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A History of Mt. Pisgah Presbyterian Church

Early settlers and Members to 1818

Source: "Pisgah book, 1784-1909 : a memorial, a lesson, an inspiration",
1909 by William Orpheus Shewmaker, Pastor of Pisgah Church

Submitted by Kim T. (Dec. 2011)

In the year 1780, Samuel Stevenson and Jane Gay, his wife, came from the fort in Lexington to live in their new long cabin, erected on the lands which they had surveyed in the new Kentucky country. Their home stood upon the wooded point of land just west of the present site of the church. The house had been built by Stevenson and his slaves, with the help of his brother-in-law, Alexander Dunlap and John Gay, and their friend, Moses McIlvain. In the same season were built the homes of Dunlap and Agnes Gay, his wife; of John Gay and Sally Lockridge; of Moses McIlvain and Margaret Hodge. These homes were within a mile of each other and each near to a spring of water. The grant of land had originally been acquired and the claim located by Samuel Stevenson. He and Dunlap had each married sisters of John Gay. These were Scotch-Irish Virginians, all from Augusta County.

About the same time, even earlier, pioneer Presbyterian famililes had settled in the region, the furthest not being more than six miles away. Among them were the Allens, Scotts, Evansees, Garretts (who came to Fort Garrett in 1778), Rennicks, Martins, Longs, Fergusons, Burriers, Blacks, Robbs, Elliotts, Watsons, Campbells, Howes, Steeles, Wardlaws, Youngs' and Stewarts. Another pioneer family, only three miles from the church, was that of the Wasons, who came out of the Lexington stockade in 1780 or 1781. At first, they were members of the Associate Reformed Church at Lexington. Finally they became members of Pisgahm Dr. R. H. Wason being one of its elders.

Three families of Stevensons settled here, none of them related to each other. At a somewhat later period, other names appear among the people of Pisgah. Among them are the Marshalls, Hardins, Richeys, Stones, Smedleys, Spencers, Youngs, Taylors, Berrymans, Miltons, Linghamfelters, McPheeters, Castlemans, Bohannons, McCroskeys, Scrogins, Stogdols, Coxes, Wallaces, Alexanders, Hedgers Wheelers, Worleys, Coffmans, Jameses, Halls, Andersons, Eastons, Carrs, Kinkeads, Armstrongs, Whittingtons, Aikins, Thompsons, Boardmans, Lytles, Waltzes, Fraziers, Burnams, Berrys and the Hamiltons.

The following are the names that appear in the Church records. No known record earlier than 1 January 1808, is known to exist.


Moses McIlvain
Margaret McIlvain
William McIlvain
John Armstrong
James Ritchie
Jane Ritchie
Phebe Ferguson
Arthur Campbell
Joseph Robb
Mrs. Elinor Robb Logan
Alexander Black
Agnes Black
Agnes Steele
Polly Steele
William McPheeters
Hugh Muldrow
Jane Muldrow
Samuel Stevenson
Jane Stevenson
Mary Stevenson
George Campbell
Nancy Campbell
Nancy Kirkham
James Rennick
Mary Rennick
Lydia Rennick
Margaret Rennick
John Elliott
Ellender Elliott
Rebecca Allen
James White
John McMahon
Mary McMahon
Benjamin Stevenson
Mary Stevenson
Mary Long
Joanna Campbell
Margaret Stevenson
Mary Stevenson
Elizabeth Elliott
James Stevenson, Sr.
James Stevenson
Joshua Whittington
Mary Stevenson
Joshua Whittington
Mary Stevenson
Sarah Dunlap
Archibald Kinkead
William Stevenson
Susanna Stevenson
Martha Martin
Susanna Aikin
Mrs. Sarah Gay McIlvain
Sarah Gay
Abram, a slave
Lucy, a slave

Nancy Kirkham
Agnes Marshall

? Brown
? Brown

Mrs. Mary Lackland
Mrs. Jane Carr

Mrs. Mary Smith
Col. Tunstall Quarles

Mrs. Mary Gordon
Jane Allen
Rebecca Gay

Cornelius Hoolman
Jane Carr
Mrs. Campbell
Mrs. Polly McCullough
Mrs. Catherine Milton
Mrs. Frances Armstrong
Mrs. Nancy Quarles
Livy Bohannon
George Burgen
Rebecca Burgen



