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Obituaries and Death Notices

John Robert Altmeyer
MAYSVILLE, Ky., Oct. 19. – John Robert Altmeyer, 21 years old, only son of Editor John Altmeyer, of the Daily Bulletin, this city, and Mrs. Altemeyer, died here this morning at the home of his parents. He had been ill from tuberculosis for more than three years and was thought to have been improving when he was taken with a cold early this year, which finally caused his death. [Lexington Herald (20 Oct. 1916) transcribed by FoFG MZ]

John Atherton
Yourself and family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of John Atherton, from the residence of his father, Mr. O. Atherton, on Second Street, to-morrow afternoon, at 2 o'clock. Funeral services at the Methodist Church, by Rev. Dr. Cross.
April 21, 1850. (Mason Co., Ky.) [reprinted in Kentucky Ancestors, Vol. 10, No. 4, April, 1975]

Hon. Adam Beaty
Mason Co., Ky., June 9, ae. 82. Mr. B. was well known to the church as a lay delegate of the diocese of Kentucky to the General Convention, of several years’ standing. He was a man of superior legal ability, having occupied the highest judicial trusts in that state, and was universally esteemed for his wisdom and probity. From the year 1841 he took part in the affairs of the diocese of Kentucky as a trustee to Shelby College, delegate to diocesan as well as general conventions, and warden of the parish to which he belonged. As an agriculturist, he attracted attention, having written several important papers, particularly on the cultivation of tobacco and hemp, and also on the renovation of exhausted land. The commonwealth and the church have cause to lament his loss, and their deprivation of his wise and prudent counsels; yet he went to his rest in peace and well-founded hopes of a happy resurrection. [Source Citation: Annual Obituary Notices Of Eminent Persons Who Have Died In The United States For 1858; By Hon. Nathan Crosby; Boston: John P. Jewett And Company. 1859. Transcribed by KM]

Sarah Bratton
 – In Robertson County, KY., on Oct 17, 1876, of bronchitis, Mrs. Sarah Bratton, wife of Mr. Henry Bratton, aged 21 yrs. [The Weekly Maysville Eagle, November 1, 1876, repub. in "Bluegrass Roots" – Winter, 1986]

Thomas J. Calvert
 – An old and highly respected citizen of Mason County died at his residence near Lewisburg on Thursday morning, aged about sixty years. He was a successful farmer and trader, and by his industry has amassed a handsome competency. [The Weekly Maysville Eagle, November 1, 1876, repub. in "Bluegrass Roots" – Winter, 1986]

Sallie Carr
 – At Carr's landing, Lewis County, KY., on Saturday, October 21, 1876, at about 10 o'clock of consumption, Miss Sallie Carr, youngest daughter of Mr. F.M. Carr, in the fifteenth year of her age. [The Weekly Maysville Eagle, November 1, 1876, repub. in "Bluegrass Roots" – Winter, 1986]

Sophia Case
Yourself And Family are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of SOPHIA CASE, from the residence of her father, MR. HENRY CASE, on Second Street, near Casto Street, Tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock. Funeral services at the house by Rev. Dr. Buckner, Maysville, Thursday, March 13, 1956  (Source: Kentucky Ancestors, 1975, Vol 10-3. Transcribed by Patricia Knowles)

Mrs. Geo. W. Childs
MAYSVILLE, Ky., April 2. – Mrs. Geo. W. Childs, wife of the cigar manufacturer, died in a Cincinnati hospital this morning as the result of an operation. Her husband is well known to Lexington tradesmen. [Lexington Herald (3 Apr. 1907) transcribed by FoFG MZ]

Bovee Dodds Core
Bovee Dodds Core, formerly of Richmond, died Monday afternoon at Maysville, Ky., after a short illness of pneumonia, The funeral was held at Maysville, and interment was made in a cemetery there. Mr. Core was a well-known young draftsman, and for some time wasin the employ of the late C. P. E. Burgwyn, of Richmond. Besides a widow, who was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Gilmore, of Maysville, Mr. Core leaves two brothers : C. Walthall Core and John T. Core, both of Richmond. He was a nephew of Mrs. Belle J. Walthall, also of Richmond. His parents were the late Mr. and Mrs. Bovee Dodds Core. Mr. Core had been married little more than one year. [Richmond Times Dispatch, March 19, 1915 - Transcribed by Therman Kellar; June 2011]

Charles Cox
Yourself and Family are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of CHARLES, son of William H. and Lizzie R. Cox, this afternoon, (Friday), at 2 o’clock.  Services by the Rev. Mr. Gregg.  January 10, 1862.  Maysville, Ky. [Kentucky Ancestors,  Volume 9, No. 2,October, 1973. Transcribed by M. Saggio]

Ed Daum
MAYSVILLE, Ky., April 14. – The Hon. Ed Daum, Commonwealth’s Attorney for this district, died at his home at Brooksville last night after a brief illness. He had the distinction of having never been beaten for office. [Lexington Herald (14 Apr. 1905) transcribed by FoFG MZ]

Susan Amanda Grant
Deaths -- In Maysville, on the 5th ult. Susan Amanda, infant daughter of Mr. Peter GRANT; and on the 14th, Andrew, infant son of Mr. Andrew M. JANUARY.  [Maysville Eagle -- July 18, 1827 - KT - Sub by FoFG]

