Kentucky Genealogy and History

Gallatin County Kentucky

BIRTHS 1852-1910

(Contributed by Barb Ziegenmeyer)

NOTE: some of these births were slaves and the "father" noted may actually be an "owner"

Name Birth Date Birth County Gender Father's Name Mother's Name
Perringer 31 Aug 1856 Gallatin Female Mr Perringer  
  3 Mar 1856 Gallatin Male   Rebecca Turner
  17 Oct 1856 Gallatin Male I A Gex  
  28 Jun 1856 Gallatin Male H D Smith Adaline Turner
  25 Apr 1852 Gallatin Male Charles Ward Stuckland
Sachwell 15 Dec 1852 Gallatin Female Joseph Sachwell Knox
  25 Aug 1852 Gallatin Male John Roy  
  20 Jan 1856 Gallatin Male Wm Montgomery Elizabeth Hoggins
  21 Jan 1856 Gallatin Male Chores Frances
  17 Mar 1856 Gallatin Male A G Craig  
  25 Jul 1857 Gallatin Male A G Craig Mary
Gex 5 Jun 1857 Gallatin Female John A Gex Hannetta Brooking
  6 Apr 1857 Gallatin Male A G Craig  
  12 Apr 1875 Gallatin Male John Sherley Knox
Bigger 25 Oct 1875 Gallatin Female John Bigger  
Satchwell 23 Dec 1875 Gallatin Female Theopolis Satchwell Wheeler
  5 Jan 1859 Gallatin Male Wm Brock Gregg Kirby
Gex 1 Jan 1852 Gallatin Female Anthony Gex Lucy
Reed 17 Dec 1859 Gallatin Female Geo Reed Hastuller
Lillard 29 Sep 1859 Gallatin Female Thos Lillard  
  27 Sep 1859 Gallatin   Charles Richards Hendron
  13 Mar 1859 Gallatin Male David Clements Conley
  26 Aug 1861 Gallatin Male John J Edwards  
  1 Aug 1861 Gallatin Male R L Skirvin  
  19 Oct 1861 Gallatin Male Wm H Johnes Mary E Swope
  10 Oct 1861 Gallatin Male Wm J Brightwell  
  Apr 1876 Gallatin Male    
  13 Oct 1877 Gallatin Male Andy Gayle Webb M
Spencer 28 Oct 1878 Gallatin Female E M Spencer Elizabeth E Brashears
  Feb 1878 Gallatin Male W C Bagby Sary A Dean
Buchanan 1 Oct 1878 Gallatin Female James E Buchanan Ella J Ellis
Thomas 15 Oct 1878 Gallatin Female John C Thomas Francis A Lewis
Montgomery 1 Jan 1878 Gallatin Female Jos E Montgomery Ella Smith
  18 Nov 1878 Gallatin Male Alfred Swango Mary A Judy
Adaline Bradford  Sep 1859 Gallatin Female Jas Bradford Burks
Adaline House  14 Feb 1859 Gallatin Female House Boaz
Adrian Breedin  3 Apr 1859 Gallatin Female Breedin Dunwood
Amanda J Burkshire  16 Feb 1859 Gallatin Female Burkshire Henry
America M Lillard  20 Aug 1859 Gallatin Female Thos Lillard Waller
Archey 18 Apr 1859 Gallatin Male Oliver Carver Beall
Armena Sheets  20 Jun 1858 Gallatin Female and Sheets Dorcas
Charles E 22 Dec 1859 Gallatin Male Samuel Conley Spencer
Child Not Named Winters  5 Dec 1877 Gallatin Female L Winters Leary
Child Not Named 20 Dec 1877 Gallatin Male L Winters Leary
Cordelia Crutcher  15 Mar 1861 Gallatin Female Reuben Crutcher  
Daniel 20 Nov 1859 Gallatin Male Mary Ellis Kirby
Daniel A 13 Jul 1859 Gallatin Male Troutman Points
David L 14 May 1859 Gallatin Male Jaba Bruce Walters
Deanah Robinson  May 1861 Gallatin Female Noel Robinson  
Edward 1 Sep 1874 Gallatin Male Edward Toliver  
Elizabeth S Russell  10 Jun 1859 Gallatin Female Buckhannon Russell Molton
Emily Payne  Sep 1861 Gallatin Female Robt Payne T B
Frances Mary Kipinburger  5 Mar 1859 Gallatin Female Phil Kipinburger Gotyer
Frank 18 Dec 1861 Gallatin Male Ralph Bright  
George 1 Aug 1852 Gallatin Male W G Smith Miley
George E 17 Apr 1859 Gallatin Male Joseph Boggs Ross
Ida Craigmiles  9 Jan 1859 Gallatin Female John Craigmiles Hamilton
Irvin 1 Mar 1852 Gallatin Male John E Gibson Eliza
James Nov 1859 Gallatin Male John Vanhouton  
James L 11 Mar 1859 Gallatin Male Jas H Turner Stewart
