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(From Original Records)
Harrison, William and Peggy Miller, 25 May, 1786, Lincoln Co.
Harrison, John and Mary Ann Johnston, 24 May, 1787, Jefferson Co.
Harrison, Elizabeth and Thomas Fletcher, 14 July, 1789, Lincoln Co.
Harrison, Mary and John Woods, 14 May, 1792, Jefferson Co.
Harrison, Rev. Joseph C. and Sophia Rice, 22 Oct., 1818, Covington
Harrison, Carter H. and Caroline E. Russell, 31 June [sic], 1822, Fayette Co.
Harrison, Virginia and David Castleman, 10 Oct., 1824, Lexington
Harrison, Henry and Polly McKinsey, 19 Oct., 1835, Clark Co.

Logan, Betsy and Hugh McCreery, 1 July, 1795, Franklin Co. Ky.
Logan, David and Nancy Thurman, 17 June, 1790, Lincoln Co., Ky.
Logan, David and Polly Trigg, 24 May, 1799, Franklin Co., Ky.
Logan, Elizabeth and David Stephenson, 9 April, 1791, Lincoln Co., Ky.
Logan, Elizabeth and Edward L. Harris, 20 December, 1797, Franklin Co., Ky.
Logan, Elizabeth and Robert Logan, 18 July, 1843, Shelbyville, Ky.
Logan, Henry and Mary C. Walker, 19 August, 1873, Adair Co., Ky.
Logan, James and Mary Logan, 16 November, 1792, Lincoln Co., Ky.
Logan, Rev. James H. and Mary Venable, September, 1834, Shelby Co., Ky.
Logan, Jean and Jesse Wilson, 29 April, 1800, Franklin Co., Ky.
Logan, John and Dorcas McKinley, 26 Franklin, 1791, Lincoln Co., Ky.
Logan, John S. and Emma Cotton, 20 November, 1862, Woodford Co., Ky.
Logan, Jona and Frances Thurmond, 24 September, 1792, Lincoln Co., Ky.
Logan, Joseph M. and Sophia B. Rossington, 13 May, 1888, Hopkinsville, Ky.
Logan, Laura A. and Arthur W. Walker, 2 March, 1879, Adair Co., Ky.
Logan, Martha and Samuel Gibbs, 11 July, 1792, Lincoln Co., Ky.
Logan, Mary and James Logan, 16 November, 1792, Lincoln, Ky.
Logan, Mary and Otho Beatty, 15 July, 1798, Franklin Co., Ky.
Logan, Matthew and Dicey Thurman, 22 July, 1790, Lincoln, Ky.
Logan, Nathaniel and Judith Wilson, 16 January, 1787, Lincoln Co., Ky.
Logan, Polly and John Bryan, 4 January, 1798, Franklin Co., Ky.
Logan, Rebecca and James Boyd, 27 February, 1802, Franklin Co., KY.
Logan, Robert and Elizabeth J. Logan, 18 July, 1843, Shelbyville, Ky.
Logan, Stephen T. and America T. Bush, 25 June, 1823, Glasgow, Ky.
Logan, Theodosia and Christopher Tompkins, 13 May, 1806, Franklin Co., Ky.
Logan, Thomas and Frances Sublett, 18 March, 1834, Woodford Co., Ky.
Logan, William G. And Mary A. Banton, 3-21-1837, Madison Co. Ky.
Black, Daniel and Elizabeth Deem, 25 April, 1802, Boone Co., Ky.

Arthur U. Boone and Edie B. Cooke, 30 April, 1891. Bowling Greene. Ky.
Hannah Boone and Moses Boone, 20 December, 1786. Jefferson Co.
Jere Boone and Joyce Neville, 9 May, 1787. Lincoln Co.
John Boone and Mary Morris, 6 December, 1791. Jefferson Co.
Moses Boone and Hannah Boone, 20 December, 1786. Jefferson Co.
Rachel Roone and Alexander Mansfield, 6 December, 1787. Jefferson Co.
Sarah Boone and John Wilcox, 1 March, 1790. Jefferson Co.
Cosby, Ellen B. and John L. Carpenter, 21 November, 1850, Bardstown, Ky.

[Source Citation: Genealogy: A Journal of American Ancestry, Volumes 6-7, 1916-1917;
Edited by William Montgomery Clemens]


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