Frances Jennings
Mrs. Frances Thornton Jennings, one of the most lovable and kindly women, who resided with her daughter, Mrs. H.P. Henry, 1310 Center street, received the final summons Saturday morning about 1 o'clock to go to that realm from whose borne no traveler has ever returned. The death angel's call ended a beautiful life and relieved a slege of illness that has extended over the past eight years, during which time Mrs. Jennings has suffered five paralytic strokes, the final one coming into Friday night. Mrs. Jennings was born at Dover, Ky, 76 years ago last July 30. She became a member of the Christian church when quite young and remained true to that faith until death. She was married to William H. Jennings when yet young. To this union three daughters were born, Mrs. W.H(?). Geary, 1300 Center street, at whose home she died, and Mrs. H.B. Rampo(?) Ottawa, O. (note: the article skips the name of the 2nd daughter Mrs. Henry at whose home she died) Mrs. Jennings was one of a family of 11 children, 9 girls and 2 boys. One daughter, Mrs. Frank Boys of Chilo, Ohio, and two grandchildren Eugene and Billy Geary also survive. Mr. and Mrs. Jennings moved to Carrs, KY, shortly after their marriage, where they lived until 1920 when to came to Portsmouth. Mr. Jennings died here in 1920. In spite of her unfortunate illness, Mrs. Jennings was always cheerful and a joy to her family and friends. Her passing will bring the angel of sorrow to scores of hearts that had known and loved her. The body will be taken back to her old home at Dover, Ky., where the funeral service will be held Monday afternoon at 2:30 from the home of Mr. and Mrs. Larew Osborn, nephew and niece of the deceased. Rev. E.J. Meneham, pastor of Central Christian church of this city, will conduct the funeral service. Interment will be made in Dover cemetery. Portsmouth Times, Portsmouth, Ohio, 17 Aug 1930  [Submitted by Kim T.]

Johanna Lipp
Mrs. Johanna Lipp, of Maysville, who celebrated her centennial birthday a few days ago, died on the 16th.  [Semi-Weekly Bourbon News (Paris, KY) – Tuesday, December 25, 1883; Sub. by JD]

Jane Mackey

Deaths -- In Mayslock, Mason county, Ky on Tuesday morning last, after a long and severe illness which she bore with Christian fortitude and resignation, Mrs. Jane Mackey, consort of Mr. William Mackey, late a merchant of that place, and daughter of Gen. Robert Pogue, of Mason county. [Maysville Eagle -- May 23, 1827  - KT - Sub by FoFG]

Joan McNamara
MAYSVILLE, Ky., June 7. – Joan McNamara, 46 years old, died here this afternoon from a stroke of paralysis received Sunday. He was never married. He leaves a sister and five brothers. [Lexington Herald (8 June 1912) transcribed by FoFG MZ]

Henry Clay Patter
 – In the Fifth Ward, in this city, on Wednesday, October 23, 1876, of consumption, Mr. Henry Clay Patter, aged 23 years. [The Weekly Maysville Eagle, November 1, 1876, repub. in "Bluegrass Roots" – Winter, 1986]

Robert Pogue
MAYSVILLE, Ky., March 28. – Robert Pogue, a wealthy farmer and tobacco raiser of Mason County, died this morning at the age of eighty years. He leaves many relatives. [Lexington Herald (29 Mar. 1907) transcribed by FoFG MZ]

John Reizer
At the poor House, Mason County, Ky. on the 2d of Aug. (1830) John Reizer, a native of Holland, supposed to have come to America during the Revolutionary war; was with Gen. Wayne's army against the Indians and afterwards lived many years in Washington, K. (Ky) known there as old John the Baker. He was according to his own account, 115 years old. In his last days he refused to eat any thing, and lived between 30 and 40 days without eating one ounce of vittals retaining his senses and strength in a surprising manner until his last moments. (Va. Advocate, 1830; Contributed by Mrs. Eula K. Woodward)

Isaac C. Reynolds
 – Father of J. Harvey Reynolds of this city, died at West Union, Ohio, Monday night at an advanced age of 80 years. He was a native of Washington, this county, where he continued to reside till his death. [The Weekly Maysville Eagle, November 1, 1876, repub. in "Bluegrass Roots" – Winter, 1986]

Alice Tolle
 – At her residence in this city on Sunday night, October 22, 1876, Mrs. Alice Tolle, aged 26 yrs. [The Weekly Maysville Eagle, November 1, 1876, repub. in "Bluegrass Roots" – Winter, 1986]

Mrs. E.R. Tucker
 – In Covington, KY., on Wednesday night, October 25, 1876, at 12 o'clock, of congestion of the brain, Mrs. E.R., wife of Mr. George T. Tucker. (nee Ellan R. McKrell of May's lick), age 18 yrs. [The Weekly Maysville Eagle, November 1, 1876, repub. in "Bluegrass Roots" – Winter, 1986]

George Wallingford
MAYSVILLE, Ky., June 27. – George Wallingford, aged 51 years, died at the home of his father-in-law, W. B. Dawson, here last night, after an illness of more than three months from lung trouble. He was a well-known business man of this city and is survived by his wife and six children. [Lexington Herald (28 June 1915) transcribed by FoFG MZ]

Samuel Watson
 – At Shannon, Mason County, KY., on Saturday, October 21, 1876, Mr. Samuel Watson, aged 82 years. [The Weekly Maysville Eagle, November 1, 1876, repub. in "Bluegrass Roots" – Winter, 1986]


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