Jane Craigmiles 1 Jun 1859 Gallatin Female John Craigmiles Hamilton
John M 30 Oct 1859 Gallatin Male Andy Miles Richardson
Joseph F 21 Jun 1859 Gallatin Male M J Williams Turley
Judy Hayes  2 Dec 1861 Gallatin Female Clifton Hayes  
Julius 15 Oct 1852 Gallatin Male David Lillard Dilsey
Julius 12 Apr 1852 Gallatin Male Jessee Bagly Jane
Leonedas 1 May 1852 Gallatin Male Lucy Craig Winney
Lewis Oct 1859 Gallatin Male James Landram  
Lucetty Horr  7 Sep 1859 Gallatin Female Daniel Horr Coons
Ludica Carver  21 Oct 1859 Gallatin Female Sylvester Carver Kemper
Mary Ellis  1 Oct 1859 Gallatin Female Sol Ellis Kirby
Mary E Brown  25 Apr 1859 Gallatin Female Joshua Brown Oldrum
Mary E Bran  22 Dec 1859 Gallatin Female Mitchel Bran Payton
Mary Elizabeth Robinson  May 1859 Gallatin Female Noel Robinson Whitson
Nancy Dudgeon  24 Nov 1859 Gallatin Female Jas Dudgeon Clifford
Newton P 4 Jan 1859 Gallatin Male Oliver Ellmore Paine
No Name 4 Mar 1877 Gallatin Male Thos Stevens Peak
No Name Morgan  30 Nov 1877 Gallatin Female Piat Morgan Kemper
No Name 22 Apr 1877 Gallatin Male   Annie Barber
No Name See  8 Oct 1877 Gallatin Female F M See Webber
No Name 15 Aug 1877 Gallatin Male B H North Griffin
No Name 8 Jan 1877 Gallatin Male Eli Osborn Burk
No Name Morgan  9 Nov 1877 Gallatin Female S W Morgan Porter
Not Named 26 Jun 1877 Gallatin Male G W Poland Lillie
Not Named 8 Oct 1877 Gallatin Male W H Brett Landram
Not Named 22 Dec 1876 Gallatin Male W H Bruce Mary A Gullion
Not Named Waller  16 Feb 1876 Gallatin Female H C Waller Mary Harris
Not Named Bagsby  14 Apr 1876 Gallatin Female Wm C Bagsby Sarah A Dean
Not Named Sep 1876 Gallatin Male W H Clements Amandy Jump
Not Named 5 Jan 1876 Gallatin Male Andy Miles Elizabeth Richerson
Not Named Apr 1876 Gallatin Male John W Sherley Emily F Knox
Not Named 20 Sep 1876 Gallatin Male Joseph Jacobs Anne E Gullion
Not Named Wate  29 Nov 1876 Gallatin Female Geo Wate Lissie Burton
Not Named 3 Oct 1876 Gallatin Male Robt Ellis Sallie Ellis
Not Named 5 Jul 1876 Gallatin Male Willis Dalton Catharine Noel
Not Named 29 Sep 1876 Gallatin Male Alfred Swango Mary Judy
Not Named 29 Nov 1876 Gallatin Male Jas Deckers Lenora Constantine
Not Named 23 Oct 1876 Gallatin Male Jno H Anderson Kate Vice
Not Named Turley  27 May 1876 Gallatin Female Amos C Turley Mattie Mason
Not Named 29 Nov 1876 Gallatin Male Harvey Winn Mattie Stout
Not Named 2 Aug 1876 Gallatin Male John C Hamilton Vena Boyers
Not Named Hixson  7 Nov 1876 Gallatin Female John O Hixson Jennie Peebles
Not Named Winn  30 Nov 1874 Gallatin Female Howe Winn Mattie Stout
Not Named Sanders  21 Jul 1874 Gallatin Female Isaiah Sanders Lydia Ayers
Not Named Barnhill  1 May 1874 Gallatin Female Robt Barnhill Smith
Not Named Jones  29 Jul 1874 Gallatin Female Sylvester Jones Lucy Foly
Not Named 17 Oct 1874 Gallatin Male Louis Wheeler Delilah Vice
Not Named 27 Sep 1874 Gallatin Male Mack Gaines Sarah Burton
Not Named 22 Nov 1874 Gallatin Male Joseph Foley Harriet Goins
Not Named 16 Sep 1874 Gallatin Male John H Anderson Katie Vice
Not Named Jun 1874 Gallatin Male M N Carr M Payne
Not Named Brock  21 Jun 1874 Gallatin Female J F Brock Adkins
Not Named 20 Jan 1874 Gallatin Male James Foree Milley Neutes
Not Named Weldon  2 Sep 1874 Gallatin Female Patrick Weldon Eliza Furnish
Not Named 17 Nov 1874 Gallatin Male Joseph Foley Harriet Goins
Oliver 1 Apr 1852 Gallatin Male G M Connely Caroline
Richard 7 Jun 1859 Gallatin Male Julius Beaty Colds Hastuller
Sarah Elizabeth Boaz  Apr 1859 Gallatin Female Henry Boaz Carrelton
