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Early Wills

A NOTE FROM SUBMITTER: There seems to be quite a few major typing mistakes in this book. Probate cannot happen before a will is written.  I have transcribed this book as typed. This book should only be a guide of who lived in Bath Co. and died there.  It would be prudent to consult the original wills. []


Record of Wills in Bath County in the State of Kentucky

Submitted by Chris, A Friend of Genealogy; May 2011

Ficklin, Hugh, Harrison County, 3-25-1811

Execs: John McNab of Montgomery, Henry McDaniel of Fayette, and Levi Coovell of Harrison Co.

Wife Elisabeth Ficklin, dau Ann, Dau Margret, dau Jane, son John, dau Elisabeth, Dau Ruth's female children, son Hugh, dau Sarah, dau Martha, dau Mary, grandson Charles Ficklin.

Witns: Al McDonnell, Isaac Rice, Richard Harcourt, Peter R. Gill, Reuben Randolph, Mahlon Hall, John Ritchie.

Probated: Bath Co. Court on Sept. 23 1811.


Coshew, Benoni of Montgomery Co., Kentucky

Son John, dau Elisabeth Clemmons, dau Sarah Taylor, dau Esther Scott, son William, dau Agnes Cannon, dau Jinny Cannon, dau Hannah ?aice, wife Agnes, granddau Elisabeth Scott.

Execs: John Cashew, John Taylor.

To Benoni Taylor, Benoni Scott $5.00 August 20, 1809

Witms: Richard Stamper, John Arnett, John Stamper.

Probated: Sept. 23, 1811 in Bath Co. Court .

Thomas Fletcher, C.B.C.


Oakley, Thomas in Camp U.S. Army.February 1813

To Joel Parker, to Billy Oakley, Exec. Joel Parker. Witness George Pugh and William Manley.

Probated: April 12, 1813 in Bath C. Court .

William M. Sudduth, D.C.B.C.


Briston, JohnBath Co

Wife Sarah, son Ezra, sisters daughter, Jane Walker. Exec: wife Sarah and James M. Graham. April 8, 1813.

Witn: Rawland Richards and Alexander Farris. Probated: June 14, 1813 in

Bath County .

Wm Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Sinclair, Amos Bath Co.

WifeMary, children: John, Thomas, Mary Snelling, Susanna Brown.

Ecex:son Thomas Sinclair.July 16, 1813

Witn: James U. Young and Nath. W. Rollo.

Probated December 13 1813 in Bath Co.

Wm Sudduth, D.C.B.C.


Days, John Bath Co.

Wife Caty, Children: Elizah, Elisabeth, George, Abigail, Rhoda, Symtrome, and one expected not yet born.

Exec: William Morgan and Jeremiah Jackson.

Witns: Richard Ross, Martha Butcher, Margarette Daugherty, on February 16, 1814

Probated April 11, 1814 in Bath Co.

Wm Sudduth, D.C.B.C.


McCormock, William Bath Co.

To wife and children. (No names)

Exec: wife witns: Hugh Wiley, James Dean. Jan 16, 1804

Probated: April 11, 1814.

Wm Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Bracken, Mathew Bath Co.

To wife Nancy and children. Exec. Thomas Arnett. Witn: John Arnett and Thomas Arnett. August 26, 1813

Probated June 13, 1814.

Wm. Sudduth, D.C.B.C.


Naylar, Paul Bath Co. May 1, 1814

Wife Hannah until death, to marriage, then children.

Exec: Wife Hannah. Witn: George Linch, and George Ulery.

Probated July 11, 1815.

Wm Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Breckenridge, Robert Bath Co. January 26, 1814

Wife Mary, son Alexander (if he ever returns), son Francis Preston, son John Doke, son James, dau. Anna Breckenridge, dau Polly Caldwell.

Witn: Robert and Mathew Mitchell, Allen Gudgell

Probated September 12, 1814.

Exec: Mary, his wife and Allen Gudgell.

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Harrison, Ca?li leArmy of the United States of America .

Brother Joseph Harrison,

Witn: A. Brepan. July 11, 1813

Probated Oct. 11, 1814

Exec. Joseph Harrison.

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Mappin, Lanah June 20, 1814

Children: John Mappin, James Mappin, Hannah William, Joseph Mapin, Lanah Rogers, Elisabeth Bracken.

Witn: J. Harrison, Henry Kephart,

Exec: Elisabeth Bracken. Probated Oct. 10, 1814

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Mappin, JaneBath Co. Aug. 22, 1814

To children Abigail, Lerch, Alrey.

Witn: James Reilley, John Brows.

Probated: October 11, 1814

Exec: Jacob Trumtd, W. B. Atchison.

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Lansdale, William, Bath Co.

To Son James and to Thomas Hawkins and David Hawkins, sons of Mary Hawkins.

Witn: John Jones, Mary Hawkins, Thomas Fletcher.

Probated June Court 1814.

Exec: Thomas Fletcher, Thomas Clay Dimmings.

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Atchison, William Bath Co.

To wife Sarah, Exec and to sons Henry and Elijah.

Witn: William Laws and Samuel Wilson. July 20, 1811

Probated June 13, 1814

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Rogers, Samuel Bath Co.

