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Crime & Punishment


Outlaws with Kentucky Connections

Jesse James Family

Hatfield - McCoy Feud

Other criminals

Tom Anderson – Horse and Slave Thief of Muhlenberg Co.

Jack Shepherd – Horse Thief of Todd Co.

Morton Pennington of Christian Co.

Alonzo or Lonz Pennington of Christian Co.

Harpe Brothers - Serial Killers through KY, TN and IL of over 40 people


Civil War Union Soldier Executions

Southern Lynchings 1882 - 1951

Kentucky Executions prior to Lethal Injections

State Prisons:
Bell County Forestry Camp
Blackburn Correctional Complex
Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex
Frankfort Career Development Center
Green River Correctional Complex
Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women
Kentucky State Penitentiary
Kentucky State Reformatory
Little Sandy Correctional Complex
Luther Luckett Correctional Complex
Northpoint Training Center
Otter Creek Correctional Complex
Roederer Correctional Complex
Western Kentucky Correctional Complex


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