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1870 Mortality Index

Persons who died during the year ending June 1, 1870,
in the County of Boyle, State of Ky.
Enumerated by me, Will F Koch

Transcribed by Janice Rice

Precinct #1

# of the






Place of Birth



Month of death


Cause of death

37 May, Sarah E 1/12 F W     Ky       June     Not Known
47 Hafford, Haney 11/12 M B     Ky       Nov     Croup
69 Survant, Lucy 39 F W M Ky       Nov Keeping house Inflammation of Stomach
79 Sparr, Sarah 84 F W W Ky 1     Jan no occupation Pneumonia
94 Guthrie, Mattie S 1 F W     Ky       Aug     Curvature of the spine
--- Guthrie, Leslie L 5/12 F W     Ky       Feb     Pneumonia
100 Arnold, Emma J. 1 F B     Ky       May     Pneumonia
106 Elder, Charlotte 39 F B W Ky       Aug Domestic Svt Convulsions
111 Durham, Mary E 22 F W     Ky        Nov no occupation Consumption
Rains, Mary 3/12 F W     Ky       Dec     Inflammation of the Bowels
117 Tumey 1/12 F B     Ky       Feb     not known
118 Knox, David A 65 M W     Ky       June Farmer Carbuncle
120 Ewing, Lulu 7/12 F W     Ky       Jan     Whooping cough
149 Heath, Charity 15 F B     Ky       Aug no occupation Typhoid Fever
167 Fox., Luentia 4/12 F W     Ky       Mar     Whooping cough
176 Skomp, Sarah A 64 F W M Ky       Dec Keeping house not known
179 Preston, Alice 10 F W     Ky       Mar     Consumption
184 White, Susan 30 F B     Ky       Dec Domestic svt Consumption
211 Chambers, Manuel J 3/12 M W     Ky       Feb     Hives
217 Daneaur, Emma 11/12 F W     Ky       Aug     Cholera Infantum
220 Wade 6/12 M W     Ky       Jan     Stomatitis
246 Walker, Jackson 56 M W M Ky       Dec Farmer Disease of the liver
254 Rochester, Samuel 36 M B     Ky       Mar Laborer Consumptiion

Precinct # 2 Enumerator J S Linnux

5 French, John 82 M W W Ky       Apr Farmer Tumor and old age
12 Davis, Phillis 60 F B M Ky       Feb Domestic Svt Inflamation of Stomach
23 Rains, Mary 3/12 F B     Ky       Oct     Croup
55 Bottoms, Robert T 26 M W     Ky       Mar Farmer Accidental gun shot firearm
56 Bottoms, Amanda 30 F B M Ky       Feb Keeping house Puerperal Fever
59 Wilkerson, David 68 M W W Md 1   June Farmer Apoplexy
104 McGinnis, King 23 M W     Ky       Sept Farmer Spinal Disease
117 Gregory, Lizzie 2 F W     Ky       Nov     Croup
121 Anaham, Nancy S 44 F W     Ky       Jan Keeping house Typhoid Fever
122 Humble, Franklin 1 M W     Ky       Sept     Dis of  bowels

Precinct # 3 Enumerator J S Linnux

21 Caldwell, Pheba 84 F W     Ky       Oct No occupation Old Age
37 Flugg, Magdalina 52 F W M Baden 1 1 Mar Keeping house Apoplexy
48 Lee, Nelson 12 M B     Ky       May     Consumption
61 Gaines, Thomas 1 M W     Ky       July     Inflam of Bowels
73 Irvine, Amelia 60 F W W Ky       Nov No occupation Unknown
87 Fields, Annie 10 F B     Ky       Sept     hives
88 Fields Anna 65 F B W Ky       May Domestic Servant fever intertent
113 Scrogham, Annie 1/12 F W     Ky       Dec     Whooping cough
116 Clark, Willis 70 M W     Ky       July House Plasterer unknown

Precinct # 4 Enumerator J S Linnux

22 Doram, Mandell 11/12 F M     Ky       Apr     Whooping Cough
41 Hocker, James 54 M B M Ky       Mar Laborer Acute Rheumatism
41 Jones, James 27 M B M Ky       Feb Laborer Pneumonia
52 Denny, Quinn 64 M M M Ky       Jan Laborer Pneumonia
63 Jones, George 40 M B M Ky       Apr     Scrofula
68 Rice, General 5/12 M B     Ky       Apr     Whooping Cough
58 Thomas, Albert 34 M B M Ky       May Stone Mason Consumption
119 Walker, Eddie 4 M B     Ky       Mar     Burnt to death
147 Christerson, Jane 23 F W M Ky       Feb Keeping house Consumption
207 Hocker, James 7/12 M B     Ky       Dec     Whooping Cough
230 Carpenter, George 76 M W M Ky       Jan Farmer Old age
235 Mason, Peter B 66 M W M Ky       Apr Farmer Paralysis