To wife Martha Exec, and to sons John and James. Febr. 16, 1814.

Probated June 15, 1814.

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Schroffe, John Adams. Bath Co.

To friends Samuel Poar, Joseph Harrison (exec). April 13, 1814

Witn: Jacob Trumble and Thomas Dimings. Prob. June 13, 1814

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Lansdale, JohnBath Co.

To father William Lansdale, David Hendinan, and Isaac Trumble. Oct. 19, 1813

Witn: Zachannah Green and John Crow.

Exec. James Lansdale. Probated June 13, 1814.

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Powers, James Bath Co.

To wife Elinar and children.

Exec. Thomas Fletcher and son Jeremiah Powers.

Witn. Thomas Peany and Thomas Sinclair.May 4, 1814.

Probated June 13, 1814

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Brandon, Walter Bath Co.

To Walter Brandon, son of Richard Brandon. Walter Brandon, son of Walter Brandon.

Exec. Walter Brandon, son of Richard Brandon of Bourbon Co. and John McNal of Bath Co.

Witn: Charles Hicklin and Jane Hicklin and ?anes Hopkins . May 20, 1814.

Probated Dec 12 1814.

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Linville, ElishaBath Co.

To wife Sarah, son John Linville, son Thomas Sinclair. Jan ? 1815

Exec. John and Thomas Linville.

Witn: Alexander Brown and Alexander Donaldson.

Probated February 15, 1815

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Ballent, GeorgeBath Co.

To wife Mary, daus. Catherine and Polly, grandson George Hawkins, son Gregory Hawkins Ballent.

Exec. wife Mary and son Gregory.

Witns: John Withecroft, Sally Tolson and Casandria Hawkins. August 15, 1815

Probated: December 11, 1815.

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Jamison, James Bath Co. May 6, 1816

To set his negro Daniel free.

Witn: D. B. Boyd, Baylis Tackett and George B. Ji?son. Probated May 13, 1816

Exec. William Jamison.

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Benny, James Bath Co.

To dau Rebecca, Elisabeth. Sons James, William, Joseph. Dau Mary English, son John William Isaac, Andrew

Shanklin. May 16, 1811.

Witn: Thomas McClun and Lawson Robertson and Robb Barr.

Probated Apr 8, 1816. Exec James Berry.

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Ferguson, Thomas Bath Co. Aug. 3, 1818

To children Collins, Purnell, Thomas, Abraham, und Elisabeth, Elan, Lucia.

Exec: Purnell and Thomas Ferguson,

With. John Oakley and George Pugh and Peter Davis.

Probated. August 11, 1817

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


McMicken, Daniel Bath Co. April 7.

To wife Ann, to William Rhea, to daus. Jiny, Sarah, Elisabeth. Son Archibald.

Exec. Ann, wife. Witn. John Kennedy and Thomas Doggett.

Probated Aug. 14, 1817.

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Kincaid, Thomas Bath Co. Oct. 15, 1816

To wife Abigail and children.

Witn: Thomas Kincaid, son James Rollins. Probated Oct. 13, 1817. Exec. wife.

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Sanency, John and Gilas,sons of David.

Exec. wife Jeanny.Jan 17, 1817. Witn: D.B. Boyd, and Joll Thomas, and Lewis Corban.

Probated, April 14, 1817.

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Bailey, William Bath Co. Feb. 12, 1817

To wife Peggy, children Lucilla, Zackeriah, John and Charles.

Exec. Grandson Absolom Hunt and William Baily.

Witn: J. Bailey and Thomas Ansburn.

Probated May 12, 1817.

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Athinson, Johnton Bath Co. Sept 2, 1816

To wife Hiziam, sons John and Nathan Allen, Lanny Rice, daus Ramslly, Elisabeth, Jammia.

Witn. John Arnwett, Jermiah Patrick, W. B. Martin.

Probated July 14, 1817.

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Barnes, Thomas Bath Co. Feb. 1, 1818

To sons Thomas, Waler, James, William. Daughters Elisabeth, Sarah, Fanny, Nancy, Sophia, Mary and Dorthy.

To wife Elisabeth and son John.

Witn: Robert Bailey, W. B. Keat and Reuben Statan. Probated April 1818.

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Arnett, John Bath Co.

To wife Rebecca and Children.

Witness: John Whitecross, Rachel Whitecross.

Probated May 11, 1818. Exec. Wife Rebecca.

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Richards, Josiah Bath Co. May 22, 1814

To wife Thomisson, son James and other children.

Land in the State of Virginia also.

Exec. Robert and W. B. and James Richards.

Witn. Joseph Clayton, John B. Warren. Probated November 1818.

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Wise, Rhoda Bath Co. Sept. 10, 1818

To wife Ellender, her natural life then to George Wise and Jefferson Adams or if dead to Reuben McDonnald.

Witn. George Wise, Phebe McDonnald. Probated Jan 11, 1819. Exec. Reuben McDonnald.

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Duncan, Isaac

To mother Margaret Duncan, to sister ?riscilla, to John Baily.

