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Some Marriages from 1st Marriage Book


JOHN ANDERSON-May 1796-Executrix Margaret Anderson, widow. Sec. Win. Smiley, Ebenezer Patton. Ap. Hardy Hill, George Cravenson, Samuel Figley.

WILLIAM BOL1NG (BOWLING)-30 May. 1794 proven March
Court, 1795. Ex. Sim Baling. Daniel Ketcham. Wit, Wm. Morrow, Alex. Montgomery, Moses Warfrod. Names wife, Margaret:
son, John Boling.

Mrs Margaret Boling married 8-28-1795. Elias Neal - 1st M. Book

JESSE BUZAN-Inventory, 18th November, 17M-Ap., Samuel McKinley, Nicholas Smith, James Pritchard.

WILLIAM BUCHANNON-1-26-1797 proven July Court, 1798 - Ex .
Agness  Buchannon. widow. Victor Buchannon. Sec.. James Pringle.
Wit., Thou, Robertson. Thos. Allison. Ap. Robr.  Lowdcn, Nicholas
Smith, Win. Huston. John Lawson. Wife. Agnes, 100 acres on
Drennon's Lick.

RICHARD BREEDING-Proven 20 March, 1798 - Ex., Frances Breeding, widow. Sec, Wm. McCory, Isaac Whitaker. Ap., Peter Bailea, Elijah Whitaker. Thos. Johnston. Wm. Brodie. Wife, Frances, son, William Breeding: son, Paul Breeding; daughter. Elizabeth Breeding.

Win. Breeding married 6-4-1798; Polly Breeding -

Paul Breeding married 8-19-1799; Elisabeth Stanley, daughter of Joseph.

DAVID BOYLES-Inventory May 15,1798 - Ex, Rebecca, widow Sec. George Cravenson, Henry Boyd. Ap. Hardy Hill, Wm. Collings, Thos. Ferguson, Francis Cunningham. Son, William Boyles.

WILLIAM BOYD. SR. - Inventory July, 1798-Ex. Mary Boyd, widow.
Sec., Jacob Newland. Benjamin Roberts, Wm. Roberts. Mehitable Boyd, William Boyd, Jr., Jane Boyd John Boyd, Hannah Boyd.

JAMES BROWN-Proved Nov., l799-Ex., Daniel Colgan. Sec. Morias Hansbrough. Wit., Wingfield Bullock, Thos. Allen, Jas. Moore. Wife, Lydia.

GEORGE BOSWELL-Inventory 9 May, 1803-Ex., Nancy Boswell,
widow. Sec., Jacob Tichenor, John Wright. Ap. Chas. Polke. Wm.
Polke. Frederick Price, Jas. McDavitt.  Children: Susanna Boswell,
Elizabeth Boswell, Rebecca Boswell Polly Boswell, George Boswell, John Boswell, Edward Boswell.

ELIZABETH BUTLER-Inventory January, 1803-Ex.. Wilson Maddox
Dan Butler.

JAMES BRISCOE or BRISCOW-2-23-1804, proven October, 1804-
Ex., brothers, John and Edward Briscow. Wife, Catherine; daughter, Mary Briscow; daughter. Massy Briscow: Daughter, Caty Briscow; daughter, Sarah Briscow.

JOHN CONNELLY-proved October, 1798 - Ex., Sarah Connelly,
Neddy Curd, Andrew Allen. See., Jas. Mulligan, Benjamin H.
Kerrick Wit., Benj. H. Kerrick, Jacob Tucker. Wife. Sarah; son,
Wm. Connelly; daughter. Mary; daughter Sarah; son, Thompson;
daughter, Elizabeth: son, Jesse; son, James; daughter, Nancy; son,

JOHN CLARKE-proved 9-3-1798 - Ex., Obadiah Clarke, Benjamin
Clarke, sons. Sec, Thos. Martin, Hugh Dugan. Stephen Ashby, Josiah Clarke. Ap. Adam Hostedler. Joseph Simpson. Ebenezer Patton. Wife, Elizabeth; sons, Obadiah and Benjamin; brother in-law, John Ellis.