Tom 20 May 1857 Gallatin Male J A Gex  
Twins 11 Oct 1878 Gallatin Male George Gardt Mary Hesbach
William H 21 May 1859 Gallatin Male Bruce Jackson
Wm M 8 Feb 1859 Gallatin Male Martin Judy Literall
James Alexander 2 Sep 1855 Gallatin Male James Kenny Calloun Stafford
Mary G Allphin 17 Oct 1861 Gallatin Female James D Allphin Elizabeth A Roberts
C Ambrose 18 Feb 1877 Gallatin Male Thos Ambrose Hughes
Joel R Anderson 14 Sep 1861 Gallatin Male Daniel Anderson Elizabeth Heighley
Patterson Armstrong 20 Jan 1852 Gallatin Male James Armstrong Lorena Lowry
C Arrasmith 7 Apr 1874 Gallatin Female J G Arrasmith Smith
Margaret E Athe 28 Feb 1852 Gallatin Female Samuel Athe Amanda Cathright
Delmen Ayres 16 May 1876 Gallatin Male Leonard C Ayres E S Sayre
Eliza B Bailes 26 Feb 1877 Gallatin Female Virgil Bailes Baker
Susan Bailes Nov 1874 Gallatin Female Wm Bailes S Cox
William H Bales 4 Mar 1852 Gallatin Male James Bailes Catherine Hayden
Susan Beall  12 Sep 1859 Gallatin Female Calvin Little Jackson
Anne Beard 8 Jul 1876 Gallatin Female Taylor S Beard Sarah Satchwill
Aaron Beech 1 Feb 1874 Gallatin Male Geo W Beech Melvina Sturgeon
Ida Bell  15 Nov 1859 Gallatin Female Wm Dudgeon Whitson
Manerva Bledsoe 1 Dec 1852 Gallatin Female Saml M Bledsoe Elizh Gardiner
Boggs 30 Nov 1852 Gallatin Female Joseph Boggs Ellen Glenn
Boggs 30 Nov 1852 Gallatin Male Joseph Boggs Ellen Glenn
Ann B Boggs 6 Mar 1852 Gallatin Female John S Boggs America Stewart
Millard Boggs 20 Aug 1857 Gallatin Male John S Boggs America Steward
Henry A Bower 1 Jul 1852 Gallatin Male Christian Bower Dorcia Everton
Casander D Bowlington 3 Aug 1876 Gallatin Female Saml D Bowlington Julia A Bruner
Edw M Bramlet 12 Jul 1852 Gallatin Male Wm W Bramlett Louisa Miller
Benj Brett 1 Jan 1852 Gallatin Male Joseph Brett Martha Mason
John Wesley Brock 25 Jan 1852 Gallatin Male Liland Brock Amanda Goddard
Mary Ellen Brock 4 Nov 1852 Gallatin Female John J Brock Mary Jane West
Mildred Brock 20 Nov 1852 Gallatin Female Warren Brock Elizabeth Rodgers
Fothergill C Brown 10 Jun 1861 Gallatin Male John R Brown Mary E Brown
Ida Brown 17 May 1861 Gallatin Female Thomas Brown Lucy Armstrong
Robt Brown 26 Oct 1876 Gallatin Male John R Brown Mary E Brown
Annie B Bruce 15 May 1877 Gallatin Female H Bruce Swango
Charles E Brumfield 16 Sep 1876 Gallatin Male W E Brumfield N S Reaves
Edward E Carlton 16 Mar 1861 Gallatin Male James C Carlton Harrett E Elliston
L B Carlton 26 Mar 1877 Gallatin Female J C Carlton Elliston
Sallie Carlton 15 Dec 1877 Gallatin Female Taylor Carlton Lindsey
William Carlton 3 Sep 1852 Gallatin Male William Carlton Marcina Forest
Frank Carolton Apr 1876 Gallatin Male Thos Carolton Mary Chrisman
Dacy Carpenter 5 Aug 1877 Gallatin Female J L Carpenter Carver
T B Carpenter 17 May 1876 Gallatin Male John T Courtney Sarah E Duncan
Luella Carroll 14 Jan 1877 Gallatin Female S Carroll McKittrick
Ethill Carrolton 24 Sep 1878 Gallatin Female Robert L Carrolton Mina Skirvin
Agnes B Carver 6 Nov 1852 Gallatin Female Olem Carver Francis Bealle
Ann Mary Carver 4 Jan 1861 Gallatin Female Sylvester Carver Ann Mary Kemper
Wm M Carver 7 Oct 1861 Gallatin Male Martin Carver Catharine Winn
Mary E Casey 24 Jul 1852 Gallatin Female H A Casey Martha E Collen
America J Castleman 23 Jun 1861 Gallatin Female Henry E Castleman Louisana Williams
John W Castleman 21 Jan 1852 Gallatin Male H C Casstleman Louisiana Williams
Cayton 27 Dec 1852 Gallatin Female William H Cayton Mary D Mack
Hary Cayton 23 May 1878 Gallatin Male Phillip Cayton Susan A Reed
