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Cholera Outbreaks 1833 - 1849
Doctor J. M. Jackson, of Danville, Kentucky, says the first cases of  cholera were in 1833, in the persons of five negroes, wagon drivers, who were engaged in hauling " cotton bagging " to Louisville, Kentucky, and returning with dry goods. They were in the employ of Rice A Co.
There was then no cholera nearer than Louisville.
Dr. Sweeny, now in Lincoln county, Kentucky, says that in 1849 there was no cholera in Rockcastle county, and none nearer than Louisville, Kentucky, one hundred to one hundred and ten miles distant. A citizen returned from Louisville and was seized with cholera, and died, as did some of the neighbors who attended him, until there were nine deaths in all. So struck were the people with the conviction of the contagiousness of the disease that no communication could be induced between the sick and healthy.  Source: [Canada Medical Journal Medical And Surgical Science. Edited By George E. Fenwick, M.D., 1869; Contributed By: Candi H.]

Southern Medical News, 1921:
The following officers have been elected for Shelby County Medical Society: Dr. Earle Eversole. President- Dr A. C. Weakley, Vice President; Dr. W. H. Nash Secretary Treasurer.

The following officers have been elected for Ballard County Medical Society: Dr. Ezra Fitsworth. President- Dr J. W. Mishew. Vice President; Dr. G. L. Thompson, Secretary-Treasurer.

Dr. William H. Evans, Louisville, has been appointed prison physician at the State Reformatory and will assume his duties on July 1.

Physicians of Owensburo have formed a clinical society Dr. Robert Sory is President.

Dr. J. A. Goodson has resigned as Superintendent of the Eastern State Hospital for the Insane at Lexington He will be succeeded by Dr. Fred LaRue, who will be transferred from the Western Hospital for the Insane at Hopkinsville.

Dr. John D. Maguire, Health Officer of Lexington, has resigned.

The Mary Chiles Memorial Hospital. Mount Sterling, was dedicated April 16. The hospital has eleven rooms in addition to operating and maternity rooms, which were all furnished by societies, churches and individuals.

It has been reported that Hickman County has raised $7,500 to supplement the $1,500 offered by the State for a full-time Health Department.

The following officers have been elected for Clay County Medical Society: Dr. J. R. Burchell, President; Dr. G. P. Webb, Vice President; Dr. J. L. Anderson. Secretary-Treasurer.

The following officers have been elected for Lyon County Medical Society: Dr. J. H. Hussey, President; Dr. T. L. Dr. F. L.G. Helm , Vice Presidents : Dr. Joseph Zeirler, Treasurer : Dr. Gustav Goldman, Secretary

The following have been elected officers for Jessamine County Medical Society: Dr. D. R. Welch, President: Dr. D. A. Penick. Vice President ; Dr. J. A. Van Arsdalle, Secretary-Treasurer.

The following have been elected officers for the Hardin County Medical Society: Dr. J. C. Mobley, President: Dr. 8. L. Stull, Vice President ; Dr. D. E. McClure, SecretaryTreasurer.

The following officers have been elected for Marion County Medical Society: Dr. J. T. P. Wickliffe. President: Dr. G. W. Hill, Vice President; Dr. ?. ?. Robert, Secretary. Treasurer.

The following are officers for Grayson County Medical Society: Dr. O. R. Stuteville, President; Dr. J. W. Conklin. Vice President ; Dr. C. L. Sherman, Secretary-Treasurer.

The following officers have been elected for Lincoln County Medical Society : Dr. Alberta Carpenter, President ; Dr. J. T. Pegton, Vice President; Dr. Lewis Jones, Secretary-Treasurer.


Dr. William Owen Roberts, Louisville, aged 72, died April 1 (1921) from chronic interstitial nephritis.

Dr. D. L. Lusby, Owenton, died April 30. (1921)

Dr. Alfred T. Drake, Girkin. aged 76. died March 28. (1921)

Dr. Lee Hazlewood, Louisville, aged 38, died March 26 (1921) from heart disease.

Dr. Elkanah K. May, Maytown, aged 47, died April 2. (1921)

Dr. J. C. B. Foster. Owenton, aged 70. died March 26. (1921)

Dr. David Franklin, Louisville, aged 66, died April 7. (1921)

Dr. Benjamin A. Allan, Louisville, aged 62, died March 31  (1921)from pneumonia.

Dr. George B. Gilbert, Louisville, aged 45, died April 14  (1921) from throat trouble.

Dr. Leigh R. Gordon, Lexington, died suddenly in his office May 8. (1921)

Dr. A. J. Heavern. Newport, was killed April 13 (1921) when a train struck the automobile in which he was riding.

Dr. Seth Curlin, Hickman, aged 79, died suddenly on May 5. (1921)

Dr. Ben Laird, Covington, died May 5 (1921) after a brief illness.
[Source: Southern Medical News, 1921]



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