Mrs. Margaret Compton

Wm. R. Thompson

Wm (L.) Breckinridge



Willis Green

Mrs. Myra Maddison Alexander
Chas. Marshall

John McClung

Wm. Marshall

James Boardman
Lewis Green
Thomas Taylor
Billy (a man of color)
America Mattox
Mrs. Rachel Muldrow
Mrs. Mary Allen
Mrs. Matilda Berryman
Mrs. Jane Harris

Samuel P. Menzis

Thos. (Little) Lytel



Mrs. Mary Martin

James Stevenson Jr.

Mrs Martia Hamilton



Mrs Nancy Watson

Mrs Anny Buford

John K. Lee

Eliza Raleigh



Sarah Williams

Mrs Isabella Scott



Mrs Sarah McClure



Wm Shaw

James Elliott

Mrs Mary Cox



Eliza Jane Stevenson

Samuel Shaw

Mrs Sarah Elliott



James S Berryman

Sarah Armstrong

Mrs Susan Hart

Mrs Margaret Thompson

Samuel Thompson

Kinkead Gay

Robt. E Schrogan

Eve (colored woman)

Mrs Jane Worley

Mrs Jane Gay

Mrs Eliza Jane Stevenson

Harriet Scrogan

Mrs Ann Scrogan Collins

Mrs Nancy Young Winkfield

Hetty (colored person)

Davie (colored person)

Hannah (colored person)

Elizah Milton

Frederick Waltz

Wm Allen

John Milton

Louisa Milton

Mrs Mary Catherine Taylor Berry

Wm Stevenson

Jane Stevenson

Bushrod Milton

George Lingenfelter

Mrs Jane Martin

Hannah W Blair

Lucy (colored woman)

Daniel Orr

Mima (colored woman)



Lancelot Clark

Mrs Elizabeth Ann Stevenson Cooper

Mrs Sarah Elliott

John W McIlvain

(Irene) Hensley

Jane Eliza Orr

Marth Martin

Robt Martin

Samuel Aikin

Mrs Elizabeth Clark

Mrs Sarah Bohannon

Isaac (colored man)

Mrs Ann Aikin

Sophia M Frazier

James Gay

Mrs Catherine Gay

Jane Young

Elizabeth Waltz

Mrs Lucinda Young McMillan

Minerva Scrogan

John Buford

Emily Stevenson

Wm Rankin

Mrs Margaret Rankin

Mrs Sarah Williams

Mrs Jane Allen Hedger

Mrs Ittaly Martin

Mrs Mary Burnum

Andrew Z Sowin

Dabby (woman of color)

John Steele

Wm Wallace

Isaac (colored man)

John Martin

Jane Simonton

Margaret Hammons

James Williams

Mrs Sarah L Frazier Logan

Robt. Harvey Watson

Wm H Burnum

Mrs Margaret S Stevenson Wason

Emaline J Broughton

John Martin, Jr

Luther C. Schrogan

Milly Davis

Elizabeth Schrogran

Stephen (colored person)

Mrs Mary J Ritchey Pearson



Mrs Sarah Ann Young



Mrs Elizabeth Waltz

Frederick Bush



Mrs Mary Stevenson

Mrs Elizabeth Stevenson

Martha McClure

Mrs Emily Milton

Sarah Cligget



Samuel Aikin

Ann Aikin

Mrs Elizabeth Cunningham

John (slave of Mrs Cunningham)

Winnery (slave of Mrs Cunningham)

Mrs Mary Clagget

Mrs Sally Elliott

Ann Elliott

Mrs Elizabeth Bush

Mrs Jane Berry

Hetty (colored person)

Thos. Wason

Jack (colored person)

Nancy (colored person)

Mrs Jane Ritchey

Mary Ann Carlisle

Walter C Ferguson

Ferabanite Hensley

Mrs. Juliet N Jackson



Elizabeth Alexander



Mrs Nancy Ann Milton

Mrs Elizabeth Milton

Jane Morgan

Mrs Jane Sandusky

Mary F. Aikin
Martha Ann McCrosky
Mrs. Sophia Smedley
James Martin, Jr.