L W Chapman 15 May 1877 Gallatin Male W H Chapman Callahan
Robert L Clements 8 Jun 1861 Gallatin Male Isaac Clements Sarah J Powers
Sarah M Clifford 1 Mar 1852 Gallatin Female Lindsa Clifford Nancy Jones
John W Clore 15 May 1861 Gallatin Male H P Clore Mary Mount
Bozzie J Coner 27 May 1876 Gallatin Female Wm Coner Nancy Howlett
Harriet Connely 25 Jul 1852 Gallatin Female G M Connely Harriet Conner
Robert M Coons 11 Nov 1852 Gallatin Male William Coons Lusetta Horr
Elizabeth Courtney 13 Dec 1874 Gallatin Female J T Courtney Duncan
Willie Courtney 9 May 1878 Gallatin Male John T Courtney Eliza J Duncan
Edward Cox 29 Aug 1874 Gallatin Male Florian Cox Emma N Mountjoy
Mattie Cox 10 Mar 1877 Gallatin Female A T Cox Story
Wm Cox Feb 1874 Gallatin Male Wesley Cox L Kemper
Craig 29 Oct 1852 Gallatin Female Clement Craig Elis Twyman
Sarah Crouch 19 Aug 1861 Gallatin Female John Crouch Nancy Crouch
John Crutcher 2 Jul 1852 Gallatin Male Lewis Crutcher Sally Craig
Mattie B Darger 25 Aug 1876 Gallatin Female Heny C Darger Anna Jones
Davis 7 May 1852 Gallatin Female John R Davis Eliz Nicholson
John J Donley 2 Aug 1858 Gallatin Male Patrick Donley Terresa Galvin
Moses Donley 2 Aug 1858 Gallatin Male Patrick Donley Terresa Galvin
Kirtley Dorman 29 Sep 1876 Gallatin Male John W Dorman Alice Crouch
William A Dorman 1 Apr 1852 Gallatin Male Saml Dorman Ruth Benham
T Dudgeon 1 Nov 1877 Gallatin Female G W Dudgeon Conley
Duncan  10 Dec 1861 Gallatin Female John S Boggs Stewart
Frances E Duncan 29 Jul 1861 Gallatin Female Wm Duncan Prudence Hastetter
Grace L Duncan 6 Aug 1878 Gallatin Female B F Duncan Mollie D Dorman
Jesse Duncan Dec 1877 Gallatin Male S Duncan West
Jesse Duncan 18 May 1877 Gallatin Male S Duncan West
Lilie Duncan Dec 1877 Gallatin Female H Duncan Noel
Wm Duncan 30 Jan 1861 Gallatin Male Joseph S Duncan Mary P Duncan
Maggie B Dupey 14 May 1877 Gallatin Female Henry Dupey Watters
Charles Edwards 16 Dec 1877 Gallatin Male P Edwards Sisson
Emma Egleston 2 Feb 1858 Gallatin Female S W Egleston Ellen Lightfort
Ellis 5 Dec 1852 Gallatin Male Joel Ellis Parmelia Masterson
Eliza Ellis 27 Nov 1877 Gallatin Female J Ellis Morgan
James R Ellis 8 Mar 1874 Gallatin Male Jessie Ellis P J Buckhanan
Jesse L Ellis 16 Sep 1876 Gallatin Male Jesse Ellis Manerva J Buchannon
Luthera Ellis 24 Sep 1861 Gallatin Female Josiah Ellis Juliann Poland
William Ellis 1 Jul 1852 Gallatin Male Thomas Ellis Margaret Crouch
Winfield S English 11 Aug 1852 Gallatin Male J W English Liginda Herricks
C W Etheridge 20 Dec 1877 Gallatin Male Jos A Etheridge Satchwill
Eveline Fair 6 Jan 1852 Gallatin Female Jacob Fair Isabella Reynolds
Fant 2 Nov 1852 Gallatin Male J M Blackmore Charity
Geo Fant 1 Mar 1852 Gallatin Male L J Fant Sophia Yancey
Sarah E Fitchner 13 Dec 1858 Gallatin Female Robt C Fitchner Liner Wood
Mary D Floor 20 Jan 1852 Gallatin Female George Floor Elizabeth Sexton
Arch B Foree Sep 1876 Gallatin Female Green Foree Hettie Johnson
Cyrus E Forest 5 Aug 1852 Gallatin Male John Forest Herteram Williams
L H Fothergill 22 Feb 1877 Gallatin Female J T Fothergill Easterday
Lillie Fothergill 15 Aug 1877 Gallatin Female W W Fothergill Gardner
Benjamin French 8 Dec 1874 Gallatin Male Ben French Eliza J French
Permelia Friend 19 Jan 1876 Gallatin Female W H Friend Almira Black
Johnson F Furguson 10 Dec 1861 Gallatin Male James Furguson Juliett L Frank
Furnish 1 Oct 1852 Gallatin Female Jacob Furnish Susan Craigmile
Minta Furnish 15 Jun 1877 Gallatin Female L E Furnish Goins
