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Pastime Theater Tragedy

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Lexington Herald March 12, 1918
Business Houses Closed for Day by Mayor's Proclamation; Schools Are Also Suspended
WINCHESTER Ky., March 11,- Everett Shindlebower, 30 years old, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Shindlebower, of this city, died in the Clark County Hospital tonight at 11:15 o'clock from pneumonia,  which developed as a result of injuries sustained in the Pastime Theater disaster last Saturday Night. The death if fatalities in the crash up to 12. When taken to the hospital it was not believed that his injuries  which consisted of a broken nose and bad bruises about the face and body, were serious.

WINCHESTER Ky., March 11- Funerals were held today for eight of the twelve victims of Saturday night's disaster, who were killed when the wall of the Luman Building crashed though the roof of the Pastime Theater.
The body of A. Feld was taken this morning to Cincinnati for burial. Funeral services for Tommy Thomas son of George Thomas and Miss Rosa Azert, stepdaughter of Jimmie Spears, will be held Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock, at the St. Joseph Catholic Church by Rev. Father George O'Brien, and the burial will be in the Winchester Cemetery. The other victims were buried in the Winchester Cemetery today.
The funeral of Andrew Henry was held this morning at the grave by Dr. R.L. Motley. At 10:30 o'clock the services for Jessie Adams were held at the home of his Aunt, Mrs. Burton, at 219 East Washington Street, by the Rev. M.P. Lowry. Dr. Lowry conducted the services for Houston Noel at his residence three and one half miles from Winchester on the Ruckerville pike, this afternoon at 1:30 o'clock.
At 2 o'clock, the bodies of George and Houston Frisbie, young sons of Mr. and Mrs. Colonel Frisbie, were buried in the local cemetery, following services at the grave by Rev. J. H. MacNeill. The boys, who had lived together and died together, were buried in the same grave.
R.E. Baber was laid to rest following services at the Mt. Abbott Church, by the Rev. C.R. Thomas, Dr. Motley conducted the services for Russell Smith at the grave at 3:30. At the same hour, services for Colby Aldridge, aged 13, were held at the residence on Winn Avenue, by Dr. J.W. Harding.
The body of Clayborne Gannon, who died from natural causes in Louisville, was buried here today, making the ninth burial and bringing the number of bodies to six each which were handled by the two local undertaking establishments.
Following mass at 10 o'clock Tuesday morning the St. Joseph Church, the bodies of Tommy Thomas and  Rosa Azert will be laid to rest in the local cemetery. The pallbearers will be Albert J. Doher, Santia Mahaz, Abraham Joseph, Mike Abraham, H. Moses, A.J. Doher, Tom Mahaz and Tom George.
The body of Mr. Feld was accompanied to Cincinnati by his widow, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Jodah, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bell and Jake Feld.
The Coroner's inquest will be held Wednesday at 2 o'clock by Squire Pace, in the absence of Coroner  A.M.  Thacker, who is at Hot Springs, Ark. for his health. No further steps will be taken in the investigation of the cause of the catastrophe until after the Acting Coroner's report.
By proclamation of Mayor H.B. Scrivener, all business houses were closed today out of respect to the memory of the victims, and the schools, where most of the young victims were students, were closed.
A. Feld, who was killed instantly, was one of the leading merchants of the city. He is survived by his wife, two daughters, Mrs. Lou Judah, of St. Louis and Mrs. Harry Bell, of Indianapolis, a son, Jake Feld. The children were summoned as soon as the news of the tragedy was known.
Robert Baber was a son of Mrs. Ann Baber. He is survived by the following brothers and sisters; Mrs. Will Moore and Miss Mattie Baber, Reba Baber, Shelby Baber, Deward, Mitchell, Thomas, and Joe Barber. He married Miss Annie McCord, daughter of B.F. McCord, of Nicholas County.
Andy Henry was a son of Bruce Henry, who has lost three children by death within a period od eight months. Houston Noel was a son of Fallis Noel. He is survived by the following sisters and brothers;  Mrs. Clay Baber, Mrs. Deward Baber, Bedford, Leland, and little Mollie Noel. His mother died about a year ago. Mr. and Mrs. Deward Baber are doubly bereaved, as a brother of each was killed in the accident.
Among the most seriously injured is Elliott Ecton, 10 years of age, who has been hurt internally. The  exact extent of his wounds has not been ascertained, but there is little hope of his recovery.  Another patient in a serious condition is Sonny Hatton, also 10 years old, who is suffering from a fractured skull.
Lloyd Tacker, 14 years old, has concussion of the brain and is in a very serious condition. There is small hope of his recovery.
Irvine Chrislip, 24 years old, of Hazelton, Ill. has a badly injured back. An xray of his injuries has been taken, and it is stated he has a serious spinal injury. His brother has been notified of his condition and is expected to come here. Another patient seriously hurt is Walter Jones, 21 years old. His  body and head are badly cut. It is thought he will recover.
Marion Johnson, of North Middletown, 18 years old, son of Spencer Johnson, has a broken shoulder and a leg broken in two places.
Mrs. Baber, wife of Robert Baber, who was instantly killed, is seriously hurt internally and the back of  her head cut/ Physicians hold out hopes of her recovery. She was somewhat improved today.
Mrs. Baber was thoroughly conscious and asked for her husband many times. The nurses explained that he had been injured, feeling her condition too serious for her to know of her husband's death.
William Devary, a life long cripple, sustained a broken leg. He displayed wonderful nerve, and had a friend hold him to the telephone while he notified his mother of his safety and of the whereabouts of other members of the family. Many other cases of remarkable nerve, even in the young children were related.
Miss Jeanetia Robinson had her collar bone broken, and received a slight cut on the face.
Miss Georgia Thomas received painful injuries, though not of a serious nature.
Oscar Hamilton, who was sitting with "Sticks" Shindlebower at the time of the accident, was pinned down, and had difficulty in extricating himself, and making his escape.
He received a bad cut over the eye.
Miss Catherine Hughes sustained painful bruises on her back and shoulder. She was removed to her
home on West Hickman Street.
J.A. Bishop had a severe scalp wound, and one hand was also badly hurt,
Pete Sutherland was taken to his home on North Main Street, suffering with a broken shoulder.
Arthur Aldridge was treated for a minor injury.
Mr. and Mrs. Lamerson and their four-year-old child of Hill Street; Miss Brumegan, of Linden Avenue;
Mr. Bowman, of Winn Avenue; Mr. Marcum, of Berea; Miss Aldridge, of First Avenue, and Miss Johnson,  of Flanagan, were among those treated by Dr. W.C. Caywood, who were not sent to the hospital.
Mrs. I.H. Browne sustained a broken ankle and a painfully wrenched back. Her condition, however. is satisfactory.
Two children of Mrs. Cliff Broaddus were reported to be slightly hurt.
Subscribers to the relief fund of $3,500 raised at the mass meeting held Sunday afternoon, together with the amounts donated, follow:

