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Adair County Kentucky

Mount Vernon Cemetery

Columbia, Kentucky

This is an ongoing project. If you have information on the cemetery or any burials in this cemetery and you would like to contribute them, you can email them to the us.

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Submitters: Friends of Genealogy - GF

Name Birth Death Inscriptions Submitter
Scott, Roosevelt 28 July 1941 14 Apr 1985 son of George and Rena GF
Vaughn, Fannie May 19 Feb 1912 2 Aug 1973 wife of Phillip GF
White, Abra 1943 8 June 1988 son of Robert and Edna GF
White, Fannie Francis 1 Mar 1888 31 Dec 1960 wife of Nelson GF
White Nelson 3 Sept 1873 19 Jan 1955 son of Pleasant and Ann GF
White, Richard 7 Jan 1910 15 Jan 1947 son of Nelson and Fannie GF
White, Robert Lincoln 20 Apr 1908 2 Sept 1980 son of Nelson and Fannie GF
White, Susie Edna 1 Jan 1913 25 Aug 1978 wife of Robert GF