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Marriage Notices and Records of Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana

January 9, 1873
Miss Maggie M. Morgan of Avyelles Parish, La. and A. E. Haley, formerly of Copiah County, were married Dec. 18, by Rev. John O'Quin.

[The Weekly Clarion, Jackson, Mississippi - submitted by D. Reese]

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The Marriage License of Vernon Owens to Esla Dewailly

State of Louisiana, Parish of Morehouse

Clerk's Office Fourth District Court

To any Ordained Minister of the Gospel, or Justice of the Peace



 You are hereby authorized an empowered to unite in the Bonds of Matrimony and Holy Wedlock,

Mr. Vernon Owens and Miss Elsa Dewailly  both residents of the state aforesaid, and to solemize and celebrate

said marriage between said parties according to the laws of and customs of this State, and to make your  return hereof  as the law

 directs and this is your authority for doing so.

Giving under my hand and seal of this office, this 9th day of October, 1929

                                                             J T Dalton Jr

                                                                                Deputy Clerk of District Court

                                                                   Book 25 Page 101

State of Louisiana

Parish of Morehouse

I hereby certify that I this day, in pursuance of this foregoing License, embraced and solemnized a marriage between

Mr Vernon Owens

Miss Elsa Dewailly

agreeably to the laws and customs of the State of Louisiana.  In Faith Whereof, I have together In Faith Whereof, I have together with the parties and the undersigned witnesses, signed this present on this 9th day of October, 1929

Three Witnesses

Audie Graham                                                                                                                Vernon Owens

                                                                                                                                  Elsa Dewailly

Contributed by:

Yvonne Owens Hatch


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