Kentucky Genealogy and History

Mercer County Kentucky

1840 Pensioners

Transcribed by Joanne Morgan


Name of Pensioners Age Head of Families who Pensioners Resided Jun 1 1840
Samuel Hackney 79 Samuel Hackney
Mary Pipes 81 Mary Pipes
Henry Sparrow 79 Henry Sparrow
William Kelly 84 William Kelly
Timothy Corn 84 Timothy Corn
James Rains 82 James Rains
Leonard Taylor 83 Leonard Taylor
Matthew Colter 81 Matthew Colter
George Gabbard, Sr. 79 George Gabbard, Sr.
Henry Hamler 81 Henry Hamler
Lewis Webb 83 Lewis Webb
Henry Deshazer 81 Henry Deshazer
John Sneed 86 John Sneed
Christian Snail 89 Christian Snail
Rebecca Verbryck 83 Rebecca Verbryck
Cornelius O. Vanarsdale 80 Cornelius O. Vanarsdale
Edward Willis 78 Edward Willis
Ebenezer Cary, Sr. 83 Ebenezer Cary, Sr.
Charles Brown 88 Charles Brown
Robert Jones 75 Robert Jones
John Comingore 90 John Comingore
Elias Fisher 87 Elias Fisher
Peter Huff 86 Peter Huff
John Grant 85 John Grant
Jane Shelton 82 Jane Shelton
Claiborne Bradshaw 83 Claiborne Bradshaw
John Rice 78 John Rice
Susanna Jourdon 79 Susanna Jourdon
Mary Wilson 76 Mary Wilson
Elizabeth Moore 75 Elizabeth Moore
Martha Sandefer 83 Jackson Roberts
Thomas Graham 78 Thomas Graham
Thomas Kyle 83 Thomas Kyle
Edward Houchins 80 Edward Houchins
Philip Bourd 80 Philip Burd
James Galloway 84 James Galloway
Sarah Bohon 76 Sarah Bohon
Isaac Follis 77 Isaac Follis
Reuben Smithy 85 Reuben Smithy
John Potter, Sr. 79 John Potter
Charles Hart 81 Charles Hart



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