notable exception is Douglas County where records were destroyed in the Quantrill raid of August 21, 1853. Since 1913 marriages have also been recorded in the division of vital statistics of the state board of health at Topeka



Abbott, Ephraim Jr., formerly of Wyandotte and Annette M. Wood, Springfield Ill., married September 14, 1858, at Springfield. - Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Oct. 9

Abernthy, J. J., and Lizzie Martin, formerly of Keokuk, Iowa, married September 2, 1859, at the residence of Dr. Davis by the Rev. J. G. Reaser - Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, Sept. 3

Ackerly, Codelope, and Elizabeth A. Goodrick, both of Stanton, married December 22, 1859, at Osawatomie, by the Rev. Z. Baker. - Leavenworth, Daily Times, January 13, 1860.

Adams, Lucian R., of Wellington, Ohio, and Harriet G. Lord, of Litchfield, Connecticut, married October 21, 1857, at Burlingame, by the Rev. G. W. Paddock. - Lawrence, Republican, Nov. 26

Addis, Alfred S., late of Pennsylvania, and Sarah H., daughter of T. J. Short, formerly of Lexington, Missouri, married March 27, 1856, by the Rev. L. B. Dennis. - Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, March 29.

Adkinson, William W., and Ruth A. McClenning, married January 1, 1856, at house of John Adkinson, by the Rev. John Evans. - Atchison, Squatter Sovereign, January 22.

Allen, Luther, and Jane Nugent, married April 24, 1859, at the Chase House, by the Rev. L. Bodwell. - Topeka, Kansas Tribune, April 28.

Aller, A. L., Leavenworth, and Jennie E. Winchester, married March 24, 1859, at Allen's Prairie, Michigan, by the Rev. N. Fassett. - Leavenworth, Weekly Times, April 9.

Althen, Henry G., of St. Louis, Missouri, and Amelia M. Randolph, of Lawrence, married November 3, 1857, by the Rev. G. W. Hutchinson. - Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, Nov. 14.

Alton, Cyrus D., and Frances C. Stewart, of Monrovia, married September 5, 1858, at the Exchange Hotel, by the Rev. J. F. Collins. - Atchison, Freedom's Champion, September 18.

Anderson, G. W., and D. M. Graham, married May 24, 1860, by G. W. Barr, Esq. - Elwood, Free Press, May 26.

Anderson, Dr. Joseph, and Mary C. Clements, married March 20, 1860, at Tecumseh, by the Rev. C. M. Callaway. - Topeka, Kansas Tribune, March 24.

Andrews, R. S., and L. A. Ensign, married November 12, 1859, by P. P. Wilcox, Esq. - Atchison, Freedom's Champion, November 19.

Anstey, Simeon, and Elizabeth Wise, Brown County, married August 26, 1858, by J. W. Wilhoit. - White Cloud, Kansas Chief, August 26.

Anthony, J. Merritt, and Mary Luther, Kingston, New York, married April 2, 1858. - Osawatomie, Southern Kansas Herald, April 24.

Arnold, Noah, and Julia M. Graham, both of Douglas County, married February 8, 1860, by the Rev. H. H. Moore. - Lawrence, Republican, February 9.

Arterberry, Thomas, and Caroline Anderson, married August 13, 1857, near Franklin, by the Rev. L. B. Dennis. - Lawrence Republican, August 27.

Ashley, Dr. A. F., of Forest City, Missouri, and Angie R. Longley, Hartford, Madison County, Kansas, married June 1, 1860, at Hartford, by S. J. Mantor, J. P. - Emporia, Kansas News, January 14.

Atchison, William, of Clay County, Missouri, and Sarah, daughter of Dr. William Robertson, formerly of Kentucky, married November 26, 1857, in Buchanan County, Missouri. - Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, January 23, 1858.

Atchison, William, formerly of Peoria, Illinois, and Mary Davenport, of Indianapolis, Indiana, married February 16, 1858, by the Rev. R. C. Brant. - Lawrence, Republican, February 18.

Atwood, B. W., and Elizabeth S. Badley, both of Whitewater, Otoe County, Kansas, married April 1, 1860, at Chelsea, Butler County, by the Rev. J. S. Saxby. - Emporia, Kansas News, April 28.

Beagle, F. M., and California Hailey, married November 18, 1855, in Kickapoo City, by T. Shaler. - Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, December 1.

Beeding, W. A., Parkerville, Missouri, and Martha R. Walker, Wyandotte, married August 27, 1857, at house of William Parker, by the Rev. Nathan Scarritt. - Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, September 5.

Beers, A. H., and Ann Elizabeth Minter, married January 29, 1860, at residence of R. M. Smith, by the Rev. J. Spencer. - Atchison, Union, February 4.

Belz, John, and Sophia Binde, married November 10, 1859, by the Rev. L. R. Staudenmayer. - Atchison, Union, November 12.

Benedict, William F., and Eliza H. Walton, both of Douglas County, married October 6, 1859, by the Rev. H. H. Moore. - Lawrence, Republican, October 13.

