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Will Abstracts

Source: Kentucky Pioneer and Court Records; Mrs Harry Kennett McAdams

Submitted by Cathy Schultz


PAMELIA ALLEN - Will Book 1, page 102 - Pamelia Allen, wife of Richard Allen. Pamelia heir of William McCracken, deceased.

ISAAC BAKER - Will Book 1, page 1 - Names Elizabeth Walker, Robert McFarling, Mericum Baker, daughter of John Baker. Brothers, John and Joshua Baker Executors. Written Sept. 24, 1792. Witnesses, Samuel Plummer, Robert McDaniel and James Huls. Probated Mch. 26, 1793

JOHN BAKER - Will Book 1, page 302 - Names son, Joshua Baker. Peter Fontain. Son, John. Daughters, Mariam Baker and Elizabeth Raker. Sons, Isaac Shelby Baker and Cuthbert Bullett Baker, Cythe Baker and Nancy Baker. Wife, Polly. Exec's., James Sympson and Thomas Scott! Written Mch. 11, 1803. Probated May 2, 1803 on oath of John Ward and Thomas Hind.

JOHN BLEDSOE - Will Book 1, page 195 - Names daughter, Elizabeth Adams. Son, Thomas Bledsoe, son, Lewis Bledsoe, son, William Bledsoe, daughter, Sally Bledsoe, son, John Bledsoe. Wife. Exec's., Thomas Burris, Dillard Collins. Written Dec. 26, 1799. Witnesses, James Duncan and Wm. Calloway and John Williams. Probated July Court 1800.

JAMES BODKIN - Will Book 2, page 6 - Names wife, Dinah Bodkin. Sons, George, John Thomas, William and James. Daughters, Margaret Benson, Sarah Barnor, Rachel Duglas and Betsy, Mary, Ginney Ann Wise. Exec's., Wife and son, George. Written Aug. 18, 1804. Witnesses, Wm. Morris, Mathew Patton,, John Patton. Codicil, Names Richard Wise. Probated Aug. 27, 1804.

MARTHA BOONE - Will Book I, page 7 - Names son, George Boone. Daughters, Charity Elledge, Jane Morgan, Mary Scholl. Son, Joseph Boone. Daughter, Sarah Hunter and her son, Joseph Hunter. Exec, John Morgan, Jr. Written May 10. 1793. Teste, John Morgan, Wm. Craycroft, John Stilwell. Probated July 23, 1793.

JOHN WASHINGTON BUCKNER, deceased - Estate - Book 1, page 177 - Appraised Jan. 28, 1800 by Wm. Bronaugh, H. Taylor, Jacob Fishback, John Martin and Mary Ann Buckner. ZACHARIAH BUNCH - Will Book 1, page 21 - Names wife, Saby. Sons, Henry and Mark Bunch. Daughters, Milly and Mourning.  Grand-son, James Cubbage. Youngest daughters Anna and Lucy. Exec's., Elijah Summers and wife, Sabv. Witnesses, John Summers,
Sr., Peter Dewitt, Jr., Peter Dewitt, Sr. Oct. 28, 1794.

DANIEL CLIFTON - Book 1, page 19 - Verbal will of Daniel Clifton, killed by Indians, Apr. 2, 1794. Names wife, Margaret, to have all Estate. Teste,  Samuel Downev and Thomas Minor. Probated May 27, 1794.

JAMES CHEATHAM - Will Book 1, page 79 - Names wife. Eldest son, James. Only daughter, Polly, under 18 years old. Sons, Edmund (as soon as he comes of age) and John. Exec's.. Thomas Dawson, and Thomas Scott Written Oct. 12, 1796. Witnesses, Wm. Knox, Joshua Stamper, Wm. Hill. Probated Dec 27, 1796. Page 95, Book 1. Ann Cheatham, widow of James Cheatham. Mch. 28, 1797.

VIVIAN DANIEL - Will Book 1, page 270 - Names daughter, Margaret. Sons, John, Peter, daughter. Jane, wife of George Quisenberry. Daughter, Frances Deale's 3 children viz: Elizabeth Deale, Daniel Deale and Janet Deale. Daughter, Nan Oldham. Wife, Nancy. Exec's., Dillard Collins and David Bullock. Written June 25, 1802. Witnesses. Robert Steel, Isabella Steel, Samuel Steel. Probated Feb. 7, 1803.