Fielden Gale 20 Apr 1876 Gallatin Male Andy Gale Minnie Webb
Frances B Gardner  25 Jul 1852 Gallatin Female Z S Gardener Mary Gilbert
R K Gatewood 3 Jun 1877 Gallatin Male R M Gatewood Anderson
Ann Mary Gibson 18 Mar 1852 Gallatin Female John C Gibson Sarah Ann Gregory
Luella Gibson 16 Apr 1852 Gallatin Female Samuel Gibson Mary E Hawkins
Virgil Gibson 18 Mar 1852 Gallatin Male John C Gibson Sarah Ann Gregory
James A Gilbert 20 Nov 1852 Gallatin Male John Gilbert Emily J Odell
Geo Ann Glenn 4 Mar 1852 Gallatin Female John Glenn Eliz Bogg
Richmond Glinn 24 Nov 1861 Gallatin Male Joseph Glinn  
Addison C Glore 18 Sep 1861 Gallatin Male D C Glore Martha Ann Kite
Mary E Greene 3 Jun 1861 Gallatin Female David L Greene Elizabeth Sale
Emily Griffin 23 Aug 1876 Gallatin Female Jno T Griffin Sarah C McDonell
Richd Griffin 23 Jan 1852 Gallatin Male Bery F Griffin Sidney J Hoggins
John S Groves 22 Jul 1877 Gallatin Male S Groves Darger
Howard Norton Grubbs 20 Sep 1876 Gallatin Male Jas L Grubbs Mary E House
R Grubbs 5 Apr 1877 Gallatin Male Wm Grubbs McClure
Taylor Hage 9 May 1852 Gallatin Male Thomas Hayes Helen Hussing
Charles L Hance 14 Dec 1876 Gallatin Male Philip R Hance Alice E Gordon
Philip R Hance 9 Oct 1852 Gallatin Male William Hance Elvira Rowlett
H C Harper 5 Feb 1877 Gallatin Male W S Harper Donley
Heros Harrison 23 Feb 1874 Gallatin Male Minos Hewes Mary Boggs
Lucinda Harrison 4 Nov 1874 Gallatin Female Jessie Harrison Charlotte Allen
E T Hedrick 10 Jan 1877 Gallatin Male J A Hedrrick Crandall
Robert Hedrick 30 Aug 1874 Gallatin Male M S Hedrick S Vanluven
Mariam Helm 8 Aug 1878 Gallatin Male Jas Helm Elizabeth Fothergill
James M Hendron 3 Mar 1852 Gallatin Male Robert S Hendron Hariet Lewis
William N Hendron 4 Apr 1852 Gallatin Male Nelson P Hendron Helen Arrasmith
John C Hess 1 Mar 1852 Gallatin Male F A Hess Mary T Johnson
Jacob Higgins 17 Mar 1874 Gallatin Male C G Higgins Miller
Armelda Hoagland 15 Dec 1852 Gallatin Female William M Hoagland Mary Lee
Anna A Hoard 19 Mar 1877 Gallatin Female Thos M Hoard Hughes
Holder 1 May 1852 Gallatin Male Jessee Holder Jane Eckman
Alice Belle Holton 9 Oct 1852 Gallatin Female John W Holton Sally H Ellerton
Wm W Holton 9 Jul 1861 Gallatin Male John W Holton Sallie H Elliston
Belle Hopkins 13 Oct 1877 Gallatin Female C Hopkins Kemper
Corda Hopkins 4 Aug 1878 Gallatin Female Zackers Hopkins Anna Breeden
Mary E Hornbeck  4 Jun 1852 Gallatin Female Zep Hornback Susan Deary
S Horr 30 Feb 1877 Gallatin Female D K Horr Coon
John W Hues 17 Jul 1876 Gallatin Male John Hues Mary A Oxley
George Hueston Jul 1876 Gallatin Male James Hueston Amanda Severs
Clifford Hughes 24 Apr 1877 Gallatin Male Wm Hughes Lumpkins
Mary E Hughes 8 Sep 1852 Gallatin Female James Hughes Eliz Prather
Mellissa Hughes 14 Jul 1877 Gallatin Female J W Hughes Winters
S A Hughes 3 Mar 1877 Gallatin Female G W Hughes Spillman
Georg R Hussung 23 Mar 1861 Gallatin Male James A Hussung Mary R Rudd
Amanda Jackson 12 May 1852 Gallatin Female John W Jackson Laura Downes
William A Jackson 25 Oct 1852 Gallatin Male Joshua R Jackson Ruana Dunn
Joseph P Jacobs 25 Aug 1852 Gallatin Male E Q Jacobs Sarah Robinson
A L Jones 4 Feb 1874 Gallatin Female P H Jones A J Sanders
Mary Jones  1 Mar 1859 Gallatin Female James Hendren Webber
Robert M Jones 20 Dec 1852 Gallatin Male James Jones Manerva Dyson
Joseph D Judy 10 Sep 1852 Gallatin Male Alexander Juda Nancy Smalley
Willis T Jump 1 Jul 1852 Gallatin Male Geo W Jump Laticia Marth
