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Court Abstracts (1808 - 1835)

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Source: History of Lewis County, Kentucky (1912) Author: Ragan, O. G

Publisher: Cincinnati, Ohio : Jennings and Graham


Court of January 1808. Anna McKenzie was app. Guardian of Thomas, Anna, Sally, Alexander S., and Hanna H. McKenzie,

Her children and orphans of Alexander McKenzie, diseased.

The death of John Thompson is noted in this court.

October Term 1812. The name of David Johnson in a probate to his last will and testament appears in October court.

Whether he is progenitor of the large family of that name is for them to determine.

June Term 1813. On June 28, Israel Thomas was appointed administrator of the estate of George Halbert, diseased.

September 1815. Mr. Henry C. Bruce died, as we find on the order book where Polly Bruce relinquished her right to become

administratrix And John Bruce and John Morgan were appointed.

September term 1816. The last will of William Graham was presented with James and William Barkley as witnesses,

and Robert Robb and George Fearis as executors named. George Maple and James Rowland were app. appraisers of the

property. These parties all lived on Cabin creek.

September Term 1820. The last will of William Cottingham was admitted to probate and his wife Polly was named as executrix

with George Thomas, Stephen Halbert and John Halbert as securities.

December 1820. Thomas Marshall's estate was valued in a court assessment at $34, 600.Thomas Marshall had married

the widow of John Boyd.

December term 1821. John Chambers was a witness to the will of Augustine Cowne .

May Term 1823. Hannah Johnson having married William Williamson was being released from being the executor of the estate

of David Johnson, her former husband.

July term 1823. Alsea Victor and Stephen Halbert were appointed administrators of the estate of William B Victor, deceased.

October 1823. Josuah Easham was appointed administrator of the estate of Alex. McDaniel. 

April term 1824. Harry Parker, being sixteen years of age selected Mr. Plummer Thomas as his guardian.

February term 1825. The last will and testament of Moses Irwin was proven by John Boyd and John Irwin, and Betsy Irwin

and John Irwin were appointed executors. They gave bond with Caleb Richards as security, and had Samuel Hampton, Jacob

Myers, John Fry and Thomas Thompson appointed as appraisers of the property.

July Term 1825. James Lane Pitts and Samuel Campbell Pitts were appointed executors of the will of William Pitts.

April Term 1826. William Nicholls was granted the administration of the Estate of William Powell with Geo Means and

Thomas Marshall security.

January Term 1827. The death of Marmaduke Swearingin is noted, and Polly, his widow appointed as his administretrix .

James Swearingin and Alfred , children over 15 years choose Aaron Stratton as their guardian.

Alexander Bruce's wife, Amanda Bragg, daughter of Thomas Bragg, who died intestate moved the court for commissioners

to assign her interest in his estate.

February Term 1827. The children and heirs of Anderson Garland viz: Robert B, Cynthia Ann and Anderson N Garland chose

G. W. Bruce as their Guardian.

January Term of Court of 1829. .- The last will of Francis Henderson was admitted to probate and proven by Joseph Taylor and

James Dickson.

April Term 1829. - The settlement of Motley M. Morrison's estate was ordered.

The last will of Susanna Thomas was proven by James McClain and William McEldowney.

May Term 1829. - David Polly died intestate, and his wife, Elizabeth, and his father, David Polly, were granted administration.

William Barkley was appointed guardian for the children of John Hendrickson.

July Term 1829. - Barton Palmer was appointed one of the commissioners to examine and settle the estate of Thomas Bragg;

but he was afterward released and another appointed in his stead.

August Term 1829. - James Fyffe died intestate, and administration was granted his wife, Nancy, with Wm. Watkins, J. P. Savage,

and Thomas Grover as her securities on a bond of five thousand dollars. In November Nancy married Joseph Watkins, and her

securities moved the court for counter securities.

October Term 1829. - Robert Grant died intestate, and F. R. Singleton was appointed administrator.

February Term of Court of 1830. - Robert Bagby, Jr., chose Mathew Thompson as his guardian.

April Term 1830. - Abe Hunt made counter claim against Thomas Marshall for the maintenance of John Dredden and wife, for

whom the court had granted Marshall an order on the sheriff, and it was ordered the sheriff retain said money in his hands till a

settlement was effected with Mr. Marshall. The money was afterward paid to Mr. Hunt.

William Lloyd bought the dower of Mary Kennard in the estate of William Kennard and prayed for a division of the property.

July Term 1830. - Willis Bagby was appointed guardian for William and John Bagby, infant heirs of Robt. Bagby, deceased.

August Term 1830. - Last will of Ruth Burris was proven by Jno. P. Savage and Barton Lee, subscribing witnesses. Richard Taylor,

Nesbit Taylor, William Watkins, and Thomas Boggs, appraisers.  

September Term 1830. - Alexander Bruce was ordered to take care of Anges Ruffner, who was sick at his house, and mentally

deranged, and to employ medical aid for him; and if no friends came to pay his bills, to report the same to the court.

December Term 1830. - The last will of Thomas Kukins was probated, with Thos. Y. Payne and John M. Roulston witnesses.

April Term. 1831. - Abednego Hunt was allowed fifty dollars for keeping his mother-in-law, Mrs. Dredden.

January Term of Court of 1832. The last will of Thomas Mackey was probated, and Thomas Mackey and William Kelly were executors.

July Term 1832. - John Hunter chose Elijah H. Thomas as his guardian.

(Elijah H. Thomas, above mentioned, was the father of Judge G. M. Thomas, of Vanceburg.)

February Term of Court of 1834. - The following rather peculiar, though perhaps valuable, record was made in the order book of

the Lewis County Court: "The following persons are the only heirs of James P. Savage, deceased:

Pleasant M. Savage, James Savage, John P. Savage, Francis Asbury Savage, Samuel P. Savage, William P. Savage,

Mary Jane Johnson, late Mary Stout, the daughter and only child of Sally Stout, who, previous to her marriage, was Sally Savage

and the daughter of the above-named James Savage, deceased; and James A. Frizzell, Alexander Frizzell, and Margaret Frizzell,

children of Polly W. Frizzell, deceased, who was, previous to her marriage, Polly W. Savage and the daughter of the above named

James P. Savage, deceased."

May Term. 1834. - Jacob Staily died intestate, and his widow, Susan Staily, was granted the administration.

The last will of David Davis was proven by John Kelly and Samuel Spencer.

September Term 1834. - The last will of James Graham was proven in part by Joshua Graham, and laid over for further proof.

October Term 1834. - George Conway was granted the administration of the estate of Richard Conway.

January Term of Court of 1835.- Larkin Liles, of Lower Kinny, died between the December term of 1834 and the January term of

1835, as is evidenced by an account brought into the latter term in relation to him.

March Term 1835. - This term was principally taken up by suits against Thompson N. Stratton, administrator of the estate of Aaron

Stratton, deceased; but it seems that Mr. Stratton got out "on top" in most of the cases, even if "Socrates Holbrook was against him."

The last will of John Means was admitted to probate with Amos Means as executor.

Henry Halbert's property was administered by John Halbert.


May Term 1835. - William Kellum was granted the administration of the intestate property of Richard Kellum.

King D. McClain took the administration of the estate of William Mackaboy, upon the refusal of Francis Feagans and Willoughby

Flinn, his nearest of kin, to qualify.



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