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1870 Mortality Census Schedule


Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by S. Williams
Persons who died during the year ending 1st June, 1870 in Jackson Co., Kentucky

Fam# Name Age Sex Color Mar'd
Place of birth Father of
Foreign Birth
Mother of
Foreign Birth
Occupation Cause of death
Coyle Precinct No. 3
6 Powell Elizabeth 24 F W M KY     August Keeping House Consumption
6 Powell Humphrey 1 M W   Ky     July   Erysepelas
23 Moyers Julia F. 3 F W   Ky     May   Scrofula
26 Asbill Alice C 2 F W   Ky     Sept   Pneumonia
30 Calloway Louiza 35 F W M Ky     Oct Keeping House Consumption
52 Owens Mary C 11 F W   Ky     April   Accident Fall
65 Collins Eliza E. 1/12 F W   Ky     October   Unknown
103 Parker Belinda 1/12 F W   Ky     April   Unknown
112 Gentry Malen 8/12 M W   Ky     April   Croup
113 Isaacs Isaac 53 M W M Ky     Novemebr Farmer Consumption
Horselick Precinct No. 2
3 Johnson Dillard 1 M W   Ky     November   Croup
8 Jones Nancy J. 28 F W M Ky     October Keeping House Unknown
32 Abrams Stephen W. 1 M W   Ky     October   Pneumonia
33 Jackson Isaac 39 M W M Tn     August Farmer Bronchitis
34 Ricketts Thomas H. 5 M W   Ky     September   Pneumonia
48 Moody Florence 3/12 F W   Ky     June   Jaundice
81 Brock Tillett? 1/12 M W   Ky     September   Unknown
94 Fowler Thomas 3/12 M W   Ky     August   Croup
Kavanaugh Precinct No 4
19 Smith Milly M 9/12 F W   Ky     August   Croup
21 Miller Rachael E. 1/12 F W   Ky     August   Hooping Cough
30 Fowler Jeremiah 10/12 M W   Ky     December   Hooping Cough
49 Ross Louiza 29 F W M Ky     April Keeping House Child Bed Fever
52 McQueen John 1 M W   Ky     July   Eyrsipelas
77 Alcorn Susan J 2/12 F W   Ky     December   Croup
80 Harrison Amanda F. 1/12 F W   Ky     January   Unknown
84 Logsdon Anna 8 F W   Ky     November   Worms Dropsey?
87 Richmond Joseph 75 M W M Virginia     March Farmer Chronic Consumption
99 Lakes Sarah 24 F W M Ky     October Keeping House Child Bed Fever
McKee Precinct No 1
16 Bowles Susan 37 F W M Ky     August Keeping House Dropsy of Abdomen Ascilis
23 Pigg Preston 27 M W ? Ky     April Farm Laborer Ulcer on the back Cancer
53 Isaacs Elias 6 M W   Ky     August   Scrofulous Disease
53 Isaacs James W. 2 M W   Ky     November   Scrofulous Disease
53 Isaacs Clary 1 F W   Ky     September   Scrofulous Disease
92 Sparks Eli L. 3 M W   Ky     March   Eyrsipelas
Pond Creek Precinct No 5
11 Kirby Martha M 1 F W   Ky     December   Worms
28 Moore America J 33 F W M Ky     November Keeping House Dropsy of Abdomen Ascitis
29 Suttles Sarah F. 3/10 F W   Ky     May   Hooping Cough
36 Brewer Milissa 29 F W M Tn     April Keeping House Scrofula
59 McLeed John D. 1 M W   Ky     January   Croup
91 Price Nancy J 1/12 F W   Ky     May   Unknown
100 Brewer Sarah 62 F W W North Carolina     August House Keeper Chronic Consumption
100 Brewer Nancy 39 F W   Tn     Feb Idiot Chronic Consumption
River Precinct No 7
2 Evans John 1/12 M W   Ky     July   Unknown
16 Hymes Joseph 1/12 M W   Ky     September   Unknown
29 Carroll Sarah 2 F W   Ky     August   Whooping Cough
32 Cornelius Emaline 1/12 F W   Ky     June   Whooping Cough
32 Cornelius Perlina 1/12 F W   Ky     June   Whooping Cough
48 Angel Margaret 33 F W M Tn     January Keeping House Spinal Disease
50 Spivy William F. 1/12 M W   Ky     August   Unknown
51 Roberts Elender 30 F W   Ky     June House Keeper Ph??? Consumption
54 Petitt Joseph F. 5 M W   Ky     October   Whooping Cough
Sturgeon Precinct No 6
16 Parsons James N. 1 M W   Ky     July   Dropsey Dis. of the Brain
75 Chesnut ??? Ewing 16 M W   Ky     August Farm Laborer Typhoid Fever
79 Sloan Susan 24 F W M Ky     September House Keeper Chronic Consumption
97 Webb James W 47 M W M Virginia     October Farmer Consumption Chronic
124 Rigsbee Mary E 1 F W   Ky     October   Diphtheria
143 Hurley David 57 M W M Tn     August Farmer Typhoid Fever
187 Huff Mary 2/12 F W   Ky     May   Unknown
198 Minter Sarah I. 2 F W   Ky     June   Hooping Cough


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