ROBERT DANIEL-Ex., brother, Martin Daniel. Sec,. Benjamin Roberts. Wit., Daniel Farley, Samuel Pryor. Ap. Joseph Smith, David Standiford, John Miller, Bryant O'Neal. Sister, Bessy Meriwether and two sons, John Martin and Reuben Meriwether; brother, Thos. Daniel; sister. Sucky Manes; brother, Coleman Daniel; father, John Daniel.

OLIVER DORNAN-Inventory December. 1801-Ex. Daniel Taylor.
Ap. John Buskirk, Ebenezer Patton, Jno. Martin, Simon Phieegly.

JOHN DUNN-Inventory November, 1802- Ex., John Stone, Sec,
Wm. Stone, Richard Baisey. Ap., John Buskirk, Jas. Stone, John
Scott, Ebenezer Patton.

RICHARD ELAM -Inventory November, 1800-Ex. Elizabeth Elam.
Sec, Francis Hall. An., John Shannon, Moses Hall, Singleton Wilson, Thos. King.

Richard Elam married 10-24-1796, Elizabeth Sorrels, daughter of Nelly
Sorrels. Mrs. Elizabeth Elam married 1-5-1817, James H. Toncray.

JOHN FELTY-Inventory March. 1795-Ex Elizabeth Felty. Ap.,
Basil Noel, Wm. Butler , Daniel Farley.

HENRY FULLINWIDER-Match 16, 1793; proved May, 1793-Ex.,
Jacob Fullinwider, John Carr. Wit., Caty Fullinwider, Martln
Daniel, Jas. Crockett Ap., Jonathan Boone, William Boone, John
Wilcox. Son-in-law, John Carr; son-in-law. Samuel Ryker; daughter. Ann Fullinwider; son, Peter Fullinwider's two children, Henry
and Elizabeth; son, Jacob Fullinwider, 264 acres on Lute's Run.

JOHN FORD-4-13-1803; proved October, 1803 -Ex., Wm. Ford,
Elisha Ford, Samuel Ford. Sec, John Ford, Spence Ford. Wit.,
Oswald Thomas, David Denny, David Thomas. Ap., Richard Booker, David Thompson, James Robinson. Wife, Catherine; children,
Samuel, Edward, Elisha, Spencer, Ana, Jinney, William.

JONATHAN GREEN--proved May, 1798 - Ex., Caty (Smith) Green,
widow. Sec. Simon V. Smith, Nicholas Smith, Jr., brothers-in-law. Wit., Nicholas Smith, Sr., Nicholas Smith. Jr., Simon V. Smith- Ap., Edmund Wayman, Adam Sill, William Hall. Wife, Caty; oldest son, George Green: daughter, Polly Green; William Green.

CATHERINE GREEN-Inventory January. 1803-Ex.. Nicholas Smith,
Jr., (brother). Sec, Abraham Smith, (brother). Ap., Jacob Cattleman, John Shannon, Edmund Wayman.

JONAH GLOVER-Inventory October, 1798- Ex.. Frances Glover,
widow, David Reed, Wm. McCoy. Sec, Benjm. Roberts, Jacob Case, Joshua Reed. Ap.. Elijah Whitaker, Wm. Polke, Peter Bailea, Daniel Bennett. Children, Sarah, Elisabeth, Jane

Mrs. Frances Glover married 10-1-1800, John Carlin or Kerlin.

JOHN GARRETT-Proved May. 1799-Ex., Margaret Garrett, Isaac
Garrett Sec, Elisha Whitaker. John Williamson. Wit, Richd. Gasaway, Jas. McQuaid, Isaac Edwards. Ap., Isaac Edwards, James McQuaid, John Howe, Alex. McClain, Jr. Children, Isaac, Nancy, Esther, Margaret

three ways). Proved November 9, 1801. Executrix-Nancy Gasaway. Sec.-Alexander McClain. Witnesses-John Todd, John Hansbrough. Appraisers- John Todd, Hugh Dugan, Hugh Redman, John Sharp. Children, John, Nancy, Elizabeth, Nicholas, James, Samuel, Henry and William Garrett.