MARTHA DOWNEY - Will Book 1, page 202 - Written Jan. 20, 1801. Names two sons, Samuel and William Downey. Daughters, Marian and Rebecca, Janet and Margaret, Elizabeth and Rachel. Exec, Sons, Samuel and William. Witnesses, John Stevenson, Samuel Stevenson, and Reason Beall. Probated Jan. Court 1801.

ARCHIBALD EDMONDS ON - Will Book 1, page 206 - Names wife. Sinay, land left him by James Edmondson (Sept. 4, 1777). Sons, James and Thomas. Daughters, Patsy, Polly. Sucky. Margery and Debby Jordon. Exec's., Wife, Sinav and friend Aron Lacklen. Written Nov. 3, 1800. Witnesses, W. McMillan and Azariah Prather. Probated Mch. Court 1801.

JAMES ELKIN. Sr. - Will Book S, page 534 - Names wife. Martha. Son, James Elkin, Jr. To other children, to wit: Mary Richerson, Martha Richerson, Jane Barnes, Rhoda Crow, Nancy Crow. Son, Zachariah Elkin. Subrina Richerson and Elizabeth Crow, being my lawful heirs. Exec, James Wood, Sr, Written Apr. 20, 1836. "Witnesses, James H. Allen and Abell Watts. Probated July Court 1836.

JAMES ELKIN, Jr. - From Book 1855-1885, page 327 - Names wife, Lucinda Elkin and all my children. Exec's., Sons, Z. F. Elkin and Silas A. Elkin and son-in-law, John W. Dawson. Written Apr. A. D., 1876. Witnesses, Joseph Adair and Thomas J. Bush. Probated Sept. 23. 1878,

JACOB EM BR EE - Will Book 1, page 99 - Names brothers and sisters. Step Mother. Exec's., Brother Wm. Embree and brother, Thomas Embree. Written Feb. 23, 1797. Witnesses, Michael Stoner and Joseph Embree. Probated July 25, 1797.

SARY EMMETTS - Will Book 1, page 40 - Names son-in-law, John Gordon. Grand-daughter, Anna Stone. Exec's., John Gordon. Written Mch. 20, 1795. Witnesses, James Ramey, Wm. Kindred, Amelia Downes. Probated July 28, 1795.

WILLIAM EMERSON, deceased - Estate - Will Book 5, page 180-182 - Wife, Polly Ann (Tuggle) Emerson. Approved May Court 1822.

HARVEY FIELDER and AMANDA EMERSON, daughter of William Emerson, married Nov. 23, 1830. Clark Co. marriage records, Winchester C. H.

DANIEL EWING - Will Book 2, page 35 - Names wife, Elenor. Also following persons, Mary Halsy, daughter of my brother, William Ewing, deceased. Patrick Gelespe, son of Wm. Gelespe. Eleanor and Nancy Nunley, daughters of Buckner Nunley. Exec's., Wm. Gelespe and Wm. Robinson. Written Sept. 27, 1804. Witnesses, John Lyle, James Kenney. Probated Feb. 24, 1805.

RICHARD EVANS - Will Book 2, page 45 - Names children, Mayberry Evans Mary Waddell, Elizabeth Stinson, Susannah Waddell, James Evans, Ann Bell. Youngest daughter, Sarah Evans. Exec, Daughter, Sarah Evans. Written Feb. 27, 1797. Witnesses, Paul Huls, Robert Walker and John Huls. Probated May 27, 1805.

JOHN GORDON, of Goochland Co., Va., registered in Clark Co., Ky. - Will Book 1, page 349 - Names wife, Judith. Children, Elizabeth, Mary, John, Lucy, Judith, William, Frances, Nancy and Benjamin. Exec's., Sons, John and William. Written July 18, 1803. Witnesses, David Utley, John Utley, Josiah Woodson. Probated Dec. 9, 1803, in Goochland Co., Va. J. Hopkins, J. P. DAVID HAMPTON, Sr. - Will Book 4, page 534 - Written Aug. 18,
1819. Names wife, Sarah. Daughter, Sally. Sons, Wade, George, Wilson, Jesse, James, William and Joseph Hampton. Daughter, Esther Daniel. Witnesses, Thomas Scott, John Daniel, James Adams, Marshall Jordan. Probated Oct. 25. 1819.

