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Source: Register of the Kentucky State Historical Society ...,
Volume 12, Issue 34 By Kentucky State Historical Society, 1914


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Harlan, Silas. 1-7-1780 - 1-22-1783. Legatees: brothers, Jehu, Elijah, James. "Due me from 'Stephen Harlan of my father's estate. Executors bro. James. Witnesses: Jeremiah Briscoe, Charles Ferguson, Jacob Harlan. Page 2.

Hart, Nathaniel. 6-27-1782 - 1-22-1783. Legatees: "my nine children," Kezie Thompson, Susannah, Simpson, Nathaniel, John, Mary Ann, Cumberland, Chinai, and Thomas Bichard Green Hart; wife; provision for posthumous child. Executors: wife Sarah, sons Simspon, Nathaniel, bros. David, Thomas. Wit.: William Calk, Nicholas George, Nicholas Anderson. Page 4.

Lindsay, Joseph. 7-11-1782 - 1-21-1783. Leg.: wife Ann; Joseph Lindsay, Jr., son of William; Fulton Thompson; bro. Arthur. Estate: money due for public services; due from Samuel Lindsay; grant to Fulton Lindsay for which testator owes Fulton L., Jr. Exrs.: wife, bro. William. Wit.: John Kennedy, John Bay. Page 6.

McBride, William. 10-3-1781 - 1-21-1783. Leg.: wife Martha, sons William, Lapsley; daus., Sarah, Martha, Elizabeth, Mary. Exrs.: wife, John Lapsley, James Davis.  Est.: slaves from Hubbert Taylor, land for John Mclntire, etc. Page 7.

Badcliffe, Charles. 11-13-1780 - 2-20-1781. Leg.: wife, three children. Exr.: Daniel Radcliff. Wit.: Azor Bees, Thomas Moore, Joseph Scott. Page 9.

Berry, James. 3-10-1781 - 1-15-1782. Leg.: dau. Elizabeth, wife wills. Christina, provision for posthumous child, stepson John Willson. Exrs.: wife, Ebenezer Miller, John Smith. Wit.: Jno. Kearrill, Sam'l Dennis, Thomas Denton. Page 9.

Hicks, William X. 8-4-1780 - 5-15-1781. Leg.: oldest son John, second son William, wife Agnes, the rest of my children. Exrs.: wife, William Cleery. Wit.: James Davis, William Young, Samuel Gordon. Page 10.

Swan, John, 7-12-1780 - 2-18-1783. Leg. sons John, Joel, Thomas; posthumous child; daus. Elizabeth, Lettis; wife. Exrs.: wife, Bichard Swan, Jacob Vanmatree. Wit.: Mary X. Hinton, Rebekah Bowling, Margaret X. Haycraft. Page 11.

Stewart, William. 8-25-1781 - 1-21-1783. Leg.: father, bro. Robert, sis. Hanna, Mary. Exrs.: James Hunter, John Smith, William McBride. Page 19.

McMurtry, John. "of Ciantuekey county." 7-7-1780 - 2-18-1782. Leg.: father "land at a spring cald William McMurtry's;" son James, property at Holston; sons Samuel, William (under age); wife Mary; Wit.: John Hutton, James Hutton, William McMurtry. Page 35.

Froman, Paul. 4-28-1783 - 5-20-1783. Leg.: wife Elizabeth; sons Paul, Jacob; my daughters; my daughters that is deceast * * to there husbands or children. Exr.: son Jacob. Wit.: John X. Gritton, John Summit, John Woolman, Christian Samet. Page 46.

Gillas, William. 4-2-1783 - 4-21-1784. Leg.:bro. Thomas; William son of Thomas Gillas; Elizabeth Cathers; friend Edward Cathers. No Exr. Wit.:John Jameson, James Scott. Page 64.

Henry, John X. 12-13-1779 - 8-19-1783. Of Sullivant co., N. C, Leg.: five children, Samuel, Thomas, James, Jesse, John; wife Mary. Est.: land for serving a soldier to the Elinois in the year 1778; etc. Exr.: bro. Hugh Henry. Wit.: Ben Porter, David Gwin, David Henry. Page 66.

Bowman, John. 2-5-1784 - 8-17-1784. Leg.: wife Elizabeth; son John; bros. Abraham, Isaac, siss. Mary Stephens, Elizabeth Ruddle, Sarah Wright, Reginer Durley, Rebeccah Brinker. Exrs.: wife, bros. Abraham, Isaac. Wit.: Joseph Love, James Cox, Richard Foley, Wilson Maddox. Page 72.

Carpenter, John. 11-19-1784 - 2-15-1785. Leg.: wife Elizabeth, son George, daus. Margaret, Mary, my three children, bros. Adam, George. Exrs.: wife, Conrod Carpenter, Adam Carpenter. Wit.: James Coppedge, John Litter, Isaac Shelby. Page 83.

Potts, John. 10-28-1783 -6-211785. Leg. wife Naomi; son David; dau. Sarah Burks; grandson John, son of Amoss Potts. Exrs.: son David, friend Thomas Harbeson. Wit.: James MeColluck, Margaret X. Harbeson, William Shaw. Page 98.

Bulger, Edward. 8-21-1782 - 1-21-1783. Leg.: bro. Daniel; friend Joseph Jones; friend Abram James; Capt. John Smith; Jonathan Drake; Thomas Guess. Wit.: John Read, Henry French, William Crow. Page 99.