Exec. John Kincaid and George Roate. Witn. Joseph Kincaid, Daniel Goodwin, and Robert Kincaid.

Probated July 12, 1819.

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Perkins, Edward Bath Co. April 27, 1819

Eldest son Edward, to wife Susannah, son Elijah- youngest son. Dau Elisabeth, grand dau Peggy Vandandinghan, son Thomas.

Exec. sons Edmund and Thomas. Probated, February 1821.

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Lane, Henry L. Bath Co. March 21, 1821

To brother Hugh, William, Willoughby, to aunt Betsy Beach in Virginia, to mother Letty Lane, to Nephew William L. Sudduth, son of sister Lucy.

Exec. Brother Hugh Lane , brother in law W. M. Sudduth.

Witness John Barker, Hiram Lane , Added to Sisters Dunut and Dilly on April 8, 1821.

Witness Lanford Wren and James Sudduth. Probated June 11, 1821


Johnson, John February 29 1820.

To wife, son Joseph, eldest Son, second son Elenezier, thirt son Daniel, to heirs of Rachel Gound, fourth son John, two daughters Polly Adams or Heirs, fifth son Arthur and sixth son Lewis.

Witn. William Morgan and Roberta Whitten. Probated October 1819 (Dates don�t look right).

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Lansdale, James Bath Co Son of William Lansdale.

To children Elisabeth and Jacob. Wife Easter.

Exec. Jacob Warren and Dr. John Slanns.

Witn. W. Sudduth, Kinsey Lanham, November 15, 1819. Probated, December ????.


South, John Bourbon Co. Dec. 6, 1798

To wife Margaret, son Samuel, Benjamin, John William, dau Polly, Elisabeth, Sarah. Land in Madison Co. Exec. Wife Margaret. Witn. James Mastin, Malean Hall, Harry Beaningfield.

Probated Oct. 11, 1819


Clayton, Warren Bath Co. July 22, 1822

To wife and children. Exec. wife. Witn: Heorge Boyd, Wm Bailey, George B. Samison. Probated Feb. 1821.


Clark, Frances Bath County Aug. 26, 1822

To sons John and Samuel, daughters Margaret Dougherty, Marila Butcher, Elisabeth Becker, Eldest daughter Pupar McGalay, to Francis McGalay, to Francis Daugherty, to Nancy Candret.Exec. Son John Clark and John Trumbo. Witn. E. L. Burgoyne, Francis Hopkins. Probated October 1822.


McClure, Thomas Bath Co.

To wife Verlinda and children when 21 years of age. Exec. Uzal Crooks. Witn. James Graham and Andrew Shankin and Reubin Augarta.

Probated December 1822.

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Folio, Henry Bath Co. Nov. 3, 1822

To wife and children Alvina, Lavina, Henry and Ebeline, sons John Enock and Owen, youngest son Washington. Exec. wife.

Witn. Peter Wing, and George Parks, and James William. Probated Oct 1821.


Noe, JamesApril 4, 1822

To widow, Witn. Andrew Boyd, Samuel McClure. Probated April 8, 1822. Exec. wide.

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Stone, Valentine Bath Co. July 14, 1822

To wife O'Keziah, sons Richard, Robert, James Samuel, William, daughter Philadelphia , Robineau, Elisabeth, Lewis, He..ah, Rathe, Molly, ELii, Matilda, grandson Algred Stone, (Land in Stafford Co., Va. Exec. sons James and Samuel,

Witn. Samuel Willan, William Haynis, and Samuel Hoganz. Probated Sept 9, 1822.

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.



Folio, Henry Bath Co. Nov. 3, 1822.

To wife and children, Alvins, Lavina, Henry and Abelinie, sons, John, Enock, Owen, daughter, Lether, Betsy and Susanna, step son Noah. Exec. William George, Peter C. Asity. Witn. Thomas Ilex, and Poly Thea. Probated Dec. 1822.

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Markland, ---- Bath Co. Nov. 20, 1822

Son William Markland, Levi, Mathew, daughter Nancy Oliverson,Four children Peggy, Jonathan, Sally and Nathaniel. To wife Polly Markland.

Exec. Wife and Moses Nelson. Witn: Samuel Willsan and William Whaley. Probated Febr. 1823.

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Crooks, James Bath Co. Febr. 4, 1823

To wife Elisabeth and children. Exec. wife and son William. Witn. James Graham, William Bradshaw. Probated April 1823.


Higgins Tomsey (Mrs) Bath Co. March 12 1823

To daughter Polly, daughters Betsy and Nancy and Peggy. Sons William, Henry, Thomas and James.

Witn. James Young, Saliaferia Young, Nancy Office. Probated July 1823. Exec. Austin Boaz.

Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.


Hopkins, Francis Bath Co July 25, 1823

To wife Ann Hopkins. To sons Richard, John, Joseph, Moses, Francis and David. To daughters Sarah Davis, Bettsy Mosely, Peage Hughes, Ann McDonnald, Grandson James McGarvin, son of Adam McGarvin. Exec. John McNab, Allen Gudgell.

Witn. Jacob Casity, James T Duvall, Peter T. Gile. Probated Sept. 1823. Wm. Sudduth D.C.B.C.



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