PHILIP HANEIL-Inventory August, 1796-Ex., Jacob Kephart. Sec,
Nicholas Smith. Ap., Joseph Irwin, Robert Irwin, Samuel McKinley.

RICHARD HOAGLAND-Inventory March, 1797-Ex., John McClain,
Nancy McClain, his wife late Nancy Hoagland. Sec, Abraham
Owen. Joseph Dupuy. Ap. Nicholas Smith, Robert Lowden, James

HARDY HILL-Inventory March, 1799-Ex., Margaret Hill, George
Cravenson. Sec, Robt Jeffries, Wm. El. Colllngs. Wit, Archibald Cameron. Isaac Miller, Wm. El. Collings. Ap., Richard Basey, Jonathan Bedle. Isaac Miller, Thos, Forman. Wife, Margaret; children, Sarah, Martha, Isaac, Margaret. Sarah Hill married 5-31-I808, Thomas Carrithers. Martha Hill married 4-11-1807, Robert Cunningham. Isaac Hill married 4-11-1807, Margaret Cunningham, daughter of Francis. Mrs. Margaret Hill married 2-28-1812,John Osborne. Margaret Hill, step-father, John Osborne,
married 12-21-1812, Wm. Kester.

MORIAS HANSBROUGH-Proved August, 1800-Ex., Geo. Hansbrough, John Undcrwood. Sec-, P. Hansbrough, Robt. Allison.
Wife, Mary; children, George, John, ,Joel, Susanna.

George Hansbrough married 4-27-1799, Nancy, daughter of Drury and
Mary Howard. Joel Hansbrough married 2-18-1810, Lucy Gooch.

ANTHONY HARTMAN-Proved April 11, 1803-Ex., David Harman,
Solomnn Hartman. Sec., Wm. Bridgewatcr, Wm. Johnston. Wife,
Margaret; children,Abraham,Daniel,Solomon,David, Anthony, Jr., Easther Hatter, Joseph, Jonatha, Catherine Miller, Agenes Hostedler.

THOMAS JACOBS-Inventory May, 1797-Ex., John Cline. Sec,
William Hall. Ap., Robt. Tyler, Nimrod Duncan, Anthony Jenkins.

PHILIP JOHNSTON-July 17, 1798-Proved January 15, 1799-Ex.,
Elizabeth Johnston, widow. Sec, Jesse Payne, Jas. Latham, Rowland Thomas. Wit, Jesse B. Payne, Rowland Thomas. Children, Thomas, Elizabeth Payne, Catherine Thomas, Fanny Payne, Philip, Jr., mother-in-law, Ann Taylor; wife, Elizabeth ( Taylor) Johnston.

JOHN LEATHERMAN-January 15, 1798-Proved March, 1796- Ex.
David Miller in Hartman's Settlement and George Humphries in
Leatherman's Settlement. Sec., John Addams, John Humphries.
Wit., Henry Newman, John Harrison, Thos. Craig. Ap. Stephen
Ashby, Joseph Thatcher, John Harrlson. "I, John Leatherman, of
the Leatherman Settlement, Shelby County, Ky. " Wife, Hannah,
Christian Leatherman, oldest son of brother, Peter, now living in
Leatherman Settlement; Basil Tegarden; residue to brother's children.

Christian Leatherman married 7-4-1798, Barbara Houghstatlcr, consent
of Christian Houghstatler. Catherine Leatherman married 11-23-
1810, Samuel Gazway, consent of brother Christian Leatherman.

RICHARD LEMASTER-Inventory May, 1795-Ap., Robert Lowdcn,
Jas. Hoagland, Jas. W. Hemphill.

