Southwestern Business Directory, McKenney Publishing Co., 1889
 Colby, Thomas County Directory

transcribed by Sheryl McClure


City Hotel, E. L. Brewer.
Coab & Co., general merchandise.
Colby Drug Store.
Colby House, J. C. Stowell, proprietor.
Commercial Hotel.
Copeland & Van Patton, real estate.
— Eddy, physician.
J. W. Irwin, bakery.
Martin Bros., real estate.
C. H. Martin, druggist.
McGonigal & Son, real estate, loan and insurance.
New York Store, G. W. SMITH & CO.
Oberlan Loan and Trust Company.
Opelto Hotel, Opelto & McCullough proprietors.
Milton Sage, barber.
G. W. Smith & Co., general merchandise.
State Bank of Colby, R. K. Beymer, vice-president, L. L. French, cashier.
— Stites, physician.
R. C. Taylor, loans.
Taylor & Smith, real estate.
Thomas County Bank, D. H. Hull, president, W. S. Ferguson cashier.
Windsor Hotel, W. H. Lent, proprietor.
J. W. Woodruff, general merchandise.
R. Wyants, law and land office.

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