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Community News

Mr. J.D. Simpson resigned from the Sewerage Commission and Mr. J.M. Stevenson was elected to fill the vacancy. [Lexington Herald 4/4/1908]

Citizens were ordered to put down pavements in different parts of the city. These new pavements will amount  to about 5,000 feet. [Lexington Herald 4/4/1908]

The Lexington Interurban Company was granted a year from the 21st of April, 1908, to begin the construction of its track from Lexington to Winchester. [Lexington Herald 4/4/1908]

The Winchester Street Car Company was permitted to place only one car in operation in the city here on the condition that they maintain a 17-minute schedule from 6:30 in the morning to 6:30 at night. [Lexington Herald 4/4/1908]

W. C. T. U. Secretary to Speak.     
Mrs. Anna Wheeler, State secretary of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, will deliver an address at tbe Presbyterian Church at Ford on "Wednesday morning at 10:30 o'clock, in furtherance of a plan to organize a branch of the W. C. T. U. In every  section of the county. Mrs. Wheeler, will organize a temperance unit among the colored people Tuesday evening, at a meeting to be held 7:00 o'clock at the M. E. Church, ( colored)  Clark's Chapel. [Lexington Herald 4/4/1908]

Main  Auditorium  and  the Gallery Are Filled With Interested People.
(Winchester Bureau of The Herald)
 WINCHESTER, Ky. Dec. 1 The revival services being conducted at the First Baptist church in this city continue with unabated interest. Dr. John Wesley Porter, of Lexington, preached a powerful sermon last night the "Destruction of the World by the Flood," Two young men were Converted and Joined the church. .Not withstanding the gloomy and rainy weather the main auditorium and gallery were filled. The revival services will continue until "next Friday, Dr. Porter preaching every morning and evening. The rite of baptism was administered to about twenty men and boys today and there will be baptizing every day from now until the meeting closes. [December 2, 1908, Lexington Herald - Submitted by Barb Ziegenmeyer]

Sunday School Convention
The  First  District  Sunday School of Clark county will hold a contention at  Forest Grove church next Sunday, Dec. 6. The schools in this district composed of the churches of Ford, Providence, Forest Grove. Mt  Tabor Becknerville and Salem.
[December 2, 1908, Lexington Herald ]

Mayor Skain Calls Attention Of Winchester People to Tuberculosis Exhibit [Lexington Herald February 19 1910] 

Mr. C.L. McClure has purchased a half interest in the firm of A.G. McClure. The firm will be known as McClure Brothers and they will conduct a restaurant business on the corner of Main and Fairfax Streets. Both young men are well known in Winchester. [Lexington Herald February 19 1910]

This was a gala night at the skating rink of the Winchester Auditorium Company. About two hundred society people came up from Lexington tonight on a special train over the Lexington & Eastern Railroad. There was a large crowd of Winchester people present at the rink, the largest crowd that has ever attended the rink since it was opened. The fancy skating of Miss Ethel Berry, Eva Peel, Lida May Thompson, Edna Payne, Lillie May Arthur and Nettie Truett, and Messrs, Chris Berry, Ramey Macy, Ed Peel, John Payne, McKinlay Wood, Arthur Brock, Daniel Harrison White and Norman P. Miller, of Lexington, won much applause. Messrs. Chris Berry and McKinley Wood gave an exhibition of heel and toe dancing which was great.The half mile race between Miss Edna Payne and Mr. Ed Peel was an exciting one from  start to finish. The Winchester people acted the part of hosts in true Kentucky style, and the Lexington Party left for home warmly praising Winchester and her citizens.
[Lexington Herald February 19 1910]

The Hippodrome skating rink opened last night with a large crowd present. The floor of the rink is a very fine one and the stand for the band is suspended from the ceiling. The officers of this company are R.R. Perry, president; Hunt Perry, secretary and tresure, and Tom Moore, vice president and general manager. The building is a new one and is situated on Olive Street. [Lexington Herald February 19 1910]

Deputy Sheriff Ballard has resigned as a county official and Mr. Dee Bush, formerly of Madison County, has been appointed to fill the vacancy. No reason is given for the resignation.
Mr. Ballard has served as a public official for about ten years. He was a member of the city police force until about two years ago, when he was made a deputy sheriff. He has been a
brave and faithful official. Lexington Herald, December 3 1912

Mr. William B. Lindsey, a prominent young attorney of Owenton, son of Hon. William Lindsey, one of the ablest lawyers in that town, arrived in Winchester Sunday and will locate here and engage in the practice of law. He is a brother of Mr. Joseph S. Lindsey, of this county, and a brother-in-law of Hon. Frank Green, formerly Commonwealth's Attorney for the  Owen-Carroll district. He is having a handsome home built on French Avenues and will open his office soon as he can secure a suitable location. Lexington Herald, December 3 1912

As the result of the work of a number of sheep-killing dogs in Clark County lately quite a large number of the animals owned by farmers in this section have been killed or maimed. During the past week William Robb, of the Lexington Pike, lost eight sheep, four being killed and four injured while Joe Brown lost four. One of the dogs was caught in the act of killing the sheep. [Lexington Herald, Feb. 4, 1913]

Resulting from the good work of the women of this city, Winchester now has a Deaconess, Miss Anna Dwinell, of the Elizabeth Gamble Home, of Cincinnati has arrived in Winchester and inaugurated her work by delivering an excellent talk at the jail services Sunday morning. The plans for her work in this city have not yet been completly outlined but the City Mission Board, under the auspices of which she will work, will meet this week and plan her duties. [Lexington Herald, Feb. 4, 1913]

On returning to this city from a visit to Nicholasville Monday morning, Mrs. Lewis Hart, of this city gave an account of a collision between an interurban car and a horse and buggy in which the buggy  was demolished and the horse injured. She said that the accident occurred as the car was nearing Nicholasville about 11 o'clock Sunday morning. The conductor claimed that the horse which had been left unhitched had walked across the track and that the motorman did not have time to stop the car in time to prevent the collision. The horse and buggy were the property of a Mr. Gregory [Lexington Herald, Feb. 4, 1913]


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