1797-Ex. Alexander Lastley, brother. Sec, Robert Jeffries,
Francis Cunningham. Ap., George Cravenson, John Johns, Ab. Carr, Caleb Reed. Children, John Lastley, Alexander Lastley, Jr.,
(both under age at this time).

JOHN LEWIS-Inventory January 9, 1804-Ex., Margaret Lewis, widow. Sec, John Todd, Jas. Morton, Chas. Motherhead. 300 acres on Buck and Gist Creeks. Children, Bluford Lewis, Patsey Lewis, Henry Lewis, Polly Lewis, Keziah Lewis, Catherine Lewis, John Lewis, William Lewis, Fanny Lewis.

Mrs. Margaret Lewis married 11-4-1805, Austin Hall. Guardian's ac-
count, 1807; Keziah is 13 years, born about 1794; Catherine is 11
years, born about 1796; John is 9 years old, born about 1798; William is 6 years, born about 1801; Fanny is 4 years, born about 1803.

LAMBERT LANE-Inventory July 9, 1804-Ex., Anne Lane, widow.
Sec., Jas. Anderson, Thos. Lane, Isaac Whitesides. Ap., Caleb
Reed, Isaac Norman, Henry Johns, David Johnson.

Mrs. Ann Lane married 7-21-1806. Henry Johns. Nancy Lane, daughter of Lambert Lane, married 3-25-1800, Jas. McCoy.

DAVID LAWRENCE-November 10, 1804-Proved December, 1804-
Ex, John Lawrence, William Crow. Sec., Wm. Henton, George
Hansbrough. Wit., Thomas Prather, John Lawrence, Soloman Lawrence. Ap, Thos. Hanna, John Smith, Daniel Ketchum, Benj. Roberts. Wife, Elizabeth, children, Hannah, Lawrence, Charlotte Lawrence, Mary Ann Lawrence, Betsey Lawrence, Thomas Lawrence, James Lawrence, David Lawrence, Jr.

JAMES METCALFE-Inventory October, 1798 Ex., Margaret Metcalfe, John Metcalfe. Sec, Thomas Metcalfe, Wm. Jones. Wife, Margaret Metcalfe.

Pcggy Metcalfe, widow of James, married 7-3-1807, Robert Miller in
marriage bond and Reuben Miller to First Marriage Book.

SAMUEL McCLAIN Inventory 9-14 1801 Ex, James McClain. Sec,
Joseph Robinson, William Henton.

JESSE MEEKS-Proved March, 1802-Wit, Andrew Holmes, Augustine Shelburnc. Wife, Sarah; mentions four children, named only one-Silas Meeks.

SAMUEL McCAMPBELL-Proved August, 1804 - Ex, James McCampbell. John McCampbell. Sec, Thos. Gooch, Daniel Colgan. Wit.,
Daniel Colgan, Andrew McCampbell. Ap, George Wilcox, Alex. Reed. Jacob Fullinwider. Alex. McDowell. Wife, Martha; children, James, John, William, Andrew, Margaret, Jane Logan, Nancy Elliott, Molly Lawson, Washington.

Washington McCampbell married 1-0-1808. Elisabeth Tilford.

JAMES McCLURE or McLURE-Inventory 1796-Ex, Sarah McClure.
Hugh McClure. Sec, James Campbell, John McClure. Ap, Bland
W, Ballard, Jas. Logon. Wife, Sarah. A receipt from James Legget, James Campbell, John McClure, Elijah Baker, John Skidmore to Sarah and Hugh McClure. Admrs.James McClure, Jr., minor,

JOHN McCLAIN-Inventory July 9, 1804 Ex. Catherine McClain.
Sec, Jumcs McClain. William Henton. Ap, Joseph Robinson, Albertus Bright, A. McGaughey, Moses Boone.