America Gaines
Samuel Schrogan
John W. Stevenson
Edmund (colored man)
M. S. Robinson
Chas. W. Castleman



Ralph E. Smith
Catherine Hunter
Dr. Lewis Marshall
Agatha Marshall

Geo. Parsons

Miss Eliza Alexander

Rebecca Mcllvain



George C. Spencer
Amelia Spencer



Mrs. P. Craven
Louisa Bohannon
Mrs. Mary Ann Phillips
Miss Nancy McClure
Agatha Marshall
Cyrus Hedger



Alexander Dinsmore

Mrs. Mary Bissell
Mrs. Wm. C. Bissell


Mrs. Matilda Cox
E. F. Easton
Amanda Easton
Ebin Milton
Hugh Allen. Jr.
Augustus Bailey
James Wardlow
Ann L. McGee
Dr. Reuben Berry
Gillead Polk
Eliza R Milton
Bushrod Castleman
Alexander Stevenson
Thos. P. Allen
Garrot Young

Polly Allen

Eliza Ann Sullivan

Malinda Rennick

Eliza McCrosky

William Colman

Elizabeth Kent Alexander

Ann Smedly

Catherine Burner
William Burner
Rebecca Burner
William Milton
Henry Berry
Hannah E. Castleman
Louisa C. Milton
Martha Ann Aikin
Samuel Aikin, Jr.
Harlow Spencer
Susan Risk
John A. Stogdel
Martha J. Irvine
Thomas Young
Archimedes G. Elliott
Martha Allen
John Milton, Jr.

Stephen G. Tutt
Hulda Ann Elliott
Zerilda Sanders
Amanda D. Risk
Elizabeth Milton
Nancy Stogdel
John J. Reid
Margaret C. Reid
Robert Allen
William H. Martin
John Neet
Columbia Offet
Aliice Ann Allen
Jane Abraham Hunter
John P. Aikin
Samuel Ritchie
Elizabeth L. Hunter
Mary William Elliott

Glass Marshall
Mary P. Thompson



Joseph Frazier
Robert Wilkerson
Addison Milton
Elizabeth Florida Milor
Sarah Elizabeth Castleman
Wm. M. Scott
Friend Perin
John Jackson
Mary Berry



Eliza (a colored woman of E. Fields)



John Valentine



C. M. Dermont



Mary Jane Sullivan
Robt. Stevenson
Robt Stevenson, Jr. Margaret Melting
Mary Jane Neet
Rebecca Allen
Mary Allen
Louisa Allen
A. Cox


James Graves
Martha E. McPheeters
Virginia Berry Elizabeth W. Stevenson
Davidella H. Neet
Elizabeth S. Berry
Robt. L. Haney Davis
S. S. McPheeters
Mrs. Isabella Parsons
Sarah C. Stevenson
Lucy Berry
Wm. H. Stevenson Charles W. Price
G. Bushrod Stevenson
James P. Gay
Tarlton C. Miles
Mary Waltz
Virginia L. Nect Moore
Clarinda E. Stevenson
Lucy Ann Stevenson
Nicholas Warden
Sarah P.Milton
Mary Milton Mary E. Wason
Mrs. Margaret Gay Wason
Martha C. Castleman
Walter Ferguson
Mrs. H. C. Bohannon
James H. Henderson
Chloe J. Price
Eliza (colored)
Eliza (slave)
Judy (slave)
Louisa (slave)
Harriet (slave)
Jacob (slave)
Thornton (slave)
Hetty (slave)
Sally (slave)
Huldah (slave)
Mary Jane (slave)
Henry (colored)
David Riley
Martha Riley


Guy P. Hamiiton
Marcia Hamilton
David Smith
Joseph M. Dean
Agnes Gay
Robert Garret