Kate  12 Aug 1852 Gallatin Female James H Sayre Pelina
Hell Kemper 19 Mar 1878 Gallatin Male Danl Kemper Letta Burton
Lucy J Kemper 20 Dec 1852 Gallatin Female Alfred Kemper Zerelda Everton
Florence Kindal  10 Feb 1878 Gallatin Female Jas S Kindall Harriett Burns
Jennie Kirby 5 Sep 1877 Gallatin Female R Kirby Ritchey
William A Kirby 2 Sep 1852 Gallatin Male John W Kirby Mary A Morrow
Addie B Landram 3 Sep 1877 Gallatin Female A Landram Brett
Lilly M Landram 12 Nov 1861 Gallatin Female William Landram Virginia Beall
Lettie B Langsdale 18 Feb 1876 Gallatin Female Joshua M W Langsdale Corey Howe
Sarah E Langsdale 22 Jan 1852 Gallatin Female John Langsdale Wealthy M Dell
M E Larrison 29 Dec 1874 Gallatin Female F M Larrison Hewitt
Sarah Lee 7 Sep 1852 Gallatin Female John Lee Deana Hoagland
Agnes R Lillard 28 Nov 1852 Gallatin Female Thomas M Lillard Mary E Coleman
Mary Alice Lillay 24 May 1852 Gallatin Female David Lillay Lucy Ann Ellis
Horace M Lindsay Sep 1876 Gallatin Male Jefferson Lindsay Belle Jackson
John J Lindsay 12 Aug 1852 Gallatin Male William J Lindsay Sarah Spencer
Orville Lindsay 15 Aug 1876 Gallatin Female W J Lindsay Sarah Spencer
C M Lipp 13 Aug 1877 Gallatin Female G W Lipp Grubbs
Jerry M Lipp 18 Aug 1878 Gallatin Male Geo W Lipp Litha J Grubbs
Arebella Litteral 28 Jan 1852 Gallatin Female John Litteral Rebecca Latimore
Hattie Longfellow 2 Feb 1861 Gallatin Female Gary Longfellow Harriet Howe
S E Madock 22 Dec 1874 Gallatin Female J S Madock Wagol
Levi Martiel 18 Sep 1874 Gallatin Male Clem Martiel Manerica French
Lilly Martiel 18 Sep 1874 Gallatin Female Clem Martiel Manerica French
Flora B McCreary Feb 1854 Gallatin Female Wm McCreary Nancy Montgomery
Flora D McCreary 4 Feb 1854 Gallatin Female Wm McCreary Nancy Montgomery
J R McDaniel 17 Jul 1874 Gallatin Male S H McDaniel Sanders
John D McNealy 4 Aug 1861 Gallatin Male G H McNealy Mary Agness Clements
R T McNeely 30 Nov 1877 Gallatin Male G H McNeely Clements
Sarah Miller 11 Oct 1874 Gallatin Female Jacob Miller Kincaid
Synthian Miller 10 Jul 1876 Gallatin Female Joseph Miller Mary E Courtney
Joseph E Montgomery 1 Apr 1852 Gallatin Male John Montgomery Priscella Montgomery
Alice A Moore 20 Mar 1861 Gallatin Female Robert S Moore Rachael E Kelly
Andrew Moore 5 Jan 1878 Gallatin Male Truman Moore Sarry Jane McHatten
Mary E Moore 21 Jun 1874 Gallatin Female B T Moore Bladen
Sarah E Moore 2 Sep 1852 Gallatin Female Thomas Moore Sarah A Hughes
Clarey Mores Sep 1876 Gallatin Female Thos Mores Emily Sisson
Colonza Morgan 2 Jul 1878 Gallatin emale Cy Morgan Sary Ann Tafter
J T Morgan 30 May 1874 Gallatin Male C W Morgan S A Parker
Ira James Murdock 14 Nov 1852 Gallatin Male Chistopher C Murdock Jane Cemteis
Eliza Ann New  23 Sep 1878 Gallatin Female Jas Newcomb Nancy Maxwell
Anna B Night  18 Jul 1852 Gallatin Female John Knight Jane E Brashaw
Bettie B Noel 7 Nov 1877 Gallatin Female Wm Noel Noel
S F Nutter 11 Nov 1877 Gallatin Male Waller Nutter Garrett
Benjamin Omer 7 May 1859 Gallatin Male Calvin Clements Moore
Florence Oneal 16 May 1876 Gallatin Female Francis Oneal Tobitha Kyle
Payne  15 Dec 1852 Gallatin Female John P Sandford Ann
Morton Payne 10 Nov 1861 Gallatin Male Robt Payne Sarah Greene
Decea A Peak 8 Jul 1876 Gallatin Female James Peak Betsey Peak
Geo V Peak 19 Aug 1852 Gallatin Male Jif Peak Martha M Risor
Martha E Peak 1 Aug 1852 Gallatin Female J J Peak Emeline Lindsay
S P Peak 1 Feb 1861 Gallatin Male E C Peak Mary Robinson
S R Peak 20 Dec 1877 Gallatin Female H C Peak Johnson
