Now Owned by Granddaughter, Sarah Talbott Mastin, Lexington, Ky. (Copied by Mrs. H K McAdams)

Benjamin W. Talott was born Feb. 24, 1809; died Nov. 25, 1890; married Jan. 5, 1832.

Elizabeth Whaley, 1st wife of Benjamin W. Talbott, died Aug. 7, 1854.

Sarah Whaley of Harrison Co., Ky., sister of Elizabeth and 2nd wife of Benjamin

Talbott, was born Sept. 27, 1820; died June 11, 1856; married June 11, 1854.

Louisa McConnell of Bourbon Co., 3rd wife of Benjamin W. Talbott, was married Dec. 2, 1856.

Ephrian W. Talbott was born Jan. 25, 1833; died May 3, 1911.

Nannie Jane Talbott, daughter of B. W.  and Elizabeth Talbot, was born Jan. 15, 1835;

married Nov. 27, 1855, to Richard Cheatam.

James H. Talbott was born Sept. 12, 1837.


Source: Kentucky pioneer and court records : abstracts of early wills, deeds, and

marriages from court houses and records of old Bibles, churches, grave yards, and

cemeteries"  Lexington, Ky.: Mrs. H.K. McAdams, 1929

Transcribed by Taresa Heimer 2/25/11




Copied From Old Kenney Bible (by Mrs. Corday Leer Buckley)


Born in the year of Our Lord 1752, Nov. 29, James Kenney Sr.
Born May 14, 1747, Mary Kenney, wife of James Kenney
David Kenney was born in the year of Our Lord, Jan. 26, 1772
Elizabeth Kenney was born Oct. 10, 1773
John Kenney was born July 8, 1775
Polly Kenney was born July 4, 1779
James Kenney Jr. was born July 24, 1782
Moses Kenney was born Apr. 4, 1784 
Sallie Kenney was born July 24, 1786
Nancy Kenney was born Aug. 4, 1788
Peggy Kenney, 2nd. wife of James Kenney was born the 11th day of Jan. 1770
Marie Kenney was born Mch. 18, 1800
Abby Kenney was born Oct. 8, 1801
Helena Kenney was born Jan. 7, 1804
Joseph B. Kenney was born Jan. 19, 1806
Napoleon Kenney was born Feb. 12,1808
Charlotte Corday Kenney was born Dec. 12, 1809
Victor Mareau Kenney was born Dec. 14, 1812
Peggy Kenney was born Dec. 14, 1813
Marie Kenney married May Joy Robnett July 11, 1816
Abigail Kenney married James H. Houston Jan. 8. 1824
Helena Kenney married David Johnson Sept. 15, 1822
Peggy Kenney married John Johnson Mch. 5, 1836
Charlotte Corday Kenney married David Leer June 10, 1830
Joseph B. Kenney married Margaret Landeer of Flemingsburg, Mch. 8, 1827
Mary Ann Kenney and Diamal Barnett were married Apr. 18, 1830
Margaret Kenney departed this life May 16, 1829
Napoleon Kenney departed this life Oct. 16, 1836
James H. Houston departed this life May1, 1849
Helena Johnson departed this life Aug. 3, 1849
Marie Robnett departed this life Apr. 26, 1850
Abigail Houston departed this life July 15, 1856
Jas. Kenney Jr. died Jan. 30, 1813 at Fr. Defiance.
Mary Kenney, wife of James Kenney, died Sept. 22,1796
Peggy, 2nd. wife of James Kenney, died May, 30, 1829
James Kenney Sr.died Mch. 13, 1814
Joseph B. Kenney died Jan. 1, 1887
David Leer was born Jan. 16, 1808 died May 14, 1885
Peggy Johnson died Feb. 14, 1900
Charlotte Corday Leer died Jan. 14, 1897 aged 87 yrs.
James Monroe Leer was born May 11, 1841 died Dec. 22, 1894
Charles M. Alberti died Nov. 18, 1897 at Lexington
Charles Carroll Leer was born Feb. 11, 1835 died June 10, 1922 age 87



Copied from Isaac Kenney's Bible, Birth and Death Records


Isaac Kenney born Sept. 5th, 1807
Same died, June 16, 1896
Nancy (Parish) Kenney, born 1807
 Same died Nov. 24th, 1840
Childreh born to Isaac and Nancy Kenney
Mary J. Kenney, born Jan. 11th,1829
Willis Kenney, born, Jan. 6th, 1831
Marthy Kenney, born March 6th, 1833
Zarilda Kenney, born, Sept. 12th, 1836
John Kenney, born, Dec. 24, 1834
 Same died, Aug. 5, 1835
Isaac Kenney Jr. born, Oct. 26th, 1838
Nathan Kenney, born, Nov. 26th, 1840


