Kentucky Genealogy and History

Jefferson County, Kentucky


Achers Cemetery

Fisher-Reid Cemetery

Locke Cemetery

Rocky Hills Cemetery

Adath Jeshurun Cemetery

Flat Rock Cemetery

Lochery Cemetery

Ross Cemetery

Agudath Achim Cemetery

Flat Rock Christian Church

Logan Cemetery

Rudy Graveyard

Allison Family Cemetery

Flat Rock Rd

Long Run Baptist Church Cem

St. Andrews Cemetery

Anderson Family Cemetery

Floyd - Breckinridge Cemetery

Louisville Cemetery

St. Edward's Cemetery

Anshei Sfard Cemetery

Floyds Fork Burying Ground

Louisville Memorial Gardens East and West

St John's Cemetery

Applegate Cemetery

Forest Home Cemetery

Louisville Memorial Park
(now part of Memorial Gardens West)

St. Louis Cemetery

Arterburn Cemetery

Forwood-Potts Cemetery

Maddox Cemetery

St. Michaels Cemetery

Bate Family Burial Ground

Frederick Private Cemetery

Manslick Cemetery

St. Stephen's Cemetery

Beard-Buckner-Gilliland Graveyard

Funk Cemetery

Markwell Cemetery

Sanders-Balee Family Cem

Bechtold-Snyder Cemetery

Gagel Family Cemetery

Marrett Cemetery

Schardein Cemetery

Beerwarth Cemetery

Garr Family Cemetery

McCawley Cemetery

Simcoe Cemetery

Bell Cemetery

Gaunt Cemetery

McDaniel Cemetery

Scoggan Cemetery

Berrytown Cemetery

German Reformed Presb. Cem.

McNutt Cemetery

Seaton - Mills Family Cemetery

Bethany Memorial Cemetery

Gilmore/Beeler Cemetery

Meriwether Family Cemetery

Seebolt Family Cemetery

Beth Haven Cemetery

Gist Cemetery

Middletown Cemetery

Shackleford Cemetery

Bethlehem Presbyterian Cemetery

Goolsby - Elder Family Cemetery

Mill Creek Cemetery

Shively Family Cemetery

Blankenbaker Family Cemetery

Graham Cemetery

Mills or Seaton Family Cem

Slack Family Cemetery

Blankenbaker Cemetery

Grasch Cemetery

Miller-Woodsmall Graveyard

Smith Family Cemetery

Breckinridge Cemetery

Gray Cemetery (Fort George)

Miller Cemetery

Smoot Family Cemetery

Bridwell Family Cemetery

Green Meadows Memorial Cem

Miller - Alsop Cemetery

Smyrna Baptist Church Cem

Brown Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery

Mitchell Family Cemetery

Snyder Family Cemetery

Brown-Lawrence Family Cemetery

Grove Cemetery

Mix Family Cemetery

South Jefferson Cemetery

Broyles-Cavender Cemetery

Hall Graveyard

Moody Family Cemetery

Speed Cemetery

Bullitt Family Cemetery

Harbold Cemetery

Moore Family Cemetery

Springdale Burying Ground

Burks Family Cemetery

Harrods Creek Cemetery

Morse Family Graveyard

Standiford Cemetery

Calvary Cemetery

Hause Family Cemetery

Mt. Holly Methodist Cemetery

Standiford Family Cemetery

Camp Cemetery

Hawes Cemetery

Mt. Zion Lutheran Cemetery

Steel Cemetery

Campground Cemetery

Heafer Family Cemetery

Murray Family Cemetery

Stilwell Cemetery

Cave Hill Cemetery

Herbert Cemetery

Netherton-Rutledge Cemetery

Stivers Family Cemetery

Old Cane Run Methodist Cemetery

Herr Cemetery 1

Newburg Christian Cemetery

Stowers Cemetery

Cane Run Presbyterian Cemetery

Herr Cemetery 2

Nicholson Family Cemetery

Swindler Cemetery

Cedar Grove Cemetery

Herr Cemetery 3

O'Bannon-Williamson Cem

Taylor Family Burial Ground

Central State Hospital Cemetery

Highland Baptist Church Cem.

Samuel Oldham Burial Ground

The Temple Brith Shalom Cem

Chenoweth Run Cemetery

Hikes Family Cemetery

Ormsby Graveyard

Temple Shalom

Chrisler Cemetery

Hillcrest Cemetery

Owens Cemetery

Terry Cemetery

Churchman Cemetery

Hite Family Cemeteries

Oxmoor Family Cemetery

Thompson Cemetery

Clark Cemetery

Hobbs Chapel Burial Ground

Parks Cemetery

Trowell Cemetery

Coffey Family Cemetery

Hopewell Presb.Church Cem

Pauley Cemetery

Tunnel Hill Cemetery

Confederate Cemetery

Horine Cemetery

Pearce-Taylor Cemetery

Edward Tyler Family Cemetery

Conn Family Cemetery

Jacob Park Cemetery

Pendleton Cemetery

William Tyler Family Cemetery

Cooper Cemetery

Jefferson Street Cemetery

Penn Run

U of L

Coral Ridge Cemetery

Jeffersontown Church of Christ

Pewee Valley Cemetery

Vanarsdale Cemetery

Country Home Cemetery

Jeffersontown Cemetery

Penn Run Memorial Park

Vance Cemetery

Crask-Hobbs Families Cemetery

Jeffersontown Evangelical Cem

Phillips Durrett and Clark Cem

Waddell-Watson Cemetery

Crune Cemetery

Jeffersontown Lutheran Cemetery

Phillips Burial Ground

Walden Cemetery

Davis Family Graveyard

Johnson-Sale Cemetery

Pope Cemetery

Walker Cemetery

Day Cemetery

Jones Cemetery

Portland Cemetery

Waller Cemetery

Deatherage-Stivers Cemetery

Joyce Cemetery

Postlethwaite Cemetery

James Ward Cemetery

Dorsey-Barbour Cemetery

Kalfus Family Cemetery

Pound Family Cemetery # 1

Welsh Cemetery

Duncan Family Cemetery

Kellar, Abraham Cemetery

Pound Family Cemetery # 2

Western Cemetery

Eastern Cemetery

Kellar, Moses Cemetery

Prather Cemetery

Whips Cemetery

Eastview Church of Christ Cem

Kendall Family Cemetery

Prince Family Cemetery

Whites Cemetery

Easum Family Cemetery

Keneseth Israel Cemetery

Quessenberry Cemetery

Weird Cemetery

Ebbs Cemetery

Kennedy Graveyard

Quillman Cemetery

Williams Family Cemetery

Ellingsworth-Frederick Cemetery

King Cemetery

Quillman-Gutermuth Cemetery

Wilcox-Clore Cemetery

Evergreen Cemetery

Knob Creek Cemetery

Quillman Hill Cemetery

Wilson Cemetery

Fairmont Cemetery

Lawrence Family Graveyard

Resthaven Memorial Park

Worthington Cemetery

Farnsley Cemetery

Lee Cemetery

Risinger Cemetery

Yewell Cemetery

Fey Family Cemetery

Lewis Family Cemetery

River Valley Cemetery

Zachary Taylor National Cemetery

Finley Cemetery

Lightfoot Cemetery

Robb Family Cemetery



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