Benjamin, Henry, and Betsy Baysinger, married May 27, 1858, on Ottawa Creek, by the Rev. Mr. Ingels. - Prairie City, Freemen's Champion, June 17.

Bennett, G. W. C., Platte County, Missouri, and Sallie, daughter of David and Elizabeth Black, Buchanan County, Missouri, married December 1, 1859, by the Rev. O. C. Steele. - Atchison, Union, December 10.

Benz, John J., Leavenworth and Louisa M. Cole, Weston, Missouri, married April 30, 1857, at Weston by Jeremiah Woods, Esq. - Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, May 16.

Bernau, Paul H., of near Bloomington, and Lizzie Jonson, Cambridge City, Indiana, married January 18, 1857, at Cambridge City. - Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, February 21.

Betton, Frank H., and Susannah Mudeater, married March 8, 1860, by the Rev. William Barnett. - Wyandotte, Western Argus, March 14.

Birch, Michael, of Weston, Missouri, and Mary Frances Combs, married May 25, 1856, by the Rev. W. G. Caples. - Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, May 31.

Blackstone, W. C., of Mapleton, and Anna E. Enlow, of Brooklyn, married May 10, 1860, at the Hildreth House, Mound City, by the Rev. M. D. Tenney. - Lawrence, Republican, May 24.

Blanton, N. B., and Harriet Crosby, formerly of Warren County, Illinois, married _____, 1857, ear Neosho City, by the Rev. Benoni Wheat. - Lawrence, Republican, August 27.

Blevins, William, and Martha Chandler, both of Jefferson County, married October 25, 1860, at residence of Richard Chandler, by the Rev. H. H. Hedgpeth. - Oskaloosa, Independent, October 31.

Bliss, Harmon J., Quindaro, and M. Elizabeth, daughter of Alvin Plumb, Westfield, New York, married September 1, 1857, at Westfield, by the Rev. Charles Mussey. - Quindaro, Chindowan, September 19.

Bonifant, Benjamin, Weston, Missouri, and Tillie Leachman, Platte County, Missouri, married October 29, 1855, by the Rev. O. C. Steele. - Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, November 17.

Bothel, Adam R., and Elvira Whitney, formerly of Pennsylvania, married February 14, 1860, at the Bratton House, Burlingame, by the Rev. A. M. Thornton. - Emporia, Kansas News, March 10.

Botis, George W. D., and Mrs. Elizabeth Fales, recently of Boston, Massachusetts, married January 29, 1855, at Juniata, Kansas, by the Rev. C. E. Blood. - Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, February 17.

Bowles, L. S., and Miss Peteet, married ____, 1855, by the Rev. Thomas Allen. - Atchison, Squatter Sovereign

Browning, Asaph, and Abbie Copeland, both of Fitchburg, Massachusetts, married ____ 1856, by the Rev. C. E. Blood. - Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, January 26.

Bruner, Samuel, and Joanna Maria Chapman, married April 12, 1859, at Americus, by the Rev. George Perkins. - Emporia, Kansas News, April 16.

Buck, Giles R., and Mollie E. Whelan, married August 7, 1860, at St. Joseph, Missouri, by the Rev. Mr. Nichols. - Atchison, Freedom's Champion, August 11.

Buckley, James, and Mollie Adair, late of Kentucky, married November 9, 1856, at residence of E. M. Rankin, by the Rev. Jonas Dodge. - Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, November 20.

Budington, George E., and Anne E. Shepherd, late of Albany, New York, married November 11, 1858, at Quindaro, by the Rev. L. D. Storrs. - Lawrence, Republican, November 25.

Bull, T. J., and Mrs. Agnes Kirkpatrick, married January 14, 1856, at residence of Mr. Nickerson, by the Rev. Mr. Martin. - Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, January 19.

Bull, Dr. W. D., and Sue R. Brown, married January 20, 1858, by the Rev. Leander Ker. - Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, January 23.

Bullen, J. H., and Alma E., daughter of Nathaniel Greenwood, Farmington, Missouri, married November 5, 1857, by the Rev. Mr. Henderson. - Leavenworth, Weekly Times, November 6.

Bunker, J. G., and H. A. Hartwell, married January 1, 1857, by the Rev. L. Bodwell. - Topeka, Kansas Tribune, January 12.

Burley, Rufus B., of Sugar Mound, Linn County, and Sarah A. Flanders, of Northport, Maine, married October 5, 1857, at Belfast, Maine, by Timothy Chase, Esq. - Lawrence, Republican, November 5.

Burr, Richard, and Jennie Vandever, married October 2, 1858, near Le Roy, by J. R. T. Shull, J. P. - Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, November 20.

Burroughs, Edgar C., and Mary J. Houghton, both of Wakarusa, married October 29, 1860, by the Rev. W. H. Hickox. - Topeka, Kansas Tribune, Nov. 3.

Bushman, Charles, and Maria Codd, married July 12, 1860, at Burlington, by the Rev. Peter Remer. - Burlington, Neosho Valley Register, July 28.

