Certificates were issued to the follow-teachers at the last Normal Institute by County Superintendant W. W. Walker:


C. C. Yocum 1st Grade
Edie Lawrence 1st Grade
Dee Williams 2nd Grade
Eva Davis 2nd Grade
Emma Cummings 2nd Grade
G. O. Golden 2nd Grade
J. M. Kennedy 2nd Grade
May E. Rexford 2nd Grade
Alice E. Mallory 2nd Grade
Nettie McArthur 2nd Grade
Coza Olds 3rd Grade
Mell Harper 3rd Grade
Icy Welch 3rd Grade
Chas Ferguson 3rd Grade
Nannie Williams 3rd Grade
Mable Heming 3rd Grade
Lillian Souders 3rd Grade
Abbie Richardson 3rd Grade
Jean Jardine 3rd Grade
Clara Harper 3rd Grade
Laura Bell 3rd Grade
Flora Davidson 3rd Grade
Ollie Bancroft 3rd Grade
Nettie Wilson 3rd Grade
Chas Dedrick 3rd Grade
Carrie Barrett 3rd Grade
Nellie Peaslee 3rd Grade
leo Ellen McLin 3rd Grade
Mrs. J. W. Moore 3rd Grade
Cora stobie 3rd Grade
J. Laughlin 3rd Grade
Jessie Woodruff 3rd Grade

There were 61 enrolled at the Normal. It is due County Superintendent Walker and Professor Sullivan to mention that the Normal was an eminent success in every way. The attendance was large for the first Normal held in the county, and great and intense interest was manifested by teachers and pupils. County Superintendent Walker and Professor Sullivan both labored hard to make the Normal all it promised to be, and they have the praise of all for their untiring zeal in furthering the cause of education in Thomas County. A good start has been made and each succeeding year should witness an improvement and advancement.

Five lectures were given on various subjects bearing on education at the Armory, by Prof. W. P. Sullivan, J. A. Gill, Hon. G. W. Goodsoe, H. E. Weld, and W. G. Porter, during the Institute, and were well appreciated by both teachers and the public.

With a wide-awake enthusiastic and scholarly county superintendent as W. Walker at the head of our County schools and with a Professor like W. P. Sullivan of high attainments and unparalleled zeal and push at the head of our city schools, neither Thomas county nor Colby can ever feel that our schools are neglected or are not made all possible within the power of mortals. (Thomas County Cat, August 18, 1887)


Report of the Garden Plain School District No. 22 for the Month ending November 9.

Number of pupils enrolled, 39. Number of pupils present each day, not tardy and sustained perfect deportment, 2, Lena Hedden and Lu Frolwiler. Number sustaining perfect deportment for the month, 16, Gracie Gillispie, Case Hoyt, Bertha Calkins, Grace Hileman, Gracie Bear, Alton Gillispie, Ora J. Claypool, John Frolwiler, Ada Owderkirk, Willie Billings, Minnie Dewey, Charley Shearer, Stella Lewis, Bertha Calkins, 95; Lena Hedden, 94; Leonard Lewis, 85; Bert Hileman, 87; Earnest Calkins, 82; Alton Gillispie, 80; Gracie Hileman, 84; James Frolwiler, 80, John Frolwiler, 77; Benny Hoyt, 76; Maud Owderkirk, 98.

The pupils are all interested and doing good work. Geo. W. Benson, Teacher. (The Brewster Gazette, November 24, 1888, transcribed by Jim Laird)

School Report of Levant School, District No. 24

No. enrolled, 16

Average Daily Attendance, 12

A Grade:

Oscar Overman, 97; Flora Waters, 94; Will Barks, 85; Clarence Cline, 87; Walter Cline, 71; Melvin Overman, 85; Johnny Kiper, 85; Dwight Waters, 88; Jimmie Smith, 83.

Chart Class.

Ventie Waters, 96; Roy Waters, 90; Willie Smith, 90, Carl Overman, 83.

