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Civil War Veterans Buried In Baxter Springs Cemetery
In Cherokee County Kansas

Compiled & Submitted by Earleene Spaulding
: The Civil War Soldiers buried in Baxter Springs Cemetery is a project that Earleene Spaulding spent countless hours and money researching. She's allowing us to graciously place her work on Genealogy Trails websites for which we are very grateful.







Hopkins, Samuel

Co. G 15th KY. Inf.


June 10, 1914

Farmer, Aged 74 years

Soldiers Lot - Baxter Springs Cemetery

King, John

Co. C 8th Ky. Inf.

May 8, 1837

December 20, 1914

Section Q3 - Baxter Springs Cemetery

Leroy, Lucins Lyons Sergt.

Co. B 53rd Reg. Ky Mounted Vol. Inf.

July 6, 1841

April 23, 1914

Lyon Leroy - few thought last week when this paper mentioned the illness of Mr. Leroy, the librarian, that publication of his death would follow in the next issue. He died on the 22nd after a few days illness. Lyon Leroy was born in Kentucky and resided with an uncle who educated him. He was a graduate of the Georgetown University. Mr. Leroy held a position as Librarian in Kansas City several years after which he came to Baxter and had been in charge of our public library ever since it was started and a better person could not be found for the position. He was 73 years of age, was a veteran of the Civil War in which he had been wounded. He was a member of the G. A. R. [Cheroke County Republican]

Soldiers Lot - Baxter Springs Cemetery




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