Mrs. H. Wheeler



Watson Gay
Mrs. F. J. Patrick



Tidbault Milton
Harlow Spencer
Mrs. F. J. Patrick



James Allen
Eliza Allen
Margaret A. M. Allen
Mrs. Sarah Stevenson
T. J. Settle
Jas. Hale

Miss Lucinda Haney


Emily (colored)
Dr. W. Douglass Gay
Mrs. Kale Gay
Mrs. Anne Wheeler
Miss Jennie Worley
Miss Jennie Walker
Rebecca W. Gay
C T. Cox
Hugh Hedger
Flem Hedger
Wm. Dunn
James B. Milton
Harvey noggins
Wm. T. Smith
Eben Taylor
James A. Wason

John Scearce

Esther (colored)
Bushrod Cattleman
Ebin Milton
Isabella Alexander



Mrs. Theodosia Hall
Miss Maria Sackett
Mrs. Mary Jane Spencer



Robt. Hedger
Wm. T. Wason



Sarah Bettie Gay
Mrs. Mary_ Bosworth
Wm. Martin

Andy (colored)

Miss Ann D. Martin




Mrs. Caroline Douglas
Mary Louisa Castleman



Miss Mary Ellen Hedger
Miss Anna M. Wason
Mrs. N. M. Douglas
Mrs. E. Coffman



Miss Mary Caroline Allen
Mrs. Nannie James



Geo. B. Waltz
Mrs. Mary Waltz



Berry Stevenson

Chas. Hedger



Mrs. Kate Garrett
Waller F. Bohon
Miss Jessie Neet
Samuel Hollo way
Wm. A. Hall
Miss Florence Bohon
Miss Belle Hall
Miss Bettie Hall
Rebecca W. Wason
Miss Bettie Allen
Wm. Wright
James Stevenson. Jr.

J Smith Taylor
Hugh Allen
Will Henry Lasing (colored)
Miss Sallie E. Stevenson

James E. Neet

James Garrett
Mrs. Luanda Cassell
Col. Oliver Anderson
Mrs. Louisa Anderson
Mrs. Kate Akers



J. R. Stockdell
Nancy Stockdell



John Evans
A. Spencer



Jane Spencer

Mrs. Sallie Falconer

Jane McEachin

P. G. Powell

Mrs. Henrietta Powell



J. W. Mcllvain
Mrs. Mary Mcllvain


George L. Douglas
Wm. A. Cox
Mary Rebecca Wright
Maggie Gay
James L. Gay
Theo. H. Wallace
Mrs. Sallie McEachin



Kate C. Wason 

Lon E. Rennick 

Henry Mehring 

Maggie Cheney 
Carrie D. Wason ,
Charles Hieber 

Miss Annie Spencer 

John Lafon 

Watson Gay 



Dr. William Brother
Mrs. C. E. Brother
Miss Mary Cox



Miss Mary McEachin
Miss Bettie Powell
William Gay
Thos. Shelby
Charles Wallace
T. A. Falconer
Mrs. Jane Holloway

Ella Wallace
Derrill Hart
Lou Hart



R. S. Hart
Mrs. Eliza Stanhope
Miss Lula Stanhope
Miss Mollie. Settle
Miss Mattie A. Settle
J. Wilmore Garrett



Miss Lucy A. Armistead

Maggie Burrier
Nancy Arnsparger
Miss S. F. Arnsparger
John Arnsparger
Mary T. Dillard
Mary Hieber
Charles A. Stevenson
John T. Wason
Sue Ann Giltner
Robt. H. Wason, Jr.
Mrs. C. A. Stevenson

Miss Kate Hall
James Gay
Miss Stella Knobe
Eliza Watkins
Elijah Watkins
Mrs. Bettie Gay
W. A. Slaymaker
Mrs. H. C. Slaymaker
Hunter Brother
Jake Sandusky
Caroline Sandusky



Richard Kirby Stanhope

G. A. Spencer

Mrs. Jane Spencer

Miss Annie Spencer



Mrs. Betty Sandusky

Laura Bohon

Kitty Sandusky



Alline Brother
Lewis N. Van Meter
Mary E. Worley



James Cox
Mary Lee Gay
Michael Powell
Robert James
Joseph Garrett
Rutherford E. Douglas
Charles Powell