Calvert, Frank, Kansas Territory, and Beattie, daughter of Lewis Calvert, Platte County, Missouri, married December 3, 1857, by the Rev. J. B. Wright. - Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, January 9, 1858.

Campbell, Alex M., and Christina A. Phillips, both of Salina, married November 6, 1858, at Riley City, by Judge Gordon. - Lawrence, Republican, December 9.

Campdoras, Dr. Marie Antonine Eugene Jacques, and Eliza M. Reader, married February 22, 1858, at residence of bride's uncle, Indianola, by the Rev. J. T. Holliday. - Topeka, Kansas Tribune, February 27.

Carpenter, C. Howard, and Sarah E. Jones, recently of Keene, New Hampshire, married April 5, 1855, by the Rev. H. B. Burgess. - Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, April 7.

Carr, Alexander, and Mary L. Smoot, married January 22, 1858, by the Rev. G. W. Hutchinson. - Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, January 23.

Carr, John, and Patscilla Staly, Easton, married January 13, 1857, at Easton, by S. H. Oliphant. - Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, January 31.

Carrier, Milo, and Almira Fox, married January 30, 1858, at home of bride's father H. Fox, Brownsville, Kansas, by the Rev. J. E. Moore. - Prairie City, Freeman's Champion, March 18.

Cole, John F., and Hettie Foncannon, both of Topeka, married May 10, 1860, at the Auburn Hotel, Auburn, by the Rev. F. P. Montfort. - Topeka, Kansas Tribune, May 12.

Compton, John, and Emily Breese, married March 24, 1858, at Hickory Grove. - Prairie City, Freeman's Champion, April 1.

Conklin, Ensign, of Cincinnati, Ohio, and Anna D. C. Browers, of Rock Island, Illinois, married June 7, 1860, at residence of Henry J. Bowers, Rock Island, by the Rev. Mr. McMasters. - Lawrence, Republican, June 7.

Conner, Thomas H., and Mary A. McClelland, both of Willow Springs, married March 15, 1860, at Willow Springs, by the Rev. R. Cordley. - Lawrence, Republican, March 29.

Cook, Henry N., of Columbia, Missouri, and Hattie Scott, of Arrow Rock, Missouri, married March 9, 1859, at Arrow Rock. - Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, March 26.

Cook, J. W., and Mrs. E. A. Granniss, Evansville, Wisconsin, married January 1, 1861, at Evansville, by the Rev. C. Morehouse. - Elwood, Free Press, January 12.

Cooper, William, Oskaloosa, and Mrs. Almira Anderson, Lecompton, married September 22, 1860, at Lecompton, by Mr. McKinney, J. P. - Oskaloosa, Independent, September 26.

Cordley, The Rev. Richard, and Mary Ann Cox, of Hamburg, Michigan, married May 19, 1859, at Hamburg, by the Rev. D. L. Eaton. - Lawrence, Republican, May 26.

Corey, Alfred, and Martha Hoover, both of Pleasant Hill, Kansas, married December 25, 1855, by Elder William Hicks. - Lawrence, Kansas Free Press, January 7, 1856.

Corlew, Henry Austin, and Zorelda Bledsoe, married April 3, 1855, at the residence of Judge John Curtiss, by J. K. Goodin, Esq. - Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, April 14.

Correll, James, and Susan McGee, married August 20, 1857, by the Rev. S. S. Snyder. - Lawrence, Republican, September 3.

Corum, John L., and Sarah Ann Harrod, married April 26, 1859, by the Rev. D. Bolles. - Leavenworth, Kansa Weekly Herald, April 30.

Coutant, James W., and Louisa Wolford, married January 15, 1860, at residence of Mr. Clough, by the Rev. Mr. Hale. - Fort Scott, Democrat, January 19.

Cox, James, and Catherine Glascock, married December 25, 1856, near Troy, by Capt. A. Heed. - Doniphan, Kansas Constitutionalist, January 7, 1857.

Cracklin, Capt. Joseph, and Emily Dunlap, formerly of New Boston, New Hampshire, married March 30, 1858, by the Rev. G. W. Hutchinson. - Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, April 10.

Craighill, Samuel J., formerly of Jefferson County, Virginia, and Sallie C., daughter of William D. Barrow, married February 24, 1859, near Doniphan City, by the Rev. J. E. Ryan. - Elwood, Kansas Press, March 5.

Crain, S. E., and Martha M. Cody, married February 7, 1858, at residence of Mrs. Cody on Salt Creek, by the Rev. B. C. Dennis. - Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, February 13.

Cram, Hiram, and Mary Brero, both of Franklin, married June 10, 1855, at the Union Hotel, Lawrence, by the Rev. G. W. Hutchinson. - Lawrence, Herald of Freedom, June 16.

Crane, Dr. David R., and Caroline Wright, married September 30, 1857, at Kickapoo, by the Rev. H. Stone. - Leavenworth, Weekly Times, October 9.

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