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The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society, Volume 20 By Kentucky Historical Society, No. 58, 1922

OF MERCER COUNTY. 1786 -1800

Compiled by Mrs. T. Henry Coleman, Jane McAfee Chapter, N. S., D. A. R. Harrodsburg, Ky.

Editor's Note.—There may be some inaccuracies in this copy, due to the great difficulty in deciphering some of the names found 
in the original records.
Dec. 11—Brewer, John and Dinah Sarter --- Rice

Jan. 10—Bottom, Robert and Mary Latimore --- Rice

Jan. 3—Buckanon, James and Rebecca Armstrong --- Sutton

Jan. 19—Caldwell, Geo. and Betsey Irvin --- Rice

May 21—Cummins, Joseph and Nancy Hancock --- Rice

Sept. 16—Cannon, Wm. and Mary Mayes --- Rice

Jan. 6—Chaplin, Abram and Eliz. Higgins --- Sutton

June 19—Campbell, Arthur and Eliz. Robertson --- Rice

Sept. 10—Farris, Major and Nancy Hungati --- Rice

Dec. 19—Ferguson, Wm. and Rebecca Thompson --- Sutton

Sept. 10—Freeman, Joseph and Ann Jennings --- Rice

June 20—Hart, John and Eliz. Casey --- Rice

May 13—Gregory, Richard and Leny Voorhies --- Rice

Mar. 25—Jones, David and Sukey Lillard --- J. Sutton

Apr. 30—Jones, Martin and Mary Enos Campbell  --- Sutton

July 7—Lock, Davis and Susannah McCoy --- Rice

Mar. 21—Lawrence, David and Julia McKinney --- Rice

Oct. 22—Letcher, Benj, and Peggy Robertson ---Rice

Aug. 14—McCoun, John and Nancy Slaughter --- Rice

Jan. 11—McBrayer, James and Nancy Hendricks --- Rice

May 30—Numan, Henry and Susannah Stills --- Rice

July 18—Owsley, John and Peggy Tibbs --- Sutton

Nov. 11—Rice, William and Susannah Clarke --- Sutton

Nov. 9—Lewis, Robards and Hannah Withers --- Winn

Feb. 7—Shields, James and Mary Anne Murry --- Sutton

Feb. 6—Smelcer, Perulcer and Mary Gordon --- Rice

Mar. 6—Sap, Alexander and Lucy Bennett --- Rice

Mar. 27—Sportsman, Wm. and Sarah Arnold --- Rice

Apr. 16—Thomas, Oswell and Bally Bog --- Sutton

       —Tolas, George and Mary Montfort --- Rice


Nov. 29—Adams, Jas. and Mary McAfee --- Sutton

July 8—Bunch, Calloway and Ann Henderson --- Rice

Aug. 24—Bush, Phillip and Elizabeth Palmer --- Rice

Oct. 22—Berry, Richard and Cally Ewing --- Rice

Oct. 29—Bolin, James and Anne Ellicock --- Rice

Feb. 20—Berry, Reuben and Synea Tetheringille --- Sutton

June 19—Brooer, Vincent and Betsy Smith --- Sutton

Apr. 25—Campbell, James and Eliz. McCoy --- Sutton

Nov. 13—Champion, John and May Cannon --- Rice

Dec. 8—Crawford, James and Catharine Miller --- B. Noel

Apr. 10—Capen, Seth and Anna Lillard --- Rice

Feb. 17—Davis, John and Polly Sweet --- Rice

Apr. 9—Day, Elijah and Anne McAfee --- Rice

Aug. 5—Farleigh, Peter and Calendah Belles Father G. A. Adams

July 28—Graham, James M. and Sarah Spilman --- Rice

Nov. 28—Green, Henry and Elizabeth Clarke --- Rice

Jan. 16—Hammond, John and Nancy Mills --- C. Norvell

Dec. 3—Hale, Levi and Catharine Tucker --- Rice 

Nov. 12—Hungate, John and Mary Coffman --- Rice

July 3—Higgins, John and Susannah McCain --- Rice

July 16—Hunter, James G. and Susan Pope --- Bailey

Dec. 30—Heart, Simon and Patty Sivertooth Sutton

Dec. 6—Hover, George and Peggy (a woman of color) --- John Bailey

Apr. 25—Kenton, Thos. and Kezia Crutchfleld --- Rice

May 18—Lewis, Richard and Sally Wood --- Rice

Dec. 16—Lyster, Cornelius and Lotty Bice --- Sutton

Sept. 18—McCaslin, Robert and Nancy Snodgrass --- Sutton

Mar. 15—McGray, Robt. and Delia Davis --- Rice

Aug. 7—McCaslin, Richard and Eliz. Wilson --- Rice

Jan. 16—Newphey, Daniel and Alley Byrns --- Rice

Feb. 22—Moore, Daniel and Nancy Kelley --- Rice

Sept. 27—McDowell, Joseph and Sarah Irwin --- Rice

Dec. 20—McCatsline, John and Sarah Batsel --- Sutton

Aug. 4—Melvoy, John and Anna (?) --- Baldin

Apr. 24—Noel, Wm. and Hannah Willis --- Rice

Dec. 5—Frewitt, Anthony and Nancy Willis --- Rice

July 3-Robbins, Richard and Polly Price --- Rice

June 16—Reed, John and Mary Ironer --- Rice

Apr. 18—Rickey, James and Mary Armstrong  --- Sutton

July 23—Rice, Jesse and Sally Mitchell --- Sutton

Jan. 30—Smith, Stephen and Nancy Taylor --- Sutton

