Alta Vista was established in 1886. Pike was laid out in October 1886 by W. D. Deans, but soon changed to Cable City and in March 1887, changed again to Alta Vista. The town was laid out by C. Langvart and building began in 1889.


Eskridge was established in 1861 the same year Col. Ephraim H Sanford started a paper there called the Landmark. In 1890 a destructive fire played havoc with the town.


Harveyville was founded at the coming of the Santa Fe Railroad, but its history goes back to 1854 when Henry Harvey and his two sons took land on the Dragoon.


Keene locality was first settled in 1856 by the Mossmans. In 1874 the town moved on half mile west.


Maple Hill was part of the Pottawatomie Indian Reservation and the French, the Bourassa family and later the Shorey family were the first in the county, in the 1840's according to Barr's old history.


McFarland, long a railroad center, was laid out by S. H. Fairfield who named the town for his friend, Judge McFarland of Topeka.


Paxico's history starts with Newbury, the town on the hill near Paxico which "retired." It was settled by an Ohio Colony in the 1860's. In the 80's a mill was built at Paxico by the Strourg brothers on land formerly owned by the old Indian medicine man Pashqua who left for Indian territory in 1870. There was a scrap between Newbury and Paxico for the railroad. Paxico won and the town was laid out in 1886 when Newbury "retired."

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