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Korean War Casualties


For persons who died while missing or captured, the date of casualty is the date died or declared
dead (e.g. date of a finding of death), not the date declared missing or captured.

For home of record, Army lists county; Air Force, Navy and Marines list city, town or place.

KIA = Killed in Action
DWC=Died While Captured
DWM=Died While Missing
D0W=Died of Wounds







Aizen Raymond J CPL Army Assumption 1-Dec-1950 KIA
Alexander Colbert J Jr CPL Marines Baton Rouge 2-Aug-1950 KIA
Alexander Hypolite MSGT Army Orleans 10-Sep-1950 KIA
Allbritton Jack PFC Army Ouachita 17-Aug-1950 KIA
Allemand Percy PVT Army Lafayette 12-Feb-1951 DWC
Allen Chelcia A PFC Army Ouachita 22-Jul-1950 DWM
Allison Buddy Eugene CPL Marines Baton Rouge 11-Nov-1952 KIA
Amos General P PFC Army Terrebonne 25-Nov-1950 DWM
Amy Oris W 1LT Army Evangeline 16-Oct-1951 KIA
Anderson Austin J CPL Army St Landry 3-Sep-1950 KIA
Anderson Robert E PVT Army Rapides 16-Feb-1951 KIA
Anderson Stanley A 1LT Army Terrebonne 2-Dec-1950 KIA
Arnold Clyde B CPL Army Allen 14-Sep-1950 KIA
Ashworth Huey PFC Army Allen 1-Dec-1950 DWC
Atkinson Stanley J PFC Army Lafourche 10-Feb-1951 KIA
Aulds Opal D SGT Army Ouachita 11-Jul-1950 KIA
Austin Monroe Jr PFC Marines New Orleans 9-Jul-1953 DOW
Authement Samson PFC Army Jefferson Davis 17-Jul-1953 KIA
Babin Paul E CPL Army St Mary 15-Aug-1950 KIA
Bagwell Cecil R CPL Army Orleans 19-Sep-1951 DWM
Bailey R V CPL Army Beauregard 13-Jul-1952 KIA
Ballard Robert Jr PVT Army Avoyelles 6-Nov-1951 KIA
Ballis Gus George CPL Marines Marksville 5-May-1952 DOW
Baquet Rudolph P CPL Army Orleans 30-Nov-1950 DWM
Barbarin Lawrence PFC Army Orleans 21-Aug-1950 KIA
Barnett Earl J PFC Army De Soto 17-Apr-1953 KIA
Basco Earl D PFC Army Rapides 14-Feb-1951 KIA
Basco Hiram L PVT Army Natchitoches 13-Apr-1951 KIA
Basha Freddie PVT Army Iberia 28-Nov-1950 DWC
Baskin Curtis D PFC Army Claiborne 17-Mar-1953 KIA
Bellamy Freeling W CAPT Army Morehouse 11-Aug-1950 KIA
Belt Robert J CPL Army Orleans 8-Apr-1951 KIA
Benoit Andrew CPL Army Jefferson Davis 16-Jul-1953 KIA
Bergeron Charles Francis PFC Marines Houma 24-Sep-1950 KIA
Bernard Elton J CPL Army Avoyelles 1-Dec-1950 DWM
Bias Donnie L SFC Army E Baton Rouge 25-Aug-1950 KIA
Biggs Glynn R CPL Army Richland 7-Aug-1950 DOW
Binet Morgan Edward PFC Marines New Orleans 2-Dec-1950 KIA
Bishop James E PVT Army Winn 28-Nov-1950 KIA
Black Huey G PVT Army Natchitoches 7-Nov-1951 KIA
Blair George W PFC Army Caddo 29-Jul-1950 KIA
Bland Ellie PFC Army E Baton Rouge 6-Dec-1950 DWM
Blount Clyde D SGT Army Livingston 2-Jun-1951 KIA
Bolton William M MAJ Army St James 13-Feb-1951 DWC
Bonfiglio Frank J PVT Army Tangipahoa 28-Nov-1950 DWM
Bonnette Edwin A PVT Army Orleans 24-Jul-1950 KIA
Boudreaux Amos Jules CPL Marines Church Point 15-Apr-1952 KIA
Boudreaux Felix CPL Army Iberia 26-Aug-1951 KIA
Bouillion Ludwest SFC Army Vermilion 22-Feb-1951 KIA
Bounds Travis O SFC Army De Soto 3-Dec-1950 KIA
Bourgeois Joseph R PVT Army St Landry 1-Sep-1951 KIA
Bowmon Mason J CPL Army Orleans 14-Jul-1952 KIA
Bradford Ulysses H CAPT Army Orleans 2-Nov-1950 DWC
Brandon Delbert PFC Army Sabine 17-Oct-1952 KIA
Braud Claude PFC Army Ascension 30-Nov-1950 DWC
Bridges M Jay PFC Army Orleans 15-Jul-1953 KIA
Brouchet Paul W PFC Army Lafayette 1-Dec-1950 DWM
