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1870 Mortality Index
for Bracken County, KY

Transcribed by K. Torp

Persons who died during the year ending June 1, 1870
in the County of
Bracken, State of KY
Enumerated by me,
E.R. Barrett

Augusta Precinct

# of the





Marital status

of Birth



of death


Cause of death

46 Orr Betty 15 F W   KY     Jan    Consumption
61 Bay William 5/12 M W   KY x x March   Pneumonia
6 Orr William 79 M W W KY     Sept Farmer Chronic Diarea
3 Bond E. Sallie 7 F  W   KY     Nov   Diptheria
138 Jacobs William 99  M W M Vir     Mar Farmer Pneumonia
51 Anderson Henry 43 M W M KY     June Farmer Typhoid Fever
99 Brooks David 74 M W W VA     June Farmer Pneumonia
7 Cubberly Wilmon 7/12 M W   KY     Jan   Influenze
15 Redden Mary 4/12 F W   KY     Dec   over dose of morphine "poisoned"
130 Latham John 26 M W   KY     Mar Farmer Heart Disease
173 Kirk Mary 21 F W   KY     Jan   Neuralgia
186 Taylor Mary 18 F W   KY     Decr   Consumption
230 Reynolds Wm. H. 52 M W   KY     Decr Farmer Hemorrage caused by gun shot rec'd in an affray "Homicide"
268 Boyd Frances 74 F W   KY     Feby   Consumption
Berlin Precinct - Enumerated by E. R. Barrett
12 Hicatt Benjn D. 3 M W   KY     Mar   Brain Fever
14 Srouf (?) Silas T. 3 M W   KY     June   Brain Fever
31 Hiles, Minerva 6/12 F W   KY     May   Consumption
93 Applegate James 33 M W M KY     Decr Farmer Consumption
105 Black Betsey 90 F W W Marland     Aug Keeping house Paralysis
113 McClanahan Sarah 73 F W M KY     May Keeping house Disease of liver
139 Kyle Elizabeth 45 F W M KY x   Feby Keeping house Typhoid Fever
 Berlin Town - Enumerated by W.P. Houston
4 Ludenberg Margaret 42 F W M KY     Nov keeping house Dropsey of Chest
4 Ludenberg Jesse 1/12 M W   KY     Nov   Unknown
 Berlin District - enumerated by W.P. Houston
28 Blackerly Juedith  88 F W   VA      Feby   Consumption
28 Blackerly Wm. O.  78 M W M VA     Apl Farmer Consumption
35 Harra Rich S. 16 M W   KY     Nov Farmer Consumption
155 Smith Robt J. 49 M W M KY     Aug Farmer Dropsy
185 King Mary 42 F  W M KY     Oct Keeping house Consumption
Brooksville Precinct - enumerated by E.R. Barrett
Cann John 70 M W M KY     Decr Farmer Paralysis
69 Walker Missouri 10/12 F W   KY     Jan   Pneumonia
73 Day John 28 M W   KY     July Farmer Consumption
145 Rice Jessie 2 M W   KY     May   Lung infl fever
159 Kernis Nathan 20 M W   KY     July Farm Laborer Typhoid Fever
162 Kernes Nancy 4 F W   KY     Oct   Brain Infl Fever
184 Wood Nancy K. 6 F W   KY     Decr   Croop
184 Wood Unnamed 1/12 F W   KY     Aug   Quincy Tonsilitis
173 Worthington Dove 2 F W   KY     Apr   Croop
16 Myers Soloman 81 M W W KY     Sept   Gravel
Brookville District - enumerated by W.P. Houston
17 Summers Sarah 16 F W   KY     May   He-? of Lungs
33 Downard Lucinda 45 F W M KY     Sept Keeping House Consumption of Lu[faded]
43 Perkins Ann M 48 F W M Ohio     Oct Keeping House  Unknown
Fairview District - enumerated by W.P. Houston
22 Thornton Chas 33 M W M KY     Oct Farmer Consumption of lungs
32 Thornton Wm 7 M W   KY     Oct   Flux Dysentery
35 Snow Sarah 27 F W W KY     Mch Keeping House  Consumption of Lungs
35 Snow Joseph 8 M W   KY     Mch   Consumption of Lungs
54 Pepper George C 1/12 M W   KY     Apl   Unknown
92 Kimberley Geo S. 1/12 M W   KY     Apl   Cramp Cholic
97 Snow Wm 37 M W M KY     Decr   Consumption of Lungs
142 Houston Sarah W. 36 F w M KY     July Keeping House  Consumption of Lungs
Foster Town - enumerated by W.P Houston
5 Clark Evah 2 F W   KY     May   Congestion of Brain


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