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Wayne County, KY


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Baker Cemetery 365010N 0844244W  
Barrier Cemetery 364438N 0844414W  
Beck-Rector Cemetery 364828N 0845712W  
Bell Cemetery 364329N 0844222W  
Bell Cemetery 364348N 0844403W  
Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery      
Bowling Cemetery 365306N 0844244W  
Bucks Cemetery 364039N 0845444W  
Buncom Cemetery 364700N 0850004W  
Burkes Cemetery 364413N 0844047W  
Carrender-Tuttle Cemetery 365348N 0844102W  
Catron Cemetery 363959N 0845836W  
Coffey Cemetery 365410N 0845404W  
Cowan Cemetery 365435N 0844047W  
Criswell Cemetery 364321N 0844431W  
Cumberland Cemetery 365704N 0845059W  
Decker Cemetery 365346N 0845940W  
Dishman Cemetery 364120N 0845516W  
Dobbs Cemetery 363719N 0844750W  
Dobbs Cemetery 364526N 0844340W  
Dodson Cemetery 365329N 0844854W  
Dodson Cemetery 364824N 0844327W  
Dodson Cemetery 365032N 0844123W  
Dugger Cemetery 365754N 0844143W  
East Cemetery 365411N 0844410W  
Elk Spring Cemetery 365039N 0845008W  
Flynn Cemetery 365337N 0843842W  
Green Betty Cemetery 364832N 0845046W  
Griffin Cemetery 364245N 0844240W  
Hardwick Cemetery 365326N 0843937W  
Hicks Cemetery      
Horton Cemetery 365104N 0845433W  
Hutchinson Cemetery Number Two 365640N 0844146W  
Ingram-Vickery-Goodard Cemetery 364841N 0844836W  
Jonesville Cemetery 365209N 0843453W  
Keith Cemetery 365118N 0843538W  
Kendrick Cemetery 365125N 0844915W  
Kidd Cemetery 365046N 0843830W  
Kidder Cemetery 365453N 0843924W  
Koger Cemetery 365113N 0845415W  
Lonely Cemetery 364840N 0845102W  
Memorial Turners Gardens 365244N 0845402W  
Morgan Cemetery 364141N 0845547W  
Morrow Cemetery 365237N 0843850W  
Morrow Cemetery 365458N 0845203W  
Morrow Cemetery 364928N 0844333W  
Norfleet Cemetery 365622N 0845636W  
Norman Cemetery 365327N 0845159W  
Old Bethel Cemetery 365155N 0845615W  
Old Buster Graveyard     Monticello - "on the hill across the creek"
Phillips Cemetery 364302N 0844410W  
Rogers Cemetery 365448N 0845743W  
Russell Cemetery 365320N 0845742W  
Sandusky Cemetery 364531N 0845010W  
Silas Marr Cemetery 365231N 0844016W  
Simpson Cemetery 365720N 0844346W  
Sloan Cemetery 365325N 0844543W  
Smith Cemetery 365700N 0844911W  
Stringer Cemetery 365232N 0845358W  
Taylor Cemetery 364929N 0844730W  
Taylor Cemetery 365559N 0844125W  
Tucker Cemetery 365039N 0843737W  


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