Birth of Isaac Kenney's second with and her children
Malinda Margaret (Hamilton) Kenney, born, July 4th, 1826
  Same died, Dec. 11, 1897
Nancy K. Kenney, born, Jan. 13th, 1848
  Same died, June 1st. 1873
Hellena Kenney, born, April 28th, 1850
  Same died, May 7th, 1850
Victor M. Kenney, born, July 1st. 1851
  Same died April 2, 1925   (Added by someone later after Issac died)
Margaret Kenney, born, Feb. 17th, 1854
  Same died April 5th, 1873
Joseph Kenney, born, June 12th, 1857
  Same died, Aug. 5th, 1858
Evalina Kenney, born, June 8th, 1859
   Same died May 19th, 1933  (Added by someone later after Isaac died)
William R. Kenney, born, June 13th, 1861
   Same died, Jan. 29th, 1943  (Added by someone later after Isaac died)
Joseph E. Kenney, born, July 8th, 1864
   Same died, May 3rd, 1873
James G. Kenney, born, Jan, 13th, 1869
   Same died July, 12th, 1911   (Added by someone later after Isaac died)


Tarr Family Bible

This is the bible records of John Bishop Tarr and Milly Turner and is in the possession of Mrs. Doty in Florida.


John B. Tarr is the son of Charles Tarr & Marion Bishop Richardson, John brother

To my grandmother MaryPolly Tarr Adair, wife of Dr. John Jackson Adair



John Bishop Tarr was born March the 4th 1801

Milly Turner Tarr was born July the 14th day 1800

William Tarr was born June the 22nd day 1825

Charles Tarr was born September 15th 1826

Robert Tarr was born May the 2nd day 1828

Martha Ann Tarr was born January the 5th day 1830

James Tarr was born January the 21st day 1832

John Tarr, Jr. was born June the 18th day 1834

Mary Elizabeth Tarr was born August the 30th day 1841 (Aunt Betty Tarr)

Mary Ann Smith was born January the 17th, 1762    (1st Generation)

Martha Records (Richards) was born August 19, 1762 (2nd Generation)

Milly Turner was born July the 14th, 1800  (3rd Generation)

Martha A. Tarr was born January the 5th, 1830 (4th Generation)

Alice Huttsell was born March the 28, 1852 (5th Generation)



Charles Tarr, died 13, 1848 (Son of John & Milly)

John B. Tarr, died August  the 10th 1856 –age 55 years 5 months and 6 days

James A. Tarr died June 27, 1860 Aged Twenty- Eight Years and 5 months

Milly Tarr ,died March 19th, 1868, Aged 67 years, 8 months, 5 days.

John Bishop Tarr, died March 18, 1883,aged 7 years

Anna L. Tarr Shackleford, died June 14th, 1885

Robert Tarr, died April 2, 1906

William Tarr died January 18th, 1911

Alice M. Hutsell, died April 7th 1860, ages Eight years one month and one day

Mathias C. Huttsell, died March 8th, 1866 aged 52 years, 10 months

Finly Tarr died March 17th, 1874

Martha Ann Tarr Huttsell, died July 24th, 1883

Fanny Jewell Shackleford died August 1886

America Layson  Tarr, wife of Robert Tarr died November 15, 1930

Robert Layson Tarr died March 21, 1954

Mary Elizabeth Tarr (Betty) died

Jeanette McFarland Tarr, wife of Robert Layson Tarr died September 21, 1955



Annie Lee Tarr was born  June 23rd, 1861

Lizzie Huttsell was born July 17, 1862

Robert Layson Tarr, was born November 24, 1871

John Bishop Tarr was born March 19, 1876

Eleanor Ester Tarr was born May 2 nd 1902,D/o Robert Layson Tarr, died Sept.


Catherine America Shackelford, was born January 7, 1906

Fanny Jewell Shackleford born February 2, 1885

Anne Jeanette Doty was born December 13, 1921

James Thorn Doty Junior was born November 24, 1922

Lyson Tarr Doty, was born November 20, 1926

Melba Ann Doty was born August 5, 1948

William Thomas Dray was born January 7, 1950

James Lyson Dray, was born November 29, 1953

Charles Tarr, Senior was born August 8,1761

Marion Bishop Richardson was born March 4, 1772

They were married in Snow Hill Maryland on the Eastern Shore



John Bishop Tarr and Milly Turner was married September the 7th, 1824

Mathias C. Huttsell and Martha Ann Tarr was married November the 9th,1848

James A. Tarr and Fannie C. Piper was married April 6th 1858

Robert Tarr and America Layson was married September 5th, 1858

William Tarr and Sarah  Finly Fisher was married December 19, 1865

F. M. Archer and Mary E. Tarr was married November 5th 1868

William Tarr and   Mary Fisher were married January 25, 1876

Robert Layson Tarr and Jeanette McFarland were married November the 5th, 1900

John Tarr and Sarah Earlewine were married ----

Eleanor Ester Tarr and James Thorn Doty were married January 15, 1921

Samuel M. Martin and MaryE. Tarr were married -----

Catherine America Tarr and Frank Robert Montgomery were Md August 19, 1933