THOMAS HARRIS - Will Book 1, page 100 - Written Mch. 9, 1793. Names wife, Mary. Sons, Joshua and Caleb. Four daughters. Exec's., Wife, Mary and eldest son, Joshua. Witnesses, Daniel Ramey, James McMeekan, Wm. Bush. Probated Aug. 22, 1797.

JAMES HARROW - Will Book 1, page 50 - Names son, Daniel. Daughter, Sarah Harrow. Sons, Samuel, William, Charles, John and James. To Daniel Hacket, sen of Nelson and Elizabeth Hacket. To Daniel Harrow, son of William. To Daniel Harrow, son of James. To Daniel Harrow, son of John. Exec's., Guy and Samuel Harrow. Written Aug. 12, 1795. Witnesses, Wm. Sudduth, Sanos (?) Sudduth, Samuel Arnett. Probated Jan. 26, 1796.

CHARLES HAZELRIGG - Will Book 1, page 59 - Names eldest brother, John Hazelrigg. To Nancy Clements, daughter of Sarah Clements. To Green Clements and Fielding Clements, sons of Sarah Clements. To Charles Oldfield, son of Sarah Hatton. Graham Nelson, son of Elizabeth Nelson. Given to them when they come of age. Exec's., Friends, Isaac Hulbert, and Graham Hazelrigg. Written Oct. 19, 1795. Witnesses, George Winn, Laurence Daly and Thomas Winn. Probated Apr. 26, 1796.

HENRY HUKEL - Will Book 1, page 125 - Names 2 sons, James Foster Hukel and Henry Brevard Hukel. Harman Foster, of State of Maryland. Wife, Elizabeth. Exec. Wife, Elizabeth. Written Mch. 4, 1798. Witnesses, Thomas Owens, Richard Hukel, Edward Roberts. Probated, July 24, 1798. On page 119. Estate of Henry Hukel, deceased. Appraised Aug. 28, 1798.

WILLIAM LEDGERWOOD - Will Book 1, page 14 - Of Fayette Co., Ky. Names wife, Rebecca. Son, Samuel. Daughters, Isabel, Margaret and Mary. Son, James. Exec's., Sons, James and Samuel.  Written May 7, 1792. Witnesses, James McMillan, R. McMillan, Allen Neil. Probated Jan. 28, 1794.

ROBERT LEWIS - Will Book I, page 142 - To John Lewis Martin. To James Taylor Martin. To Robert B. Martin. To Sally Rowland,  daughter of Thomas Rowland. To Polly Lewis, daughter of Jesse Lewis, of Albermarl Co., Va. The two eldest sons of my brother, John Lewis. Two eldest sons of my brother, Charles Lewis. Two eldest sons of brother, Henry Lewis. Exec's., Jacob Fishback, John Martin, John L. Martin, and James T. Martin. Written Feb. 20, 1799. Witnesses, John Martin, John Fishback, Thomas Martin and Mathew Anderson. Codicil, Names Elizabeth Martin, wife of John Martin. To Frank and Peter Hernsley. Probated July 23, 1799.

THOMAS MARTIN - Will Book 2, page 40 - Names brother, George Martin. Sister, Eliza Martin. Mother, Elizabeth Martin Written Dec. 24, 1804. Witnesses, Jacob Fishback. Samuel Lyon, John Summer. Probated May 27, 1805.

MARY McCREARY - Book 1, page 65 - By order of Court, dower of Mary McCreary relict of Robert McCreary, deceased, allotted Mch. 19, 1790. Signed H. Taylor. J. Martin, Jacob Fishback, John Morgan.

ANDREW McCLURE - Will Book 1, page 136 - Names son, John McClure. Andrew and Elizabeth McClure. Son, Samuel. Daughters, Margaret and Elizabeth McClure. Exec's., James McMillan, Wm. Ralston and John McClure. Written June 28, 1799. Witnesses, Archibald Edmundson, George Ritchie, and James McMillan. Probated Jan. 22, 1799.

FRANCIS McCLURE - Will Book 1, page 347 - Names children, Sophia, John, Caleb, Richard, Lydia, Fanny, Kitty and Betsy, when she becomes of age. Exec,-. Written Nov. 8, 1803. Witnesses, Margaret Calloway, Eliza Calloway, Theodore Combs. Probated Feb. Court 1804.