Hattie Perry 5 Mar 1878 Gallatin Female A R Perry  
James A Pinkston 10 Jul 1861 Gallatin Male Thomas Pinkston Elizabeth Ambrose
F E Plunket 20 Sep 1877 Gallatin Female J Plunket Sturgeon
Elijah Plunkett 13 Feb 1876 Gallatin Male Jessie Plunkett Emily Sturgeon
George Ponder 14 Mar 1874 Gallatin Male James F Ponder Z M Foster
L B Powers 17 May 1877 Gallatin Female J M Powers Fling
J A Ralston 1 Mar 1876 Gallatin Male John A Ralston An Craig
Ribelin 3 Feb 1861 Gallatin Male Wm M Ribelin Lucy Ellis
John B Ribelin 25 Feb 1856 Gallatin Male William M Ribelin Lucy Ellis
Rice 7 Mar 1852 Gallatin Male John Rice Delila Hoggins
W L Richards 1 Feb 1874 Gallatin Male Dock Richards Hampton
Mollie M Riddle  10 Sep 1878 Gallatin Female Wm Riden Bell Goins
J C Ringo 8 Aug 1877 Gallatin Male Daniel Ringo Elliston
Geo W Roberts 5 Mar 1877 Gallatin Male Jos F Roberts MacKerly
Lucian Roberts 1 May 1875 Gallatin Male Geo W Roberts Mary E Asbell
F G Robinson 19 Feb 1877 Gallatin Female F M Robinson Callahan
Ruth Rodgers 1 Jul 1852 Gallatin Female William Rodgers Nancy Hamilton
John W Rogers 27 Sep 1858 Gallatin Male Samuel Rogers Virlinda Gregory
Joseph W Rohnson 1 Nov 1852 Gallatin Male William Rolmson Rebecca Hoagland
Lucy Ellen Rohnson  15 Jul 1852 Gallatin Female Jos G Rolmson Eliz A Dunn
Moses Rose 14 Jan 1876 Gallatin Male W H Rose Addie Stephens
Rosell 30 Apr 1852 Gallatin Female Joseph F Rosell Eliza Brock
Anna Ross Jun 1876 Gallatin Female Vinson Ross Mary Richerson
Francis S Ross 27 Apr 1852 Gallatin Male William H Ross Martha Literal
S T Rusk 1 Aug 1877 Gallatin Female J W Rusk Dudgeon
William J Rust 15 Dec 1852 Gallatin Male Arkansas Rust Sarah Hess
Mary E Ryan 2 Sep 1874 Gallatin Female Patrick Ryan Mary Ryan
Jacob Ryder 15 Mar 1852 Gallatin Male Jacob Ryder Rhoda Brown
Catie F Ryle 21 Dec 1878 Gallatin Female W L Ryle Caroline Arnold
M E Ryley 21 May 1874 Gallatin Female Pat Ryley Mary B Ryne
Francis M Sacre 28 Dec 1852 Gallatin Male James H Sacre Mary W Ross
W R Sale 19 Feb 1874 Gallatin Male W V Sale Green
Sally 22 Dec 1852 Gallatin Male Geo Steele Caroline
L M Sanders 3 Jul 1877 Gallatin Female Isaiah Sanders Ayres
Satchwell 8 Dec 1852 Gallatin Female Joseph Satchwell Ann Gun
Annie Satchwill 16 Dec 1876 Gallatin Female Joseph T Satchwill Mary Beard
B F Satchwill 16 Jun 1874 Gallatin Male J T Satchwill T Palmer
J A Satchwill 30 Dec 1874 Gallatin Male J K Satchwill E Williams
Nicholas B Satchwill 17 May 1876 Gallatin Male James A Satchwill Mary B Montgomery
Leander Saul 14 Apr 1852 Gallatin Male Elijah Sauls Nancy J Hoggins
Martha E Savage 24 Aug 1852 Gallatin Female Jeheial Savage Mary A Williamson
Sawney 22 Jul 1852 Gallatin Male Rob Turner Phillis
Morton D Scrioner 9 May 1876 Gallatin Male David M Scrioner Maggie C Dolley
Tilden See 25 Apr 1877 Gallatin Male B See Brown
James H Ship 28 Jan 1852 Gallatin Male Jackson R Ship Rebecca Braughard
Benjamin Sisson May 1876 Gallatin Male Geo W Sisson Sarah Marcy
Emma Sisson 27 Dec 1877 Gallatin Female J Sisson Reiney
William A Sisson 8 May 1878 Gallatin Male William Sisson Ella Hendren
Edward L Skirvin 18 Jul 1876 Gallatin Male Alfred Skirvin Mary Davey
Herold Skirvin 3 Aug 1876 Gallatin Male Henry C Skirvin Louina Spoon
M Skirvin 17 Mar 1874 Gallatin Female R E Skirvin Kitty Conyers
William D Skirvin 27 Jan 1878 Gallatin Male Alfred Skirvin Mary Darcy
Anna M Sleet 27 Aug 1876 Gallatin Female Marshall Sleet Alice Roswell
Charley Smith Dec 1876 Gallatin Male Geo Smith Elzea Anderson
James T Smith 10 Jan 1874 Gallatin Male J W Smith Susie A Runion
