The first levy of taxes in Wyandotte county was ordered by the board of supervisors September 2, 1859. The rate thus fixed was one and one-fourth per cent of the assessed value of taxable property, real and personal. The board at the same meeting appropriated $1,500 for roads and bridges from Quindaro to the Wyandotte bridge.

At a meeting of the board, October 2, 1860, the amount of taxes to be levied for county and other purposes for the current fiscal year was considered. It was determined that, for the purpose of redeeming the outstanding orders on the treasurer of the county and to meet the ordinary current county expenses, $15,000 would be required. The county clerk was authorized to make a levy of taxes on the total amount of taxable property on the assessment roll of that year, at such a rate, in mills on the dollar, as would produce most nearly such an amount. The further amount of $2,500 was required to pay the interest on bonds issued by the county and to redeem such bonds as would become due within the coming year, and an additional levy was ordered to meet this demand.

It may also be recorded here that the taxes levied in Wyandotte county were contested. At a meeting of the first board the county attorney was authorized to draw up papers stating an agreement of facts and enter into the same, on behalf of the county with the Wyandotte Indians, for the purpose of testing the legality of taxes assessed on the lands in the county allotted to that tribe.


Source: History of Wyandotte County Kansas: and it's people - Edited and Compiled by Perl W. Morgan - Kansas City, Kansas - Illustrated VOL. 1 - The Lewis Publishing Company Chicago 1911


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