 Danville Enumerator J S Linnux

6 Linney, Jane T 54 F W W Ky       May Keeping house Chronic Rheumatism
22 Welsh, Logan 8 M B     Ky       Sept     Typhoid Fever
34 Bowman, Mary 1 F M     Ky       Feb     Acute Bronchitis
35 Helm 1/12 F M     Ky       Oct     Unknown
40 Ragsdale, Walter 3 M W     Ms       Dec     Pneumonia
43 Shaw, Sarah 2/12 F M     Ky       June     Unknown
46 Lyons 21dy M W     Ky       Jan     Strangulation
66 Caldwell, Eddie 8/12 M B     Ky       Feb     Unknown
70 Stone, John Thomas 1 M B     Ky       May     Pneumonia
-- Fry, Samuel 48 M B M Ky       Oct Laborer Consumption
-- Fry, Theresa 42 F B M Ky       Apr Keeping house Consumption
-- Schneault, Jackson 25 M B M Ky       Oct Laborer Consumption
-- Schneault, Pattie 2/12 F B     Ky       June     Hives
91 Curry, Mary 5 F W     Ms       Apr     Pneumonia
-- Walker, Mary Eliza 1 F B     Ky       Apr     Consumption
-- Jacobs, John A 63 M W W Va       Nov Prin of DAD Institute Apoplexy
115 Rodes, Clifton Jr. 28 M W     Ky       June no occupation Stomach Hemorage
-- Holmes, Judy 38 F W W Ky       Feb Keeping house Pneumonia
-- Homes, Adeline 4 F W   Ky   Nov   Fever Interment
140 Gilcher, Lettie 3 F W     Ky       Oct     Croup
-- Mannwarring-------- 1/12 F W     Ms       May     Suffocation
142 Van Winkle, Paul 1dy M W     Ky       Aug     Unknown
148 Rum, Ruffian 13dy M M     Ky       Nov     Pneumonia
150 Reed, Fannie 11 F B     Ky       May     Consumption
152 Walker, Mary Eliza 1 F B     Ky       May     Consumption
156 Wright, Susan 86 F W W Ky       Nov no occupation Pneumonia
158 Hall, Harp 59 M W W Va       Oct no occupation Pneumonia
170 Kincaid, Mary 1 F B     Ky       Sept     Unknown
173 Dollins, Martha 59 F W M Va       Aug Keeping house Disease of Heart
177 Fry, Charles 8 M B     Ky       May     Brain Inflam
182 Custard, Samuel 8 M B     Ky       Feb     Unknown
184 Fox, Sophia 78 F W W Ky       July no occupation Unknown
188 Akins, Sidney 19 F B     Ky       Aug Domestic Svt Consumption
193 Robbins, William 32 M W     Ky       Aug Wagon Maker Scrofula
-- Guthriel, Eliza 3/12 F B     Ky       June     Brain Inflam
204 Deram, Dennie 72 M M M Ky       Oct Farmer Consumption
204 Hyatt, Leroy 22 M B     Mo       Oct Laborer Consumption
-- Nelson, Lucy 60 F B M Va       Feb Keeping house Dropsy
213 Gray, Polly 59 F M M Ky       Dec Keeping house Paralysis
220 Carpenter, Sue 6/12 F B     Ky       June     Cholera Infantum
232 Owsley, Bettie 9/12 F B     Ky       July     Unknown
237 Perry, George W. 4 M W     Ky       June     Inflammation of brain
247 Schneault, Edie 70 F B W Ky       Apr     Scrofula
248 Barbie, Milton 21 M B     Ky       June     Consumption
254 Doughey, Estena 1 F M     Ky       Oct     Unknown
264 Wallace, Lizzie 22 F B M Ky       Oct Keeping house Consumption
-- Wallis, Dilla 5/12 F B     Ky       Nov     Unknown
-- Wallace, Thomas 6 M B     Ky       Apr     Scrofula
268 White, Valentine W 5 M W     Ky       Dec     Hydrocephalus
273 Row, Mary 5/12 F B     Ky       Oct     Pneumonia
274 Walker, Mary E 1 F B     Ky       May     Consumption
276 Fisher, Mary E 4/12 F B     Ky       Mar     Dysentery
284 Wheelan, John 73 M W     Penn       Jan no occupation softening of the brain
284 Wheelan, Mary Jane 80 F W     Ky       Mar keeping house unknown
285 Warren, Caroline 16 F B     Ky       May domestic svt consumption
285 Warren, Eugene 1/12 M B     Ky       Apr     not known
314 Fisher, Mary 2/12 F B     Ky       not know     Pneumonia
319 Mosby, S J 63 M B M Ky       Aug Laborer Disease of Heart
320 Packston, Granderston 45 M B M Ky       June Laborer accidental gun shot
320 Packston, James 1 M B     Ky       not know     Pneumonia
369 Stephens, Rachael 80 F W W Md       Apr no occupation Pneumonia
377 Gregory, Maggie 1 F B     Ky      

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