A happy family reunion took place last Thursday when members of the clan of Ryan assembled in Brewster for their first family gathering in many years.

Ed and Bill welcomed their brothers and sisters with a good old-fashioned chicken dinner, a special feature of which was a ten-pound cake which arrived special delivery just in time for dinner from Mrs. Margaret Woods of Gunnison, Colorado, who was unable to be present. Those present from out of town were: Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Ryan, Londgerass, Mont. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ryan, Lake George, Colo., Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Ryan, Burlington, Colo. Charley W. Ryan, Chicago, Ill., Mrs. H. L. Smedly, Agra, Kansas.

It has been twenty years since these brothers and sisters have been together and forty two years since C. W. and J. F. have met. (The Brewster Herald, July 17, 1930, Vol. 15, No. 12, front page, transcribed by Peggy Thompson)


For the first time in forty-two years the brothers and sisters of the Trombla family were together at the same time when they gathered from widely separated points in the United States for a reunion at the old home in Nebraska. There were forty-eight present at a picnic held at Milford, Nebraska, the only absentee being one brother, L. G. Trombla of El Dorado, whose wife was ill in a hospital. The brothers and sisters went to El Dorado to visit him. This brother was formerly associated with F. H. Horney in business in Brewster. Mrs. Horney who was Frankie Trombla attended the reunion. With the exception of L.. G. the brothers and sisters accompanied Mrs. Horney home and visited here over the weekend and then went on for a vacation in the Rockies at Colorado Springs. Those here were as follows: Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Trobla of Annesbury, Mass., Mrs. G. M. Brown of Hollywood, Calif., Mrs. J. W. Mitchell of Exeter, Nebr. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Trombla and daughter Helen of Lincoln, Nebr., Richard Lee Trombla, young son of Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Trombla of El Dorado. (The Brewster Herald, Vo. 16, No. 20, August 27, 1931, transcribed by Peggy Thompson)


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