Those not present at examination, were Nellie cornelius, Cromwell Overman and George Kay

Vena Robbins, Teacher

(The Colby Tribune, Thursday, October 23, 1890, transcribed by Jim Laird)

School Report of District No. 44, for the month of Oct. 1890:

Primary Grade:

John Read, 99, Roy Clawson, 98, Earl Harper, 96; Rich Read, 92; Lon Read, 91; Jacob Jacobson, 90; Floy Harpor, 87; Guy Harper, 87; Lizzie Parker, 87; Arthur Tally, 85; Attie Read, 85; Mattie Talley, 98.

Intermediate Grade:

Wallace Armstrong, 91; George Clawson, 89; George Preston, 87; John Harper, 85; Burt Miller, 85.

Grammar Grade:

Alice Armstrong, 97, Roy Talley, 97; Willie Armstrong, 94; Robert Parker, 94; Nora Harper, 94; Cora Harper, 94; Charlie Clawson, 92; May Miller, 90; Maud Harper, 85.

Total enrollment 28; Average daily attendance 11.

Teacher - Alice Markham

(The Brewster Gazette, Thursday, November 6, 1890, transcribed by Jim Laird)

DISTRICT NO. 83 SCHOOL REPORT - October 17, 1890

Report of school district No. 83, for month ending October 17th, 1890

Number enrolled, 4

Average attendance, 4.

A Grade: Edith Dowty, 90.

B Grade: Katie Dowty, 88; Arthur Dowty, 79.

Chart Class, Carrie Dowty, 95.

Clara Harper, Teacher.

(The Colby Tribune, Thursday, October 23, 1890, transcribed by Jim Laird)


School Report

The following is the report of the school in district No. 48 for the month ending June 5, 1891;

Primary Grade:

Roy Tevis, 96; Charley Kelsey, 97

Intermediate Grade:

Guy Harstine, 93; Daisy Kelsey, 94; Nora Kelsey, 92; Clara Blood, 95

Alice Markham, Teacher

(The Colby Tribune, Thursday, June 25, 1891, transcribed by Jim Laird)


Marguerite Alcott, Bonnie Cummins, Frances McKinney, Clara Howard, Mable Troutfetter, Frank Troutfetter, Guido Smith, Nellie Pratt, Edna Craige, Irma Boerner, Margaret Logan, Bessie Kelly, Ida McBride, Lloyd Sigman, Olive Bjork, Russell Sloan, Mary Kiser, Ethel Swarts, Rae Swarts. (The Colby Free Press, Thursday, April 30, 1914, transcribed by Jim Laird)


The Thomas County High School class this year was one of the largest ever graduated from this county high school. Those receiving diplomas were Guy Olson, Harold Sloan, LeRoy Passell, Roy Dawes, Ora Pearson, J. V. Connelly, Effie Redmond, Nellie Fannell, Esther Lauterbach, Matilda Batliner, Clara Taylor, Elsa Williams, Netta Day, Nora Poland, Martha Claar, Ethel Carl, Esther Koontz, Mary McCain, Maurine Fitzgerald, and Mabel Troutfetter, who was not present and Faye Lewallen was absent on account of illness. (The Colby Free Press, Thursday, May 27, 1915, transcribed by Jim Laird)


The Thomas County High School commencement was held at the Opera House last evening.

The graduates are as follows:

Misses Emma Verneta Kelly, Grace Eva Warner, Beulah Laurena Shull, Myrtle Louisa McVean, Jennette Elizabeth McVean, Ruth Elizabeth Storer, Hallie Ann Pearson, Alma Elizabeth Pearson and Messrs. Arthury Connelly, Harry Kendall, Murray Eddy, Arthur Hamill, Ray Thurston, William McGinley, Forrest Wallace. (The Colby Free Press, Thursday, May 18, 1916, transcribed by Jim Laird)



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