Kentucky Genealogy and History

Madison County Kentucky

1840 Pensioners

Transcribed by Joanne Morgan


Name of Pensioners Age Head of Families who Pensioners Resided Jun 1 1840
John Crook 74 Kiah Crook
Rober Covington 77 Robert Covington
Richard Oliver 87 Isaac Oliver
Joseph Todd 81 Joseph Todd
Robert Burnside 80 Robert Burnside
Samuel Walkup 82 Samuel Walkup
Thomas Morris 80 Thomas Morris
John Hunter, Sr. 78 John Hunter, Sr.
William Kindred 80 William Kindred
Jacob Dooly 86 Jacob Dooly
Thomas Mason 74 Thomas Mason
Jesse Oglesby 76 Jesse Oglesby
Henry Duke 81 Henry Duke
Joseph Kennedy 81 Joseph Kennedy
Yelverton Peyton 86 Yelverton Peyton
Richard Gentry 77 Richard Gentry
Thomas Becknell 77 Thomas Becknell
John Cook 81 Hezekiah Cook
Joseph Watson 86 William Watson
Thomas Dunbar 80 Thomas Dunbar
Isham Lane 82 Isham Lane
Loftus Pullin 80 Loftuf Pullin
Nathan Gutherage 76 Nathaniel Gutherage
Gabriel Duncan 80 Gabriel Duncan
Mary Barnett 77 James B. Miller
John Ross 78 David P. Ross
George Tennal 89 George Tennal
John Wood 44 John Wood
James Cooly 80 William Cooly
John Land, Sr. 86 John Lane, Sr.
Ralph Magee, Sr. 86 Ralph Magee, Sr.
Anthony Purkins 76 Anthony Purkins
Richard Harris 78 Richard Harris


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