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  • Carter County was named for Colonel William Grayson Carter, who was a State Senator in the Kentucky legislature when the county was formed. The county seat, Grayson, was named for his uncle, Colonel Robert Grayson.

    1858 Marriages

    Taken from KY Vital Records microfilm # V158-4

    Date1858 Groom  Age ResidenceBirth PlaceBride Age BirthplaceCarter co. unless noted
    27 Sept.1858 ALEXANDER,Hiram D.22sCarter co.Greenup co. KYEmily B.COLEGRAVE16sGreenup co. KY 
    6 May.1858 ALEXANDER,James H.24sCarter co.Greenup co. KYEvalineJONES25sScioto co. OH 
    11 Sept.1858 BOCOOK,G.W.21sCarter co.ILLMarthaSCOTT29sCarter co. KY 
    9 Sept.1858 BOGGS,Hugh18sCarter co.Carter co.RebeccaCOX17sPerry co. KY 
    Mar.1858 BRADEY,George L.33sCarter co.Lawrence co. KYElizabethMcBRAYER48lwFloyd co. KY 
    Nov.1858 BRANHAM,Edward20sCarter co.Greenup co. KYMaryMEAD18sRussell co. VA 
    18 Mar.1858 BRIANT,William18sCarter co.Washington co. VAMarthaCLARK18sCarter co. KY 
    Apr.1858 CARROLL,Solomon20sCarter co.Harlan co. KYJamimaMULLINS19sCarter co. KY 
    20 Oct.1858 CLAY,Mason G.23sCarter co.Wythe co. VASarahFRALEY35sRussell co. VA 
    5 Aug.1858 COBURN,Thompson B.22sGreenup co.Lawrence co. KYRebeccaDUNCAN23sGreenup co. KY 
    11 Mar.1858 COUNTS,Phillip60owCarter co.Greenup co. KYSarahROSE 37owFloyd co. KY 
    3 Mar.1858 COUNTS,James P.25sCarter co.Scott co. VALucindaHALE21sGreenup co. KY 
    12 Aug.1858 ELIOTT,B.F. 24sCarter co.Morgan co. KYNancyKEGLEY17sWythe co. VA 
    13 Apr.1858 EVERMON,Samuel24sCarter co.Greenup co. KYMary C.HORD16sCarter co. KY 
    14 Jan.1858 FITCH,Daniel35twGreenup co.Galier co. OHMartha A.MONTGOMERY17sCarter co. KY 
    20 Sept.1858 HALL,Wesley24sCarter co.Lawrence co. KYElizabethACRES24sVAGreenup co.
    20 Mar.1858 HAM ,James H.22sCarter co.Greenup co. KYSusanBROWN19sCarter co. KY 
    20 Jan.1858 HARRIS,Henry18sCarter co.Johnson co. KYAnnCLARK23sMontgomery co. 
    1 Jan.1858 HAWERTON,John 20sMorgan co.Morgan co. KYMaryWATSON16sCarter co. KY 
    21 Mar.1858 HAZLE,John26sLawrence co.Cabel co. VAHannah A.HENESTY ?16sCarter co. KY 
    31 Jan.1858 HOOD,A.J.21sCarter co.Greenup co. KYEvalindWOOTEN18sCarter co. KY 
    9 Dec.1858 JACOBS,Madison P.21sCarter co.Lawrence co. KYZerilda E.RIGGS18sCarter co. KY 
    6 May.1858 JONES,Stephen20sCarter co.Harlin co. KYMary AnnJONES27sCarter co. KY 
    23 Mar.1858 KEETON,Mason W.22sCarter co.Morgan co. KYNancyCOLEY 18sGuiford co. NC 
    4 Nov.1858 KIBBEY,John21sCarter co.Greenup co. KYLucyMORRIS14sCarter co. KY 
    25 Mar.1858 LEADINGHAM,Thomas 29sCarter co.Pike co. KYMaryJUSTICE23sRussell co. VA 
    Mar.1858 LUSK,Harison36sCarter co.Cabel co. VANancyHALL32wdLawrence co. KY 
    20 Feb.1858 MANIN,Jeptha23sBoon co.KYMorgan co. KYBarbaraPELPHY22sMorgan co. KY 
    11 Feb.1858 MESSER,Jefferson21sCarter co.Knox co. KYEmily G.DAWSON18sCarter co. KY 
    29 Jul.1858 MESSER,Creel18sCarter co.Knox co. KYMalissaDAWSON14sCarter co. KY 
    16 Feb.1858 MITCHEL,Wm.C24sCarter co.?Benton M.HORD23sGreenup co. KY 
    1 Oct.1858 PENNINGTON,Alfred19sLawrence co.Lawrence co. KYJaneySTURGEAL25sCarter co. KY 
    15 Aug.1858 POPE,William22sCarter co.Greenup co. KYRebeccaKEETON20sMorgan co. KY 
    3 Jan.1858 RAINEY,Franklin22sCarter co.Lawrence co. KYMary AnnWHITE22sLawrence co. KY 
    11 Feb.1858 RICE,H.27sCarter co.Lawrence co. KYHannah O.GOBLE20sCarter co. KY 
    12 Aug.1858 ROBB,John C.40sCarter co.? JeronamyJane E.ELIOTT20sBath co. KY 
    8 Jan.1858 ROMA,James M.22sCarter co.Lawrence co. KYSarahPURVIS22sGreenup co. KYBath co. KY
    8 Dec.1858 ROSE,Robert46wdCarter co.Birk co. N.C.HannahHILL?sMorgan co. KY 
    16 May.1858 SALMON,Thomas J.21sCarter co.Greenup co. KYMartha J.WALLACE17sCarter co. KY 
    1 Jun.1858 STEPHENS,Andrew21sCarter co.Hawkins co. TNPolly AnnBLEVINS19sLawrence co. KY 
    26 Aug.1858 STEWART,Henry22sCarter co.Lawrence co. KYSarahDAVIDSON28sCarter co. KY 
    15 Feb.1858 UNDERWOOD,Silas23sCarter co.Greenbrier co. VAMargaret A.OFFILL24sGreenup co. KY 
    28 Oct.1858 VAUGHN,Allen22sLawrence co.VAMartha AnnHOOD22sLawrence co. KY 
    14 Feb.1858 WALK,James23sCarter co.Greenup co. KYElizabethTHOMPSON15sLawrence co. KY 
    15 Jul.1858 WALK,Martin25sCarter co.NCAnnLARGE21sMorgan co. KY 
    20 Dec.1858 WALK,William23sCarter co.NCAnnSAVAGE19sCarter co. KY 
    8 Feb.1858 WALLACE,William34wdCarter co.Lee co. VAElizabethSALMONS19sCarter co. KY 
    8 Jul.1858 WILLIAMS,Washington22sCarter co.OHLouisaBURRIS 21sGreenup co. KY 
    5 Oct.1858 WOMACK,Moses T.25sCarter co.Greenup co. KYMiram? CUNY 19sGreenup co. KY