Name Amount Name Amount Name Amount Name Amount
Management Pastime Theater 350.00 Laurel Oil and Gas Co. 50.00 Mullen & Maloney 50.00 L.V. Mullen 200.00
John Durrett 50.00 Mrs. Genevia 50.00 Finance Com. Slate Oil Ass. by L.V. Mullen 100.00 John Harding 25.00
Frank Craig 25.00 W.T. Ogden 25.00 S.T. Davis & I.V. Mullen 25.00 J.M. Hodgkin, trustee Men's Bible Class First Christain Church 211.25
Voc Bloomfield 100.00 Marcus Gay Powell 1.00 Ohio Oil & Fuel Co., 100.00 A.S. Warren 25.00
W.H. & G.H. Lovange 25.00 G.H. Lovange 25.00 Mrs. C.H. West 25.00 H.G. Garrett 50.00
McCombs Oil Co. 50.00 A. Renick 25.00 Davis & Benton 25.00 J.D. Duvall & Son 25.00
R.P. Taylor 25.00 J.N. Renaker 10.00 J.M. Stevenson 25.00 Todd Bros. 25.00
Win. Oil Men's Ass'n 200.00 Joseph Richards 25.00 Yantis Conkwright 15.00 B.Brandenburg 5.00
Hon. Lumber Co. 50.00 W.N. Sewell 5.00 J.P. Conway 5.00 Asa Dooley 25.00
Atlantic Oil & Ref. Co 50.00 Hidgkin Gro Co. 50.00 Sol Bloomfield 5.00 T.N. Rupard 5.00
H.W. Scrivener 5.00 C.F. Attersall 10.00 E.K.S. Clinkenbeard 5.00 Field Van Meter 25.00
P.D. Avant 10.00 J.P. Trimble 5.00 Frank Ramsey 2.00 Eli Dooley 50.00
George S. Brooks 5.00 V.W. Bush 25.00 W.M. Robb 10.00 N.P. Van Meter 25.00
Agnew Milikin Torpedo Co., 15.00 W.E. Singleton 5.00 Will Anderson 10.00 J.R. Collier 5.00
J.C. Scpbee 25.00 B.W. Blavkwell 5.00 F.C. Murphy 5.00 C.E. Bush 10.00
J.C. McCombs 100.00 N.C. Walters 5.00 C.B. Strother 10.00 Mrs. Munday Reid 5.00
Frank Rodgers 10.00 McJunkin Machine Co., 25.00 F.B. Tombs 10.00 Mrs. R.D. Gordon 5.00
Clayton Strode 10.00 W. B. Lindsay 5.00 F.J. Jouett 5.00 P.M. Shy 1.00
Eli Cornett 5.00 Eugene Tucker 5.00 Shirley Hadden 5.00 M.H. Courtney 25.00
Dr. J.W. Stapleton 5.00 Artis & Co. 10.00 Brent Haggard 5.00 W.F.Hamilton 5.00
Bruce Taylor 5.00 H.C. Skinner 5.00 O.H. Harris 5.00 Eli Bean 5.00
Stoner Templeman 5.00 Henry & Fleenor 5.00 Mrs. R.D. Baker 5.00 R.D. Baker 20.00
J.C. Allen 5.00 S. Thompson 5.00 J. K. Allen 5.00 C.B. Watson 5.00
Police Force 25.00 R.S. Rood 25.00 R.N. Mansfield 1.00 H.B. Serivener 5.00
Leland Haggard 10.00 J.A. Shackelford 10.00 George Fox 2.00 W.R. Gordon 5.00
W.W. Trigg 1.00 Serivener 5.00 C.C. Matthews 5.00 Mahoney Bros. & Brown 50.00
Lee Evans 10.00 Fire Department 2.00 J. M. Woodward 2.00 L. Currie (Special) 15.00
Lee S. Baldwin 5.00 R. M. Shine 1.00 D.S. Mitchell 2.00 J. H. McKee 1.00
Henry M. Batternhauser 1.00 L.C. Herbling 10.00 C.B. Tanner 25.00 Murphy Fork, Fork Oil and Gas Company $10.00


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