Kentucky Trails

Adair County Kentucky


Transcribed by Cathy Schultz

Names of pensioners for revolutionary or military services. Ages Names of heads of families with whom pensioners resided June 1, 1840.
Thompson C. Loyd 52 Thompson C. Loyd
Samuel Ellis 79 Samuel Ellis
John Montgomery 78 Robert M. Montgomery
James Irvin 85 John Irvin
William Hurt 82 William Hurt
Thomas White 77 Thomas White
Alexander Elliott 75 Alexander Elliott
William Warnack 76 William Warnack
William James 82 Elijah Leech
Zachariah Holliday 78 William Holliday
John Hamilton 83 John Hamilton
Philip Winfree 76 Reuben Winfree
Solomon Royce 76 Solomon Royce
William Mosby 85 William Mosby
Henry Armstrong 85 Elijah Green
Elisha Bailey 75 Elisha Bailey
Thomas Cochran 77 Thomas Cochran

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