This was copied on 4 Dec. 2000 from the records for Carroll Parish, La.
at Lake Providence, La.  by Carolyn Avery
All were warrented as being free from all
vices as prescribed by La. Law and slaves for life.


Book J  Page 19    25 June 1859

S.S. Chambliss and wife                to   Norman Frisby
Jno. Martin and wife                        of Tensas Parish, La.
all of Carroll Parish, La.


The slaves were purchased from Frederick W. Hurling in New Orleans, La.
by Chambliss and Martin.


Frank about 27 years   Clara about 26 years     Betsey about 8 years
Allen about 11 years   Willis about 6 years     Margaret about 3 years
Jacob about 58 years   Lizzie about 55 years    Ike about 24 years
Susan about 22 years   Nelson about 7 years     Judy about 3 years
Ned about 19 years     Milly about 32 years     Alfred about 14 years
Hen??son about 9 years Harper about 7 years     Abby about 5 years
Ester about 3 years    Amanda about 25 +her child Pat about 8 years


They were sold 26 Dec. 1857 for $20,666.66  2/3


Book J   Page 57     30 Sept. 1859


Nicholas D. Ingram                 to        James M. Alexander
of New Orleans, La.                          of Carroll Parish, La.


Martha, negro woman about 23 years old


Book J   Page 57    3 Sept. 1859


Jno. T. Sibley Natural Tutor      to          Adelin N. Larche
of New Orleans, La.                           of Carroll Parish, La.


Henry, a negro man aged about 35 years aquired by minor children from
their grandfather, Robert F. Sibley for $1250.00


Book J   Page 63 - 64


Thomas C. Scarbrough              to        Henry Goodrich
Eliza Wilson Scarbrough                     of New Orleans, La.
of Carroll Parish, La.


Andrew about 28 years (belonged to Eliza Scarbrough) $1500.00
Elvira about 17 years (community property)           $1500.00


Book J   Page 66    23 Sept. 1857


Walter L. Campbell             to  Margaret Wilson Tutrix Heirs of
of Carroll Parish, La.             George O. Wilson of Carroll Parish,


Elbert Johnson about 21 years           $1500.00
Joseph Willingham about 19 years        $1400.00


Book J   Page 73             22 Oct. 1857


F.B. Kilcrease            to   Indiana S. Thelan
of Randolph Co. Ark.           of Carroll Parish, La.


Ned, a negro man of yellow complexion and kinky head about 30 years


Book J   Page 77    28 Oct. 1859


William D. Hardeman          to  Charles De France and wife
of Tenn.                         of Carroll Parish


Jacob about 45 years     Harriett about 24 years   Mach about 31 years
Charles 6 months         Nicholas about 21 years   D about 18 years
Warren about 15 years    June about 31 years       Tom about 15 years
Moses about 13 years     Old Tom about 44 years    Winny  10 years
Mecum 5 years            Gloster about 32 years    Ann 12 years
Elizebeth about 28 years Sarah  10 years           Lucy 7 years
Cathrine 4 years         Walter  6 months          Abby about 45 years
Louis about 27 years     Squire about 24 years


Book J   Page 92 - 93        17 Nov. 1857


John W. Hays and wife      to      Wilford C. Jackson
of Carroll Parish, La.             of Carroll Parish, La.


Dock, a certian negro man of black complextion, sound in body and mind
     about 27 years          $1500.00
Book J   Page 103    30 Nov. 1857


Joseph S.M. Lowry and wife,        to     T.I & W.S. Furness
Mary Jane Furness Lowry                   of Franklin Co. Ms.
of Carroll Parish, La.


Cinthia aged 24 years and her son Frank aged 9 years  $1800.00
Book J    Page 103 - 104        16 Nov. 1857


Thomas J. Furniss and others      to       Mary Jane Lowery
of Franklin Co. Ms.                        of Carroll Parish, La.


These were from the estate of John T. Furness


Lithian, a mutilress and her two children, Jenny and Marlin
They were relinquisted as part of the estate.


Book J   Page 113         2 May 1851


John Van Wagnen              to   Alfred Green
of Memphis, Tenn.                 Carroll Parish, La.


Sarah about 11 years      $450.00


Book J   Page 114        19 Dec. 1857


Alfred Green           to    Sanders D. Oliver
of Carroll Parish, La.       of Carroll Parish, La.


Sarah  about 15 years       $800.00


Book J   Page 114         19 Dec. 1857


Nathaniel B. Forrest & Brother    to   Sanders D. Oliver
of Shelby Co., Tenn.                   Carroll Parish, La.


Sally about 24 years           $1092.00
Book J   Page 114             19 Dec. 1859


Aimrod T. Lumdsy          to  Sanders D. Oliver
of Carroll Parish, La.        of Carroll Parish, La.


Willis about 21 years        $1400.00



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