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Early Settlers of Bracken County

Transcribed by K. Torp

Source: "Recollections: Yesterday, Today For Tomorrow" mentions Captain Buckner returning to Ky from VA in 1796 by way of the Midland Trail, crossing the Big Sandy River, with 40 families, 70 people.

  "Twenty (20) of these families, the number of people unknown came into what was to be Bracken, with Captain Buckner, and they are:



W. H. Ambrose

between Brooksville and Powersville;

Frederick Fishback

at Willow,

Julius Daniel Coleman

at Western;

John Boude

at Augusta; later, Brooksville;

Emmanuel Black

at Berlin;

Nicholas Taliferro

at Chatham;

John Byar

at Chatham;

Dickenson Morris

at Brooksville;

Jimmy Young

at Pleasant Ridge;

Joseph Pollock

at Germantown;

Richard Thomas

at Lenoxburg;

Cliff (Clift)

at North Fork;


at Augusta; then Milford;


at Locust Creek;

John Hamilton

at Brooksville;

Vachel Weldon

at Brooksville; later to Augusta;

Edward Poe

at Brooksville;

Michael Hook

at Bracken Creek;

Samuel Harmon

at Germantown;

Hugh Marshall

at Augusta

The ten families already located above Augusta, when Buckner arrived there were Baum, Dicks, Dillman, Jones, Thomas, Mofford, Moyers, Newkirk, Port, Sells from Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

   Other settlers who came almost immediately from Nicholas County, were:  Fee, Asbury, Morford, Hanson, Pearl, Blanchard, Patty, Wells, Craig, Day, Woodward, Davis, Hughey, Hedges and Todd, having been at Lexington.  They were a part of the "The Traveling Church".


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