Clinton County Genealogy Trails

    1870 Mortality Schedule

Transcribed by Shauna Williams

Persons who died during the year ending 1st June, 1870 in the County of Clinton State of Kentucky






Married of Widowed

Place of birth

Fath Foreign

Moth Foreign


Occupation Cause of death


5 Pickens Kate 3/12 F W   Kentucky     Mch   Convulsion Epilepsy
7 Riley Robert 2 M W   Ky     Oct   S----- D--- Diarrhea
15 Gray, Sallie E. 4/12 F W   Ky     Aug   tubucular meningitis
18 Zimmerman --   F W   Ky     Oct   Premature Birth Still Born Miscarriage
District No 1
28 Cater Elza U? 13 M W   Ky     July Worked on Farm Typhoid Fever
30 Pierce, Wm. L. 11/12 M W   Ky     August   Menengitis
46 Pittman, No Name   M W   Ky     January   Unknown
64 Ragle, Mary W. 12 F W   Ky     Novr   Epelepsy
100 Miller, Amanda 19 F W   Ky     May Worked in house Typhoid Fever
102 Pierce, -- 1 day F W   Ky     Jany   Premature Birth Debility
125 Andrew Oscar 5/12 M W   Indiana     July   Poison from India Rubber? Nurse Bottle
160 Woolsey Sarah A 24 F W   Ky     May Keeping House Consumption


Hopkins, Wm. O. 1 M W         Sept   Menengetis
175 Ferguson, Zachariah   M W         May   Unknown
182 Thrasher Priscilla E. 1 F W         Novr   Croup
182 Thrasher George D 30 M W         Jany   Consumption
193 Guder --   M W         June   Premature Birth Miscarriage Still Born
193 Guder --   F W         Apl   Miscarriage Premature Birth Still Born
198 Davis Martha 81 F W   North Carolina     Apl   Old age
204 Dewall 7 da M W   Ky     August   Unknown
212 Cowan Rachel 20 F W         July Worked in house Swallowed a needle Accident
250 Cowan --   F W         July   Premature Birth Miscarriage Still Born
250 Cowan --   F W         Oct   Unknown

District 2

3 Owen Rebecca 65 F W W Virginia     Sept Keeping House Typhoid Pneumonia
41 Mason Elizabeth 45 F W   Ky     Oct Idiot Dropsy
71 Donaldson Bertha 8/12 F W   Ky     Novr   Croup
116 Snow Rilla 33 M W M Ky     Jany   Consumption
141 Grisham Saml 33 M W M Ky     Septr Farmer Typhoid Fever
154 Owen Nancy 70 F W   Virginia     Jany   Palsy Paralisis
191 Hall Marcus 29 M W M Ky     Sept Farmer Consumption
201 Ayres George W 86 M W M Tennessee     Feby Farmer Old Age
6 Wray -- 3 da M W   Ky     Sept   Unknown
6 Wray -- 6 da M W   Ky  


Sept   Unknown
Dist 3
31 Dicken James T. 1/12 M W   Ky     Oct   Unknown
76 Holsapple Victoria 23 F W M Ky     Feby Keeping House Puerpestil? Convulsions
83 Brown John W 1 M W   Ky     May   Scrofula
93 Bell Parmelia A 58 F W W Ky     Mch Keeping House Colic
117 Riddle -- 0 M W   Ky     Feby   Premature Birth Miscarriage Still born
127 Bell James 73 M W M North Carolina     July Farmer & Cooper Congestive Ch---
142 Dicken Jacob W. 10 M W   Ky     May Plowed Horse Kick Wounds
202 Hammons Thos R 2 day M W   Ky     Feby   Unknown
211 Wood Susan 47 F W W Virginia     Decr House Keeper Dropsy
District 4
44 Hay Nancy J. 46 F W M Ky     Aug Keeping House Typhoid Fever
46 Gibson Margaret 76 F W M North Carolina     Apl Keeping House Old Age
48 Tallent -- 12 hrs M W   Ky     Jany   Croup
50 Taylor Samuel 35 M W   Tennessee     Aug Farmer Rheumatism
50 Ta??? Sally A. 11/12? F W   Ky     Jany   Croup
55 Ramsey Wm 45 M W   Tn     Oct Pauper Consumption
69 Outen Elisha 68 M W M Virginia     Apl Farmer Consumption
74 Lowry Charles 94 M W M North Carolina     Oct Farmer Chronic Diarrhea
85 Hutchison -- 2 hours M W   Ky     Oct   Unknown
112 Ma--in Tarthe? 43 F W M Ky     August Keeping House Typhoid Fever
138 Sadwell Cavin 1 M W   Ky     August   Acute Diarrhea
145 Ferrell Mary 83 F W W Ky     Jany   Sudden Death Old Age
160 Thurman Mary E 17/365 F W   Tennessee     Jany   Malformation of head
219 Carr Ellison L. 5/12 M W   Ky     Mch   Unknown
223 Brown Palmarine 57 F W   Tennessee     Mch Keeping House Palsy Paralysis
District 5
18 Taylor Saml 30 M W M Tennessee     Aug Farmer Consumption
28 Smith, John M. 2/12 M W   Ky     Apl   Croup
51 Vickery Martha 70 F W W North Carolina     Sept   Inflamation of bowels
56 Koger Elizabeth 30 F M M Ky     June House Keeper Dropsy
68 Koger Lewis 16 M M   Ky     Oct Worked on farm Shot on arresting Homicide
73 Gibbons Sarah 21 F B M Ky     Apl Keeping House Consumption
73 Gibbons 5 hrs F B   Ky     Mch   Premature Birth Miscarriage Still Born
93 Polson Polly A. 20 F W   Ky     May House Work Typhoid Fever
128 Beaty Phillip 22 M W   Ky     Mch Worked on Farm Consumption



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