John J Smith 15 Dec 1852 Gallatin Male Robert Smith Louisiana Wiggins
Margaret J Smith 18 Oct 1858 Gallatin Female Daniel K Smith Eliza Jackson
Martha G Smith 25 Apr 1858 Gallatin Female Harry Smith Virginia Patterson
R M Smith 5 Jul 1861 Gallatin Male John Smith Malinda Bedford
Thomas B Smith 16 Jul 1858 Gallatin Male John Smith Malinda Rutherford
F Spencer 16 May 1877 Gallatin Male E M Spencer Brashears
Fanny Spencer 14 Sep 1861 Gallatin Female Edward Spencer  
Fred Spencer 8 Mar 1874 Gallatin Male J W Spencer B O Taylor
L F Spencer 22 May 1877 Gallatin Male J E Spencer Conley
Reubin Spencer 11 Mar 1857 Gallatin Male John W Spencer Elizabeth Ireland
Tho J Spilman 5 Nov 1852 Gallatin Male James Spilman Sarah A Willaford
Eva M Stetson 6 Mar 1877 Gallatin Female N W Stetson Rider
Minnie Stetson 23 Aug 1878 Gallatin Female Nathaniel Stetson Emma Rider
Albert Steward 26 Jan 1877 Gallatin Male C Steward Greene
G Story 7 Nov 1874 Gallatin Female D W Story Story
John A Story 3 Jul 1878 Gallatin Male Amos D Story Ann Carroll
R E L Sutton 11 Jul 1874 Gallatin Male Wm Sutton  
L A Swango 31 Jul 1877 Gallatin Male W G Swango Jackson
Sallie Swango 1 Sep 1877 Gallatin Female Alex Swango Steward
Henry F Swope 27 Feb 1861 Gallatin Male Henry F Swope Luticia Coffin
Joseph Taylor Nov 1876 Gallatin Male John W Taylor Martha Wilcher
Lillie O Taylor May 1876 Gallatin Female John C Taylor Sarah A Roswell
Robert P Thomas 7 Feb 1852 Gallatin Male John C Thomas Frances A Lewis
Harriet Tillay 1 Aug 1852 Gallatin Female Geo T Tillay Rebecca Shrought
Jas H Tucker 5 Sep 1855 Gallatin Male John Tucker Margaret Harry
Kate Turley 16 May 1877 Gallatin Female T J Turley White
Harriet G Turpin 19 Aug 1861 Gallatin Female Thomas J Turpin Harriet N McIntire
Harriett G Turpin 19 Aug 1861 Gallatin Female T J Turpin Harriett N McIntire
John Vanhouton 21 Sep 1861 Gallatin Male John Vanhouton Melissa James
Ruth Catharine Vest 9 May 1859 Gallatin Female Thos Vest Crow
Joseph E Ward 24 Mar 1852 Gallatin Male John Ward Mary J Lockhart
Washington 8 Dec 1852 Gallatin Male J P Howard Jane
John W Wasson 30 Nov 1852 Gallatin Male James Wason Julia Glenn
Susan T Waters 13 Mar 1876 Gallatin Female Wm T Waters Isabell Snow
Annie Webber 5 Apr 1877 Gallatin Female Virginius Webber Ellis
Archie Webber 8 Apr 1876 Gallatin Male Wm O Webber Harriet House
Mary J Webber 3 Aug 1861 Gallatin Female Virginius Webber Sallie Ellis
Wesley 28 Aug 1852 Gallatin Male Joseph Satchwell Sarah
James West 19 Jun 1875 Gallatin Male James West Martha A Ceatny
Benj F Wheeler 16 Mar 1877 Gallatin Male L Wheeler Nice
Gen Wool Wheeler 15 May 1852 Gallatin Male Vincent Wheeler Harriet Ralston
Richard Whiteside 1 Nov 1852 Gallatin Male Thomas Whiteside Effy Buchanan
F Whitson 2 Oct 1877 Gallatin Male L W Whitson Johnson
Edward Willaford 22 Feb 1876 Gallatin Male James Willaford Nancy J Hues
Bettie Williams 9 Jun 1861 Gallatin Female M J Williams Martha J Turley
David W Wilson 22 Feb 1877 Gallatin Male Jesse Wilson Hughes
Jesse Winters 6 Aug 1877 Gallatin Male C Winters Myres
Wood 3 Jul 1852 Gallatin Male William Wood Mary S Anderson
Martha Wood 15 Oct 1861 Gallatin Female John A Wood Shuts
Lillie Yarber 5 Mar 1877 Gallatin Female B Yarber Satchwill
Thurston Yates 26 Feb 1874 Gallatin Male Peter Yates Lucie Miles
Erwin Young 6 Apr 1852 Gallatin Male James H Young Matilda Burns
John J Young 15 Dec 1852 Gallatin Male B W Young Zarelda Rodgers


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