JACOB NEWLAND-November 10, 1800 Ex, Lusy Newland, widow,
John Newland. Sec, Robert P. Allen, Luke Haff, Daniel Colgan. Ap, Jas. Ballard, Samuel Shannon. Luke Haff, Wm. Polke. 300 acres on Brashears Creek. Wife. Lucy; children, Isabella, John, Elizabeth, Isaac, Benoni, Robert, Polly, Abraham, Amy, Jacob, William.

GEORGE OWEN-Inventory May, 1794-Ap- Jacob Fullinwider, Samuel Ryker. William Cooper.

BRACKETT OWEN--Proved May, 1802 Ex, Thos. I. Gwin, Abraham
Owen. Sec, Charles Lynch, Samuel Shannon. William Roberts.
Wit, Gillon Lively, Daniel Lively, John Lively. Children, Jacob, Nancy Gwin. John, Abraham, David, Joseph, Robert, William, Jesse, Sally Glass, Samuel.

WILLIAM PERKINS-Inventory October, 1795 -Sec, William Glem

Ap, Thos. 1. Gwin, Arthur McGaughey, Aquilla Whitaker. Wife,

MICHAEL PREWITT or PRUITT-Proved August, 1798 - Ex. Elisha
Prewitt, Daniel Mitchell. Sec, Thos. I. Gwin, Ezek. Talbott. Wit,
Jeremiah Crabe, Wm. Gregory. Richd. M. Booker. Ap, John Ford,
Richard Booker, Wm. Ford, James Robinson. Wife: children, Betsy Adams, James. Judy, Elisha. Michael, Jr., Byrd, Joseph. Robert,

JOHN POTTS-Inventory October. 1799-Ex, Margaret Potts, widow.
Sec, William Taylor, Joseph Winlock. Ap, William Oglcsby, Wm.
Powell, Fielding Ashby. Settlement of heirs and legal representatives. Beverly Taylor, Abraham Bennett, Thomas Potts, Nicholas Miller, John Potts.

Margaret Potts married 8-17-1815, Nicholas Miller.

ISAAC PENNINGTON-Inventory November, 1801-Ex, Jonathan
Bedle or Beadle. Sec, John Crawford, Wm. El. Collings. Ap,
Richard Basey, Thomas Forman, George Cravenson, James Starke.

Isaac Pennington married 2-18-1799, Polly Lockhart.

WILLIAM POWELL-Inventory June,1801-Ex.. Joseph Oglesby. Sec,
Daniel Ellis, Michael Smiser. Wife, Polly.

Mary Powell, widow of William, married 8-21-1818, Reuben Cowherd.
Frances Powell married 4-19-1816. Daniel Caplinger William M.
Powell married 9-20-1817, Nancy Smiser, daughter of Henry.

WILLIAM ROBINS-Inventory October, I795-Ap, Gerardus Ryker,
Mason Watts.

JAMES REED-Inventory May, 1804-Ex, Susannah Reed, Alex Reed.
See., Samuel Shannon, Jas. McDavitt. Ap, Daniel Colgan, Bland
W. Ballard, Christopher BrantWife, Susannah.

WILLIAM REDDING -Proved August 1804-Ex, Timothy Redding.
Sec, Reuben Redding, Elisha Lindsay. George Clifton. Ap, Daniel Ketcham. Elisha Ford, Masterson Ogden,. Thos. Mitchell.

WILLIAM SHANNON-2 September, 1793; proved May, 1794-Ex,
brother, Samuel Shannon, David Standiford. Wit, Dorsey Pcnticost, Joseph Winlock. William Addams. Ap, John Young, Jacob Newland, Peter Balea. Mother, Sarah Shannon; sister, Margaret Byers; sister, Ann Brakin or Brackin or Bracken; nephew. William Shannon, son of Thomas; niece, Sarah Shannon, daughter of Thomas; nephew, John Shannon, son of Samuel.

JACOB SMITH-Inventory-Ap, Robert Lowden, Jas. Hoagland, James W. Hemphill. Wife, Susanna; children. Betsy Smith, Polly Smith, James Smith.