A. E. Spencer
Anna M. Worley
Mrs. Sallie Gay



Mrs. Susie L. Sandusky


Miss Matilda Cox

Miss Carrie Rutherford Gay



H. W. Worley
Miss Bessie Falconer

Miss Bessie Sandusky
Miss Kate Falconer
Francis Douglas
J. E. Boatwright



Miss Mary L. Gay
Miss Julia Sandusky
Miss Drusilla Douglas
Miss Laura Arnsparger
Mrs. Ruth E. Hieber

Mrs. Hattie Littrell

Horace Gay

Mrs. Mary Hieber

Charles Hieber

Kirby Grimes

Miss Mollie Dole

Richard Hieber

B. R. Marshall

Caesar Mcllvain (colored)

John Reese



Miss Eugenia Stout


Mr. Wm. Laurie
Mrs. Wm. Laurie
Mrs. S. McCrohan



Mrs. Virginia Gay



Mrs. Hannah A. Cox
Miss Dora Hieber
John Falconer
James Smith
Majean Burrier
Hattie Smith
Paul Brother
Zachariah Wardle
Mary F. Wardle



Miss Anne Stoakley

William Hicks

Mrs. Hattie Newman

H. Q. Newman



Lillian McPhail Ervin
Peter G. Powell, Jr.
Mary Ervin



Mrs. Mary Smith
Mrs. Emma A. Powell
Mrs. Alma Brooks Wason

J. Tyler Nash
Thomas L. Nash
George P. Nash
Mrs. Mantha Littrell
Miss Bertie Carrel
Mary Kate Hieber
John Hieber
S. M. Stedman
Miss Eliza Redding
John W. Ervin
Charlton Morton
Benjamin R. Hart

Mr Martin

Mrs. Lucy Jones Marks


Mrs. Susan Smithers

Miss Catherine Shaw

Mr. A. M. Brock

Miss Alice Brock

Miss Elizabeth Carpenter

Mr. Hughes

Miss Katherine Gay

Mrs. Sarah M. Powell
Mr. Henry Smithers
James Smithers
Mrs. Ella Smithers
Mrs. Elizabeth Parker



Mr. Claude Kendall
Mrs. Laura A. Kendall
Roger H. Smith
Morgan Smedley



Mrs. Mary E. W. Groves
John E. Groves
Mrs. Bettie H. Groves
Mrs. Fanny Van Pelt Groves
Mrs. Katherine Clarke Garrett
Mrs. Mary Talbott Wason
Oliver Higgins Farra
Miss Mollie E. Daugherty
Mrs. Mary Caroline Parker
George L. Douglas
Andrew Bowman

Catherine Reed Bowman
Margaret Wason Garrett
Robert Garrett
Margaret Rebecca Hart
Robert S. Hart, Jr.
Mrs. Mary H. Powell
Richard Hieber, Jr.
Martha Virginia Hieber
Catherine Coleman Smedley
Addie Lee Parker
Amelia Marion Groves
Mrs. Mary A. J. Powell



Miss Margaret M. Littrell

Miss Lulie Littrell

Miss Mattie Mary Littrell



Rosa Kaenzig



Charles T. Cox
Mary W. Hart
Ella L. Carpenter
Wm Smith



B. F. Wise

A. H. McCray

Sallie James Hanna

John Gay Hannah

Maria Louise Hanna

Maud D. Cox

Ida W. Cox

J. Wilmore Garrett Jr.

Bessie Harris

Newton Gay

Mr. Tom Littrell

Mrs. Julia Spurgeon

John A. Jackson

Derrill Hart



Harvey W. Smedley



Mary Louise Garrett

James Douglas Garrett

Harrison Littrell

Annie Hieber

Mrs. Viola Lyons



George W. Smedley

Jesse H. Burrier



Robert McDonald Garrett

James Robert Cox

Lewis Gay Nash

Mrs. Nancy Parker

Mr. Clinton Parker

Electra Woodhall

J. Tyler Nash, Jr.

Cora Littrell

Odell Littrell




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