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Cemetery Name Longitude Latitude Map
Adams Cemetery 380613N 0824741W Blaine
Adkins Cemetery 380647N 0824308W Adams
Alley Cemetery 380729N 0823827W Adams
Bishop Cemetery 380103N 0825301W Mazie
Boggs Cemetery 380856N 0825429W Willard
Bolts Cemetery 381532N 0824146W Boltsfork
Brown Cemetery      
Busseyville United Methodist Church Cemetery 380410N 0824015W Adams
Carter Cemetery 380344N 0824544W Blaine
Cartmill Cemetery 380233N 0823514W Louisa
Coburn Cemetery 381255N 0824827W Webbville
Cordle Cemetery 380052N 0824658W Blaine
Crabtree Cemetery 380808N 0824747W Webbville
Curnutte Cemetery 380203N 0824836W Blaine
Dave Boggs Cemetery 380450N 0825250W Mazie
Dobyns Cemetery 380133N 0825552W Mazie
Edwards Cemetery 380124N 0825222W Blaine
Emerson-Stratton Cemetery 380311N 0823641W Louisa
Franklin Cemetery 380141N 0823510W Louisa
Greenlawn Cemetery 380626N 0823703W Louisa
Griffith Cemetery 380134N 0825042W Blaine
Hammond Cemetery 380936N 0824721W Webbville
Hammond Cemetery 375822N 0823324W Milo
Hardin Cemetery 380229N 0823746W Adams
Harmon Cemetery      
Hay Cemetery 380138N 0825745W Mazie
Hayes Cemetery 380024N 0824530W Blaine
Hensley Cemetery 380858N 0825318W Willard
Howell Cemetery 381303N 0824803W Webbville
Hutchison Cemetery 380550N 0824056W Adams
James C Webb Cemetery 380947N 0825038W Webbville
Jason Boggs Cemetery 380424N 0825408W Mazie
Jordan Cemetery 381104N 0824616W Webbville
KC Family Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Kinner Cemetery 381103N 0823635W Prichard
Leadman Cemetery 380823N 0824753W Webbville
Little Cemetery 380109N 0823141W Louisa
Marvin Sparks Cemetery 375821N 0824943W Sitka
Maynard Cemetery 380133N 0823148W Louisa
McClure Cemetery 380058N 0823713W Louisa
McIntier Cemetery 381522N 0823941W Boltsfork
Miller Cemetery 380356N 0823653W Louisa
Miller Cemetery 380417N 0823656W Sideview
Moore Cemetery 380059N 0824501W Blaine
Moore Cemetery 380354N 0824343W Adams
Patton Memorial Cemetery 381159N 0823952W Fallsburg
Pine Hill Cemetery 380647N 0823655W Louisa
Preece Cemetery 380555N 0823613W Louisa
Prince Cemetery 380439N 0824353W Adams
Ran Boggs Cemetery 380351N 0825307W Mazie
Rice Cemetery 380034N 0825435W Mazie
Sammons Cemetery 375840N 0822921W Webb
See Cemetery 380505N 0823510W Louisa
Shady Grove Cemetery 380721N 0824647W Blaine
Shannon Cemetery 380221N 0823944W Adams
Smith Chapel Church Cemetery 380940N 0835350W Sharpsburg
Smoky Valley Cemetery 380524N 0823846W Adams
Sparks Cemetery 380045N 0825458W Mazie
Sparks Cemetery 380137N 0825604W Mazie
Sparks Cemetery 380143N 0825126W Blaine
Swetnam Cemetery 380210N 0825055W Blaine
Taylor Cemetery 380137N 0823300W Louisa
Taylor Cemetery 381310N 0824607W Webbville
Thompson Cemetery 380852N 0824937W Webbville
Thompson Cemetery 380943N 0824538W Webbville
Vinson Cemetery 380211N 0823223W Louisa
Webb Cemetery 381339N 0824729W Webbville
Webbville Cemetery 381025N 0825226W Webbville
Williams Cemetery 380333N 0825240W Mazie
Young Cemetery 380450N 0824906W Blaine



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