Jacob Smith married Jefferson. Ky, 9-28-1789, Susanna Dement,
daughter of Benoni Dement. Susanna Smith, widow, evidently married before 1797, Peter Kerlin, as Peter Kerlin and Susanna Kerlin are guardians for Jacob Smith's children.

PATRICK SHIELDS-Inventory July, 1797-Ex, Mary Ann Shields,
widow. Sec, Richard Worthington. An, Richard Rees, Robert
Lowden, James Dods. Appraisement value -2000, 200 acres.

JAMES STOUT-August. 1790 Nuncupative Will Brother, Samuel
Stout only legatee. Deed from Joseph Simpson to Saml. and Jas.
Stout. August, 1797.

WILLIAM SLED-Inventory May. 1799-Ex.. Lucy Sled, widow, Sec.
John Barbee, Wm.. Gaines. Ap., Aaron Martin, John Martin, John
Jones James Brenton. Legal heirs: Seaton Sled, Richard McCaslin, Benjamin Martin.

Lucy Sled, widow, married 11-14 1802, Charles Rice. Eliazbeth  Sled
married 10-14-1811, Benjamin Martin. Nancy Sled married 4-21-
1814, Richard McCasIin.  Seaton Sled married 13-14-1820. Ann

THOMAS SHANNON-September 12, 1800; proved November 10,1800-
Ex, Mary Shannon, widow. Sec., James, Shannon. Samuel Shannon, Alex Shannon. Wit., Mathias Ham, Jacob Canoy. both of Mulenburg (Muhlenburg) County. Wife, Mary; brother, Samuel Shannon children. James, Samuel, Jane Reid, Agnes Wallace, Mary.

Agnes Shannon married 5-2l-1795, Michael Wallace.

ANDREW SHUCK-March 20, I803; proved May, 1803-Ex, Peter
Banta, Albert Vories. See.. Peter Banta, Daniel Demaree, John
Vories. Wit. John Vories, David Demaree, Wife. Margaret; children, Cornelius, John, Andrew, William, Hannah Batiss, Helena
Banta, Margaret Sharp, Matthias, Sarah Banta, Mary Poland.

Mary Shuck married 10-28-1798, WIlliam Poland. "Wm. Poland cared for Margaret Shuck, widow, while weak, feeble and infirm, from January 1, 1812 to January 1, 1820." Settlement.

JOHN SQUIRES-Inventory July 1803 Ex.. John Gott. Sec., Abraham Rutledge, George Boyd. Ap. Arthur McGaughey, Wilson Maddox, Dyonyssius Shelburn wife, Mary: John Squires, Jr., son.

Mary Squires, widow, married 6-9-1803,, Henry Caplinger. Margaret Squires, daughter of John, deceased, consent of mother, Mary Caplinger, married 3-31-1821. Alfred G. Mount.

THOMASTHOMPSON -Inventory November, 1797-Ex., Elizabeth Thompson, widow. Sec., Evan Thompson, Morgan Linville. Ap., Bland Ballard, John Wilcox. William Boone.

RALPH VAN CLEAVE-Inventory October. 1798-Ex., Lydia Van Cleave, widow. Sec, Benjamin Van Cleave. Ap., John Teague, John Ryker. Samuel Ryker.

Mrs. Lydia Van Cleave married 7-15-1808, George Staten

SAMUEL WILSON-August 30, 1794; proved October, 1794-Ex, Hugh Wilson. Ap., Remembrance Wilson, Wm, Caneday, Samuel Kinkade. Wit.. William Smiley. Remembrance Wilson. "To wife, Margaret, then to brother, Hugh Wilson."

DAVID WARFORD-Inventory March, 1795-Ex., Joseph Warford. Ap., Daniel Ketcham, .John Metcalfe, John Kephart. 600 acres on Simpson Creek, Nelson County, Kentucky.


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