Feb. 2—Stiles, John and Joanna Moore --- Sutton

Aug. 26—Stewart, Wm. and Sarah Thickston --- Sutton

Sept. 4—Snodgrass, Samuel and Patty McCaslin --- Sutton

Aug. 3—Stokes, Thos. and Rebekah Acorn --- Rice

May 29—Sharpe, Solomon and Catharine Sharpe --- Rice

Feb. 12—Southern, Wm. and Jeminia Fisher --- Rice

Jan. 20—Threlkeld, John and Jane Robertson --- Sutton

Feb. 13—Taylor, John and Nancy Lewis --- Rice

Aug. 10—Thomas, Richard Moore and Betsy Frowman --- Rice

Aug. 26—Voris, John and Hannah Titsworth --- Sutton

Mar. 7—Voras, Luke and Chissey Bonta --- Rice

Oct. —VanArsdell, Abraham and Aule Vandike --- Sutton

May 10—Willis, Wm. and Nancy Smith --- Rice

Mar. 20—Williams, Thos. and Elizabeth Dry --- Sutton

July 5—Watts, Wm. and Sally Devine --- Rice

Feb. 13—Allis, Thos. and Rebeckah Warner --- Rice

Sept. 7—Armstrong, Lauty F. and Peggy Cunningham --- Sutton

Sept. —Burford, Daniel and Amy Noel --- B. Noel

July 9—Brewer, Daniel and Dorothy Dorland --- Rice

July 2—Bowford, Elijah and Nancy Wright --- Rice

Jan. 15—Brown, Benny and Betsy Jennings --- Rice

May 27—Boucher, Peter and Sally Goodnight --- Rice

Oct. 20—Bailey, Wm. and Polly McNew --- Rice

Apr. 23—Bottom, Turner and Jane Swann --- Rice

Mar. 26—Burton, Robt. and Margaret Ferguson --- Rice

July 30—Curee. Daniel and Jenny Curee --- Rice

Jan. 27—Coon, Joseph and Patsy Sanders --- Rice

Feb. 12—Corn, Aaron and Sarah Hazel --- Rice

Dec. 3—Clemer, Henry and Barbary Garrett --- Harris

Feb. 19—Devine, Samuel and Mary Hale --- Sutton

Jan. 17—Davis, Charles and Caty Tettur --- Rice

June 21—Davis, James and Martha Legin --- Rice

Oct. 5—Daugherty, Samuel and Chloe Latimore --- McGraw

Mar. 7—Edmonson, Philip and Susan Jennings --- B. Noel

Feb. 13—Ellis, Thos. and Rebekah Warner --- Rice

Mar. 2—Engraves, Augustine and Susanner Fisher --- Rice

Feb. 16—Fisher, Benj. and Elener Slaughter ---Rice

Feb. 2—Graves, John and Peggy Stennette --- Sutton

July 11—Grider, Tobias and Sally Harman --- Mason

July 9—Hard, James and Palsty Slaughter --- N. Harris

Aug. 16—Hardin, James and Frances Booly --- B. Noel

Apr. 16—Hill, Thos. and Rebekah Goff --- Rice

Jan. 8—Hungate, John and Polly Coffman --- Rice

May 28—Huff, Richard and Nancy Davis --- Rice

Aug. 18—Humphries, Reuben and Martha Reed --- Mason

Jan. 5—James, Thos. and Sara Clerk --- Thos. Scott

May 17—Jewell, Wm. and Peggy Painter --- B. Noel

Jan. 6—Jones, Thos. and Margt. McAfee --- Rice

Sept. 24—Jenkins, Wm. and Nancy Beller --- Mason

Feb. 19—Lillard, Ephraim and Margt. Prather --- Rice

Mar. 13—Landsley, James and Ruth Walton --- Rice

Apr. 18—Lilard, James and Betsey Thomas --- Rice

Apr. 14—Lock, Gerardis and Mary Cradley --- Rice

Jan. 1—McGill, Hugh and Peggy Daugherty --- Rice

Apr. 15—McDonald, Allen and Judith Smith --- Rice

Feb. 19—McMertry, James and Polly McKee --- Rice

Jan. 1—Myers, Michael and Mary Downer --- Rice

May 26—McKee, Wm. and Nancy Gordon --- Rice

Feb. 19—McGinnis, Wm. and Martha Lillard --- Rice

July 1—Owen, Thos. and Lydia Stillman --- B. Noel

Apr. 14—Paul, John and Sally Graves --- Thos. Scott

Sept. 23—Polly, John and Barbara Wiley --- McGraw

June 16—Reed, John and Mary Graves --- Mason

Mar. 26—Robertson, Robert and Jenny Adams --- Rice

Nov. 17—Richardson, David and Milly Brown --- McGraw

Mar. 1—Swan, John and Margt. Coburn --- Rice

Aug. 19—Stone, Thos. and Anne Bennett ---Rice

Mar. 18—Shelladay, Edward and Sally Banelle --- Rice

Apr. 4—Thompson, Arthur and Martha Cochran --- Sutton

Mar. 26—Turpin, Hugh and Betsy Isaam --- Thos. Scott

Mar. 4—Taylor, James and Mary McBride --- Rice

Apr. 20—Threkill, Daniel and Betsy Bronson --- Rice

Aug. 20—Thomas, Edward and Eliz. Shaw --- Mason

Dec. 1—Bryan, Robert Pendleton and Mary McGary --- Rice

Mar. 12—Vanderslice, Benj. and Margt. Scott --- Sutton

Feb. 1—Virgin, Price and Polly Wright --- Rice

Nov. 26—Vanarsdell, Isaac and Ann Vanarsdell --- McGraw

Apr. 1—Woods, Andrew and Polly McGee --- Sutton

June 21—Wilcox, Abraham and Mary Turner --- Rice

Jan. 19—Yocum, Henry and Mary King --- Rice


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