Kentucky Genealogy and History

Laurel County Kentucky



Source: photocopies from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
transcribed & submitted by Peggy Thompson

DNB -Died, non battle  DOW -Died of wounds
FOD -Finding of death  KIA -Killed in action
CPL - Corporal  LT - Lieutenant
JG - Junior grade  PFC - Private First Class
PVT - Private  SGT - Sargeant
SSGT - Staff Sargeant  TEC - Technician


Andes Fernleigh D 35130841 S SG KIA
Asher William J 35673430 S SG KIA
Baker Harry J 35791106 PVT DNB
Baker James E 35709818 PFC DNB
Bates Robert 35125115 PVT DNB
Begley James E 35661754 PVT KIA
Bowling Edward N 35816405 PVT FOD
Bowling Loren 35123942 PVT FOD
Burkhart Estill 7041225 CPL DNB
Caldwell Lewis 35668542 PFC KIA
Clark Robert D 15066105 CPL DNB
Cochrane George A 35807536 PVT KIA
Cornett Wathan E 35086842 PVT KIA
Cornn Opal E 20543287 CPL DNB
Dees James C 35807642 PVT KIA
Elza Junior R 35790932 PVT DNB
Eversole Boyd 35676623 PVT DNB
Farris James 15115277 CPL KIA
Farris Presley E 35128655 T SG DNB
Ferguson Jerry E 15057367 PFC FOD
Finley Pearl 35706517 PVT DNB
Gilliam Blane 35267997 PFC KIA
Gregory James R 35463319 PVT KIA
Gregory Robert D 35878565 S SG KIA
Harville Audly 35128524 TEC4 DNB
Hendrix Paul 35707654 S SG M
Hibbard George 35668406 PFC KIA
Hibbitts Jesse W 35709711 PFC KIA
Hodge James 35661747 PVT DNB
Holmes Arthur W 35264068 CPL DOW
Hopkins Randall W 35469857 PFC KIA
Hubbard Homer R 35264086 Tec5 KIA
Hunt Virgil O 35706533 PFC KIA
Hurley Achillus G 35680730 PFC KIA
Irvin Leo H 35469873 PFC KIA
Johnson Guy C 6987031 SGT KIA
Johnson Jeff Jr 1041905 1 LT DOW
Johnson William O 35807744 PVT KIA
Lake Daniel 35807686 PFC KIA
Langley Clyde E 35707685 PVT KIA
Love George K 35115556 PVT KIA
Mason Raymond A 35707655 PFC KIA
Masters Normal L 6662418 PFC KIA
McDowell Paul E 35815566 PFC KIA
McKnight John 35707679 PVT KIA
Messer Sanford 35668393 PFC KIA
Miller Troy R 15054835 PFC KIA
Morgan Daniel E 7040522 SGT FOD
Muster Henry J 1686420 2 LT KIA
Neiderman Julius Jr 35457002 PFC FOD
Owens Bert 35668396 PFC DNB
Parsley Gilbert E 15326222 TEC5 KIA
Quinlan Willie C 35807654 PVT KIA
Rice Clarence R 35264084 PVT DNB
Riley William W 35134745 PFC DOW
Robinson Warren 35706787 PFC KIA
Sasser James E 0-670437 2 LT DNB
Smith Brady 35802184 TEC5 DNB
Smith Carl E 15040839 PVT DOW
Smith Sam 35469938 PFC KIA
Stewart Robert B 35807639 PVT KIA
Thomas Roscoe 35706543 PFC KIA
Wilburn Harold L 35264076 PFC DOW
Williams Clarence 35463309 PFC KIA
Woodall Otto 35796938 PVT KIA


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