Buffalo Oilfield (Wilson County)

At Buffalo in the northeast part of Wilson County there is a field of oil and gas wells, giving small production from a depth of 900-1,000 feet. The surface is occupied by the Stanton Limestone.

Altoona Field (Wilson County)

Around Altoona, and northeastward in the east part of the county, is a small oil and gasfield. The surface is formed by the Lane Shales.

Freedonia Field (Wilson County)

This field was opened during 1907, and there was renewed activity in 1916 and 1917, when a number of satisfactory wells were obtained giving 10-20 barrels of oil a day. There also were many gas wells yielding a few million cubic feet per day.

Neodesha Oilfield (Wilson County)

This oil and gasfield is in the south part of Wilson County, and continues southward into Montgomery County.
The formations at the surface are mainly the Cherryvale Shales and the Lane Shales. Some well-defined folds occur. The production is from the Cherokee formation, at 800-1,000 feet depth. Drilling commenced in 1893 and the town was supplied with gas in 1894. The initial pressure was 425 pounds, in a sand at 984 feet, and an important gasfield was soon developed. In 1894 also the first oil well was brought in, at about 10 barrels a day.

Source: Geology of the Mid Continent Oilfields: Kansas, Oklahoma and North Texas, by Thomas Owen Bosworth, 1920, page 83)




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