Kentucky Genealogy Trails

Barren County Ky

1840 Pensioners

Transcribed by Cathy Schultz


Names of pensioners for revolutionary or military services. Ages Names of heads of families with whom pensioners resided June 1, 1840.
Frederick Smith 86 Frederick Smith
John Watson 77 John M. Watson
Thomas Goodman 77 Littleberry Goodman
Callam Bailey 92 William T. Bailey
Sarah Key 78 James Bennett
Ambrose Huffman 86 Henry Huffman
Margaret Higdon 74 Margaret Higdon
William Bell 89 William W. Bell
Richard Bailey 78 Richard Bailey
Philip Carter 74 Philip Carter
Thomas Green 77 Thomas Green
Philemon Sanders 78 Philemon Sanders
Jonathan Hunt 80 Jonathan Hunt
John Renfro 80 Joseph Renfro
Liddy Harris 78 John R. Harris
Absalom Hughes 86 Absalom Hughes
William Carson 80 William Carson
John Cosby 99 John Cosby
John Duff 80 John Duff
Rodeham Laurence 78 Rodeham Laurence
John Cole 88 John Cole

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