JAMES McMILLAN, Sr., of Fayette Co., Ky. - Book 1, page 166 - Names eldest son, Robert. Son, James. Daughter, Elizabeth. James, the eldest son of Robert. To John, son of my son, James. To son, William. To daughter, Mary. Exec., eldest surviving son. Written Jan. 23, 1793. Witnesses, Jacob Armstrong and Elias Browning. Probated Oct., 1799.

LEMUEL McMURRY, deceased - Book 1, page 62 - Appraisement of  estate, by Josiah Hart and William Craig. Date Mch. 12, 1796.

JOHN McPHEETERS - Will Book 1, page 75 - Names wife, Elizabeth. Son, Charles. Daughters, Mary, Sarah and Jenny. Exec's., Wife, Elizabeth, Charles McPheeters, James Crawford, and William McPheeters. Written Oct. 29, 1796. Witnesses, James Wardlow, James Wardlow, Jr. and Martha Wardlow. Probated Dec. 27, 1796.

PETER NOE - Will Book 1 .page 266 - Names wife, Mary. Eldest son, James. Father and Mother. Pryor Noe. James Noe to be guardian of Pryor Noe. To daughters, Sarah Tracy, Sibba Tracy, Elizabeth Kinkead and Bytha Noe and Quelse Noe. Exec's., Wife, Mary and son, James. Written Jan. 16, 1802. Witnesses, Samuel McKee, Paul Huls, Joseph Clark. Probated Nov. 22, 1802.

PATRICK O'HARROW - Will Book 1, page 43 - Names elder sister, Sarah 0*Harrow. Nephew, Patrick O'Harrow, son of John O'Harrow. Exec's., Simon Adams, and John O'Harrow. Written July 1, 1795. Witnesses, John Williams, Mary Ann O'Harrow, Malcolm Wood. Probated July 28, 1795.

WILLIAM OSBORNE - Will Book 7, page 687 - Names wife, Kesiah. Children, Lucinda Elkin, Tempy Walls, Caty, Benjamin, Ceny, Elizabeth, Matilda, John, Solomon, Ma~y. Sally and Milly. Son, Mat hi as. Children by first wife well fixed. Others mostly infants and of tender years. Exec's., James Elkin and Solomon Dumford. Written Jan. 30, 1830. Witnesses, John Rice, Jr. and David White. No date for probate.

MAT HEW PATTON - Will Book 1, page 315 - Names wife. Sons,  Mathew, Jr., Roger and William. Daughter, Sarah and 4 small children. Exec's., Roger and William Patton. Written May 2, 1803. Witness, James Crocket Probated June 6, 1803.

WILLIAM PETTY - Will Book 2, page 41 - Names wife, Lettiss Petty. Youngest son, Thomas. Son, Francis. Daughters, Rhoda Cast, Elizabeth Dodson, Rachel Russell, Hannah Ward, Zachariah Petty, Randall Petty, John Petty, James Petty, Sara Stevens, Leas Petty. Exec's., Wife, Lettiss and son, Thomas. Written May 3, 1804. Witnesses, Charles Tracy, Sarah Tracy. Probated May 27, 1805.

NANCY PLUMMER - Book 1, page 85 - Allotment of dower to Nancy Plummer, late Nancy McCracken, widow of William McCracken, deceased. Jan. 24, 1797.

JANE RICHIE - Will Book 1, page 140 - Names sons, Alexander and George. Daughter, Violette. Exec's., Two sons and Mr. James Card well. Witnesses, Wm. McMillan and Frederick Couchman. Probated May Court 1799.

DANIEL SWANEY - Will Book 1, page 158 - Names wife, Sarah Swaney. Son, William. Daughter, Elizabeth Green. Son, John Swaney. Daughter, Mary Swaney. Son, Robert Swaney. Daughter, Catherine Swaney. Son, James Swaney. Exec's., Wife, Sarah and son, James. Written May 21, 1799. Witnesses, David Scott, James McLeland, Paul Haff, Richard Wharton, George Sharp and H. Moreland. Probated Nov. Court 1799.