Gordon, James. 11-16-1784 - 719-1785. Leg.: wife; all my children. Exrs.: wife, Martin Nail, Edward Darneby. Wit.: Edmund Ware, Henry Nixon, Seuky Ware, Edward Darneby. Page 104.

Langford, Joseph. 9-1-1783 - 7-20-1785. Leg.: wife; my children Joseph, youngest dau. Sarah, my other children. Exrs.: wife, James Brown. Wit.: James Curry, Daniel Brown, Edward Taylor. Page 106.

Shiell, Hugh. 8-24-1782 - 11-151785. Leg.: wife Anne; friend John Hunter; my dau. who was born on the 19th of this month of August, who is not yet christened but is to be named Catherine Harris; wife's father John Harris, Esq., dec'd, of Buck's co., Pa. Exr.: wife. Wit.: Geo. Muter, Mary W. Faunt Le Roy, Thomas Lowrie. Page 121.

Duncan, Andrew. 3-25-1784 - 2-21-1786. Leg.: sis. Elizabeth Buchanan's son Andrew; sis. Mary Craig's son James; sis. Jenny Edmiston's son Andrew; sis. Jean McKinney's dau. Jenny; sis. Florence Brownlee's dan. Jenny. Exrs.: John Edmiston, John McKinney. Wit.: Wm. Edmiston, Robert Harreld, John Buchanan. Page 130.

Yoakam, Matthias X. 1-29-1780 - 2-18-1783. Leg.: wife Eleanor; son Felty Yoakam's oldest son George; other children married except youngest son George. Exrs.: Wife, son George. Wit.: William Walton, Peter Deyerle, Peter Keeney. Page 148.

Williams, Giles. 11-28-1787 - 6-17-1788. Leg.: wife Sarah; three children, Sarah, Nancy, and Lizza Williams. Exrs.: John Jones, George Stowbauld Smith. Wit.: William Hamilton, Philip Thurman, John Fields. Page 152.

Logan, James. 5-23-1787 - 7-151788. Leg.: wife Martha; children, James, Matthew, Hugh, David, Jonathan, Charles, Martha; son Robert Allison; friend Benjamin Logan. Exrs.: son Matthew, Benjamin Logan. Wit.: Alexander Gaston, William Main, Mary X. Gaston. Page 156.

Chapman, Edward. 7-26-1788 - 9-16-1788. Leg.: four children, Edward, William, Lewis, Sally; wife. No. exrs. Wit.: Isaac Faris, Benjamin Talbert, Jerusha Lovas, Danile Chapman. Page 158.

Ball, Edward. 9-29-1788 - 10-211788. Leg.: children, William, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah Baley; wife Elizabeth; Shadrack Chave. Exrs.: wife, son William. Wit.: Joseph Helm, Wm. Marshall, David X. White. Page 159.

Floyd, David. 9-12-1787 - 12-16-1788. Leg.: wife Sarah; sons, Benjamin, George, John, David; my two daus., Mary, Gracey; granddau., Mary Singleton, dau. of dau. Sally S., dec'd. Exrs.: sons Benjamin, George, John. Wit.: John Bryant, Robert Singleton, Nathan Lamme. Page 165.

Slade, Stephen. 2-26-1789-4-21-1789. Leg.: wife Anne; daus. Margaret, Mary. Exrs.: wife, William Walton of Cumberland. Wit.: I. Manire, Andrew Oliver, Joseph X. Horn. Page 170.

Smith, Henry. 12-9-1788 - 9-15-1789. Leg.: sons, Henry, Liberty; wife Margaret; daus., Elizabeth, Leddy Duff, Sarah St. Tour; stepson Henry Garret; dau. Cloe Deal. Exrs.: Samuel Taylor, Edmund & Christopher Smith. Wit.; John Bryant, George Douglass, Ezekiel X.Lacefield. Page 178.

Montgomery, Robert. 5-15-1789 - 3-16-1790. Leg.: wife Mary; John Simpson; sons, Joseph, James, William, Thomas, Samuel, Robert. "My beaver hat & house bible" to James. Exrs.: sons James, William, Samuel. Wit.: John Montgomery, Nathaniel Evins, Samuel Montgomery. Page 183

Berry, John. 8-10-1789 - 7-20-1790. Leg.: two sons, James, William; daus., Betsy, Polly, Sally, Hannah, Peggy, Jane; two sons, Joseph, John; wife Hannah. Exr.: wife. Wit.: James Piggot, James Kerr, Isaac Fallis. Page 189.

Cassey, John. 4-28-1790 - 7-20-1790. Leg.: wife Margaret; children, William, James, Agnes, Marthew. Exr.: friend Hugh Logan. Wit.: John Magill, Hannah Barry, Ester Dougherty. Page 189.

Hannah, Alexander. 7-21-1785 - 9-21-1790. Leg.: wife Isable; sis., Elizabeth Wylie, Jean Moffet, Margaret Galbraith; children; bro. John Hanna. Exrs.: wife, Eobert Moffett. Wit.: James Davis, Hugh Galbraith, Robert Moor. Page 191.

Bowdery, Samuel. 5-1-1789 - 12-21-1790. Leg.: wife Elizabeth; two youngest daus. Jemimah, Martha; Exrs.: son James, wife. Wit.: John Bailey, Francis Cutting. Page 191.



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