Name of Pensioners Age Head of Families who Pensioners Resided Jun 1 1840
Abner Shropshire 76 Abner Shropshire
Joseph Jackson 85 Joseph Jackson
Edward McConnell 68 Edward McConnell
Michael Smith 88 Peter Smith
Phoebe Pritchard 78 Phoebe Pritchard
Benjamin Henniss 80 William Sugg
Thomas Hays 80 Griffin Kelly
John Hinkson 69 John Hinkson
Nathaniel Harriss 81 Jacob Jacoby
James Davis 79 James Davis
George Bryan 82 William S. Bryan
Archibald Bell 84 Pamela Bell
Henry Wiggington 84 Henry Boyer
John Debruler 92 Beverly B. Wright
Isaac Clinkinbeard 81 Isaac Clinkinbeard
Andrew Hause 94 William Hause
William B. Branham 77 William B. Branham
Henry Towles 54 Henry Towles
Henry Willson 84 James Willson
John Brest, Sr. 81 John Brest, Sr.
John Brest, Jr. 52 John Brest, Sr.
William Scott, Sr. 67 William Scott, Sr.
Joseph L. Stevens 76 Joseph L. Stevens
Richard Suter 55 Richard Suter
Mrs. Eaton 26 no name listed
Jacob Gideon 86 Jacob Gideon, Jr.