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ASHLAND.---The Ironton Register says:

This is the name of a new town---great in the future---which is being laid out in Greenup county, Ky., some three and a half miles above Ironton. The company founding the town was recently chartered by the Kentucky Legislature under the style of The Kentucky Iron, Coal and Manufacturing Company. Subscriptions to the capital stock have already been made to the amount of $400,000, and land has already been purchased to the amount of 2,000 acres, consisting of about 1,000 acres of river bottom for the town site, and about 1,000 acres of coal land.

It is understood that $210,000 of the capital stock will be supplied to the construction of the Lexington and Big Sandy Railroad, the route of which has been changed so as to strike the Ohio river at Ashland, running thence to the mouth of Big Sandy where it will connect with the Virginia Central Railroad; and some 150 hands are already at work on the line of the Railroad near th new town.

Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, OH.) Thursday, April 20, 1854 [Submitted by Kathy McDaniel]

SALE OF LOTS AT ASHLAND, KY.---The first sale of lots in the new town of Ashland, will take place on the 14th of June next, as will be seen by the advertisement in another place, to which we call attention. Our neighbors down the river predict for this town a rapid prosperity. The Ironton Register says "1860 will see it ahead of any Kentucky town or city on the Ohio river, except Luisville, and the cities opposite Cincinnati.

Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, OH.) Thursday, May 18, 1854 [Submitted by Kathy McDaniel]




THE Kentucky Iron, coal and Manufacturing Company will make their first sale of town lots in the town of Ashland, on Wednesday, the 14th day of June, next.
Ashland, is located in Greenup county, Kentucky, immediately on the Ohio River, at the point where the Lexington and Big Sandy Railroad, first strikes the valley of the Ohio, about five miles below the mouth of Big Sandy River. The location is one of peculiar beauty, and admirably adapted to the building up of a fine city. The river front is fully three miles, and the width nearly a mile. Natural terraces entirely above the highest known floods, nearly equal distant and parralle with the river, run through the whole bottom, rising in gentle succession above each other, and serve as natural avenues which produce a panorama of striking beauty. A finer landing for steamers of the largest class, at any stage of water, cannot be found on the Ohio River.

Under a corps of competent engineers, Ashland has been laid out with reference to all the wants of a large city; with wide streets, and extensive parks, squares for market places, schools, churches, etc., and in fact with every advantage which considerations of utility or taste would suggest.

One great purpose of the Company is to aid and assist in building up Ashland into a large manufacturing town, and to make it the seat and centre of trade, which its centrel position with regard to the great Iron and Coal region of Kentucky and Ohio should and must eventually command. The Company already own about two thousand acres of real estate, one half of which is river bottom, and the other consisting of Coal and Iron lands of the best quality, out of which they have resolved to make the most liberal donations both of sites and coal to respectable companies desirous of engaging in manufacturing.---There are two seems of bituminous coal of superior quality, about 4 feet in thickness each, so that great elements of manufacturing can be furnished at this point at the very cheapest rate, which, together with being in the centre of the Pig Iron market, induces the Company to believe that, at no point can the manufacture of Iron in its various departments be more successfully prosecuted.

In the space of an ordinary advertisement, all of the advantages of the position of Ashland, as a great manufacturing and commercial point cannot be fully set forth, and the company are therefore constrained at present to invite personal inspection, satisfied that the strictest examination will only redound to their great advantage.

In all sales of lots and donations of real estate the company have resolved upon the incorporation of provisions in the conveyances against the sale of spirituous or intoxicating liquors.

The terms of sale will be, one third cash in hand and the balance in two equal payments at one and two years, bearing interest from the day of sale.

A lithograph of the town as laid out may be seen at the office of the company in Ashland, and at the principle river points.

May 18th, 1854.----3w

Gallipolis Journal, (Gallipolis, OH.) Thursday, May 18, 1854

[Submitted by Kathy McDaniel]


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