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To Marriages: (Currently complete through 1820)

Page 1 1797-1818

Page 2 1819 - 1821

The marriage notices following were taken from the Lexington, Kentucky, Public Library's 1787-1865 Files of Lexington newspapers. Gaps In the inclusive dates reflect years missing in those files. The original purpose of the work was to make these records available only to users of library's newspaper holdings in an effort to minimise usage of the rare collection for genealogical research. The compilation was made available to the general public when it was published in eleven numbers of The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society beginning with the issue of April, 1938, and ending with the issue of October, 1940.

Kentucky Marriages, 1797-1865, represents the first volume of the original two-volume compilation. The second volume. Kentucky Obituaries, 1787 1854, was also published in The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society beginning In January, 1941, and ending In April, 1943. Complete sets of The Register containing the two volumes are no longer in print.

The present reprinting marks the first time that Kentucky Marriages 1797 1865, has been fully Indexed as a separate, publication.

For purposes of bibliography an abbreviation of the name of the newspaper from which a notice or story was taken is given with that notice or story.

The abbreviations used denote:
I —Lexington Intelligencer
KG—Kentucky Gazette
M —Married
O —(Lexington) Observer
OR—Lexinpton Observer and Reporter
P —Lexington Public Advertiser
R —Reporter or Kentucky Reporter
S —Kentucky Statesman

Frankfort. Kentucky
March 7, 1966


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