BAPTIST SCOTT - Will Book 1, page 273 - Date Dec. 5, 1801. Names eldest son, Robert. 2nd. son, George. Eldest daughter, Sally Scott. Sons. Levi,  Elisha, Elijah, daughter, Kesiah. Wife, Nancy. Youngest son. Baptist Scott. To John Fouquor. Exec's., Wife, Nancy and Dillard Collins and Edward Hocady. Probated May 2, 1803. Witnesses, Edward Summers, Philip Ballow, Nancy Stripling.

JOSEPH SMITH - Will Book 1, page 63^Names wife, Nancy. Children. Written Nov. 28, 1795. Witnesses, Daniel Holmes, Enoch Smith, Mary E. Smith, Aaron Green. Probated June 28, 1796. No Exec.

JONATHAN TAYLOR - Will Book 1, page 31S - Names children. Nephew, George G. Taylor. Married children have received their part. My wife. Unmarried children. Son, George Taylor, Brother, Frances Taylor. Exec's., Wife, sons, Wm. and George. Written Feb. 9, 1802. Witnesses, Thomas Martin, Phebe Fishback, Hannah Taylor. Probated Sept. 5, 1803.

DAVID TINSLEY, deceased - Book 1, page 117 - Estate. May 22, 1798.

JAMES TOWNSEN - Will Book 1, page 27 - Names wife. My child, Rhoda Townsin. Son, Garrett Townsin. Exec's., Wife and Markham Ware. Written Dec. 6, 1796. Witnesses, Peter Goosey, Caleb Ware, Benjamin Duniway, Samuel Varson. Probated Dec. 23, 1794.

WILLIAM TUGGLE - Will Book 8, page 211 - Names wife, Nancy. Children, Betsy Lane, deceased wife of James Lane. Polly Emerson, wife of William Emerson, deceased. Son, Charles Tuggle. Daughter, Nancy Emerson, wife of James. Sons, John and William. Daughter, Milly Rout, wife of Richard Rout. Daughter, Fanny Railsback, wife of Edward Railsback. Sons, James and Thomas A. Tuggle. Exec's., David Hampton, and Achilles Taggle.
Witnesses, A. H. Hampton, and George W. Hampton. Written Jan. 11, 1834. Probated July Court 1834.

GEORGE WADDE (OR WADDLE) - Will Book 1, page 183 - Names wife, Mary. Sons, John and Daniel. Young children, viz: Betsy, Nancy, Becky, Peggy. Married daughters, Susanna, Mary, Sarah. Exec's., Wife, Mary, sons, John and Daniel. Written Feb! 7, 1800. Witnesses, John Baker, Peter School. Probated May Court 1800.

JONATHAN WHITE - Will Book 1, page 339 - Names sons, John, Frances. Daughters, Elizabeth White, Polly White, Susanna White. Sons, William, Richard, Joel. Daughter, Nanny White. Son, Daniel White. Wife, Elizabeth White. Exec, Wife, Elizabeth. Written Nov. 14. 1802. Witnesses, Andrew Hardy and Rawley Corbin. Probated Dec. 5, 1803.

WILLIAM WHITE - Will Book from 1855-1802, page 328 - Names wife, Elizabeth. Children, Sarah Lilly, Milly Lowry, Allen White, Catherine Spry, Dianthe Stone, Winfield White, Henry White, Solomon White, John White, Martha Curtis and Francis White, the three children by my first wife. Written Mch. 31, 1874. Witnesses. G. W. Lowry and Silas A. Elkin. Probated Oct 28, 1878.

FREDERICK W. WILLS - Book 1, page 47 - Names Francis Wills. Daughter, Sarah when 21 years old. My children, sons, William, John and Richard. Son, Derrit Wills. Exec's., Son, John and son-in-law, Dick Hood and son, Richard. Written Dec. 20, 1795. Witnesses, James Harris, A. W. Sudduth. Probated Jan. 26, 1796.

RICHARD WRIGHT - Will Book 2, page 1 - Names wife, Frances. Son, John. Daughters, Nancy Johnson, Frances Hazelrigg, son, William, daughters, Elizabeth Penill, Isabel Miller. Exec's., Wife, Frances and son, John Wright, and Joshuay Hazelrigg. Written May 16, 1804. Witnesses, D. Hampton, Samuel Reed, Joseph Reed. Probated Aug. 27, 1804.



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