Kentucky Genealogy and History

Henry County Kentucky

1840 List of Pensioners

Transcribed by Joanne Morgan


Name of Pensioners Age Head of Families who Pensioners Resided Jun 1 1840
Benjamin Haydon 82 Benjamin Haydon
Thomas Bell 81 Thomas Bell
Joshua Wallace 79 John Wallace
Charles Hugeley 80 Charles Hugeley
Archibald Johnston 91 P. Johnston
David Criswell 77 David Criswell
Peter Force 96 J. P. Force
Samuel Hisle 78 Samuel Hisle
David Welch 44 David Welch
William Morgan 78 William Morgan
Darcus Antle 77 no name given
Thomas Wooldridge 89 Thomas Wooldridge
Elisha Bishop 83 Elisha Bishop
Richard Minyard 91 John Minyard
Mary Jevidend 75 Mary Jevidend
Thomas Pettit 76 Thomas Pettit
Jacob List 81 Jacob List
James Johnston 77 James Johnston
William Adams 92 William Adams
Matthias Shuck 84 Matthias Shuck
Jacob Kephart 78 Jacob Kephart
John Martin 80 Mary Browning
George K. Mitchell 77 George K. Mitchell
John Blakemore 78 Lewis Blakemore
James Logan 76 James R. Logan
Rebecca Goode 85 Lemuel Goode
Sarah Powell 83 John Powell
William Simmons 97 William Simmons
Barrack Bryant 99 Barrack Bryant
Thomas Robertson 58 Thomas Robertson
Joseph Davis 77 James Wentworth
Little Berry Wells 79 Little Berry Wells
William Jeffries 77 William Jeffries



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