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Morgan County Kentucky

Wills/Will Abstracts

Will Abstracts and related records
Morgan County Kentucky
before 1900

Jesse Blair:
Children: Andrew, William, David, Elizabeth Caskey, Eliza Day, Gillean Gose, Delila Sargent, Dorothy Perry
Grandchildren: William Day (given tract of land :upon which Andrew Blair lived) also Executor.
Written 30 April 1864
Recorded 27 Jun 1864

Moses Brown, Senior
Wife: Lydia
Children: Moses (youngest), Nicholas, Stephen, John, Isaac, William, Danl, Ruth Howard, Hannah Mays, Rebeccah Day,
Written: 8 Jun 1856
Recorded: 23 March 1857

Robert Caskey
Wife: Poly
Children: John, Richard, George, Thomas, Henry, Benjamin, Dyer, Catharine "and her children", Lan-?- "and her children", Caroline
Grandchildren: Robert (son of Thomas)
Written: 20 Aug 1858
Proven: 7 Apr 1859

Thomas H. Caskey
Wife: Martha Ann
Children: James, Thomas, Samuel W., John H., Robert F., Jefferson D,.
Written 1 Jan 1853
Proven 23 March 1863

Elizabeth Abbott
Bequeaths to brother Henry Abbott and nephew George Barber. Also bequeaths Clay Barber,
Written 18 Dec 1890
Recorded: 15 Jun 1891

William H. Baldwin
Address Cincinnati, Ohio
Wife; Isabella C. (executrix)
Written March 1898
Probated: 22 Jun 1898
Hamilton CO, Ohio
Copy presented Morgan Co Kentucky Court 1 Oct 1898
Recorded: Morgan County 26 Nov 1898 (page 71)

Susan Baley
Children: Bethana Cottle, Telitha Ferguson, M. J. Baley, Also bequesthes to Minerva Jane Gullett, mentions clothing of Pricilla Baley.
Executor: R. C. Day
Will to be held by Dr. C. H. Porter
Written 9 Apr 1870
Proved and recorded 23 Sep 1870 (page 9)


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