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1810 Tax List of Floyd County

Submitted by: Debbie Quinn

A - C

Adams, Benjamin   Bach, John   Cains, Richard
Adams, John / 1 slave   Bailey, Benjamin   Cameron, James
Adams, John / 3 slaves   Bailey, James   Carnutte, John
Adams, John / 4 slaves   Bailey, Joseph   Casebolt, John
Adams, John D.   Baisden, John S. / 1 slave   Caskey, Thomas
Adams, Moses   Banks, Christian   Castile, J. Joseph
Adams, Spencer / 6 slaves   Barnett, Gilbert   Caswell, Basil
Adams, Stephen   Barnett, Jesse   Cathy, Samuel
Adams, Stephen   Beavers, Abraham / 1 slave   Chaffin, David
Adams, William   Belcher, George   Chaffin, James
Adkins, Bartlett   Belcher, John   Chapman, William
Adkins, Isham   Bence, Lawrence   Chase, William
Adkins, Jesse   Benee, Daniel   Childers, Abraham
Adkins, Joel   Bentley, Daniel   Clark, Reuben
Adkins, Joseph   Berry, Isaac   Click, John
Adkins, Moses   Bivens, Coverton   Coburn, Samuel
Adkins, Noton   Bivens, Thomas   Coffee, William
Adkins, Spencer   Blackburn, Thomas   Collier, Richard
Adkins, Thomas   Blackburn, William   Collins, Meredith
Akers, Solomon   Blair, James   Combs, Jeremiah
Akers, Valentine   Blankenship, Cody   Combs, John
Allen, George   Blankenship, Obadiah   Conley, David
Allen, Sarah   Blankenship, William   Conley, Henry
Allen, Thomas   Booker, Odom   Conley, John
Allen, William   Bowen, Adam   Conley, Thomas
Auxier, John   Bowers, John   Conway, Lewis
Auxier, Michael   Bowers, Michael   Cook, Clayton
Auxier, Nathaniel   Bradley, George   Cooper, John
Auxier, Simon   Branham, David   Cope, James
Auxier, Thomas   Branham, David / 1 slave   Cordill, James
    Branham, Edward   Cordill, Matthew
    Branham, John   Cordill, Sampson
    Branham, Turner   Cordill, William
    Bransham, William   Cox, Flory
    Brown, Daniel   Craft, Archelaus
    Brown, James   Craig, William
    Brown, James   Crank, William
    Brown, John   Crays, George
    Brown, John Jr.   Cree, William
    Brown, Robert   Crum, Adam
    Brown, Samuel   Crum, Henry
    Brown, Thomas   Cunningham, Jonathan
    Brown, Thomas   Cummins, James
    Burchett, Benjamin    
    Burgess, Edward    
    Burgess, Edward    
    Burgess, Garland    
    Burgess, Henry    
    Burgess, John    
    Burgess, William    
    Burns, William    

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