Morgan County


There are numerous small family owned cemeteries across Morgan County. This is a list of teh larger cemeteries.  If you have a cemetery you would like to add, drop me a note.  Cemeteries with links have transcription information..

Source: GNIS

Cemetery Latitude Longitude Additional Information
Adams Cemetery 375054N 0840516W
Blanton Cemetery 374150N 0840639W
Blue Grass Memorial Cemetery 374050N 0841529W
Cochran Cemetery 373758N 0841742W
College Hill Church Cemetery 374711N 0840727W
Coy Cemetery 374108N 0842640W
Ellington Cemetery 374707N 0840658W
Flatwoods Cemetery 374459N 0840848W
Freindship Cemetery 374604N 0842730W
Garrison Cemetery 374227N 0840614W
Gilead Cemetery 374234N 0842623W
Hade-Rose Cemetery 373458N 0840705W
Haines Cemetery 374156N 0842116W

Hansford Ferguson Cemetery


located near Relief and Moon Kentucky on RT 172

Heatherly Cemetery 373908N 0841247W
Hubbard Cemetery 374235N 0840702W
Johnson Cemetery 374123N 0840602W
Johnson Cemetery 373509N 0841604W
Jones Cemetery 373935N 0840900W
Jones Cemetery 375037N 0840516W
Kinnard Cemetery 373816N 0842424W
Lewis Cemetery 374812N 0840452W
Madison County Memorial Gardens 374049N 0841549W
Moody Cemetery 373851N 0841431W
Moore Cemetery 374257N 0842340W
Needmore Cemetery 373713N 0840726W
Ogg Cemetery 373547N 0841942W
Parks Cemetery 374113N 0841037W
Poosey Cemetery 374416N 0842810W
Portwood Cemetery 374203N 0840630W
Red Hill Cemetery 373954N 0840722W
Red Lick Cemetery 373503N 0840856W
Ross Cemetery 374008N 0842643W
Salem Church Cemetery 374457N 0842824W
Silver Creek Cemetery 373323N 0841537W
Todd Cemetery 373549N 0841836W
Todd Cemetery 373319N 0841848W
Williams Cemetery 373350N 0841708W