Brouillette Neilso 1LT Army Avoyelles 20-Oct-1951 KIA
Broussard Edward PFC Army Lafayette 12-Aug-1950 KIA
Broussard George CPL Army Lafayette 28-Nov-1951 KIA
Broussard Reed O PVT Army Jefferson Davis 25-Jul-1950 KIA
Broussard Simon W SFC Army Evangeline 1-Sep-1950 KIA
Broussard Woodrow MSGT Army St Martin 2-Sep-1950 KIA
Brown Lawrence L PFC Army E Baton Rouge 26-Nov-1950 DWC
Brown Samuel SGT Army Orleans 31-Dec-1950 KIA
Brown Samuel Jr PFC Army Orleans 14-Oct-1951 KIA
Bruce Richard Worth PFC Marines Shreveport 23-Feb-1951 DOW
Burgess Ted Columbus PFC Marines Dunn 21-Sep-1950 KIA
Burns William T SFC Army Orleans 5-Nov-1950 KIA
Burrell Matthew CPL Army Rapides 1-Dec-1950 DWM
Burson Billy B CPL Army Terrebonne 22-Mar-1953 KIA
Callouet James Benedict PFC Marines Houma 7-Dec-1950 KIA
Campbell Jimmie R SGT Army Webster 19-May-1951 DWC
Candler Claudie B SGT Army Bienville 15-Oct-1950 KIA
Cantrelle Joseph M CPL Army St James 13-Feb-1951 DWC
Carpenter Charles F PFC Marines Hammond 27-Oct-1950 KIA
Carpenter Douglas SGT Army Webster 21-Jul-1950 KIA
Carrington Michael 2LT Army Plaquemines 9-Dec-1952 KIA
Carroll Billy W PFC Army W Carroll 24-Jul-1951 KIA
Carroll Cornie E PFC Army Tangipahoa 9-Oct-1950 KIA
Carroll Joseph S CPL Army Ouachita 3-Oct-1951 KIA
Castiglione Paul PFC Marines New Orleans 10-Dec-1950 KIA
Castille Felix A PFC Marines Sunset 8-Mar-1951 KIA
Castille Melvin M PFC Army St Martin 28-Nov-1950 DWM
Cater Monroe Jr PFC Army Richland 10-Jul-1950 KIA
Cato Wilbert W WO Army Allen 1-Sep-1950 KIA
Chaddrick Earbie PFC Army Evangeline 8-Nov-1951 KIA
Chaisson Henry PFC Army Calcasieu 24-Oct-1952 KIA
Chambers Andrew PVT Army Orleans 28-Apr-1953 DOW
Champagne Morris J PFC Army St Charles 12-Feb-1951 KIA
Chaney James G PVT Army E Baton Rouge 2-Jun-1953 DWM
Chapman Theodore W PFC Marines New Orleans 4-Nov-1950 KIA
Chasez Rene P PFC Army Orleans 28-Jul-1950 KIA
Chataignier Wade J SGT Army Iberia 21-Feb-1951 DOW
Chavers Elma I SA Navy Uneedus 8-Mar-1952 DWM
Cheramie Lawrence PFC Army Orleans 20-Jul-1950 KIA
Clark Keith K PVT Army Vernon 7-Jan-1951 DWC
Cole Randolph J PFC Army Washington 7-Jun-1951 KIA
Colletti Ernest J PFC Army Orleans 30-Nov-1950 KIA
Collins Galvis PVT Army Lafourche 16-Oct-1951 KIA
Comeaux Rayford J PVT Army Lafayette 16-Jul-1950 KIA
Conely Ulysses MSGT Army Caddo 1-Dec-1950 DWC
Conkerton John D PFC Army Orleans 13-Sep-1951 KIA
Contario Johnnie E CPL Army Sabine 12-Sep-1950 KIA
Cook J C PFC Army E Carrol 21-Sep-1950 KIA
Corcoran John PFC Army Lafayette 24-Sep-1950 DOW
Cormier Ferman PFC Army Lafayette 13-Feb-1951 DWC
Cornibe Robert L PFC Army St Tammany 19-Aug-1950 KIA
Coulon Calvin Jr CPL Army Orleans 1-Sep-1950 KIA
Courville Similian PVT Army St Martin 9-Aug-1950 KIA
Couvillier James J PVT Army St Mary 22-May-1951 KIA
Cox Everle PFC Army Webster 20-Nov-1951 KIA
Cox George M Jr PFC Marines New Orleans 24-Apr-1952 KIA
Cox Larry T SGT Army Sabine 5-Sep-1950 KIA
Crawford Lawrence CPL Army Orleans 30-Jul-1950 DOW
Crocker Frank W Jr PFC Marines Metaire 25-May-1951 KIA
Currie John W Jr PFC Army St Helena 26-Nov-1950 DWC
Daigle Lifford J CPL Army Lafayette 14-Oct-1952 KIA
Dalier Daniel John PFC Marines Baton Rouge 29-Nov-1950 DOW
Darah William P MSGT Army Orleans 20-Sep-1950 KIA
Dardar Alvin PFC Army St Bernard 6-Feb-1952 KIA
Dauphiney Elton SGT Army Iberia 16-Nov-1950 KIA
David Clophas J CPL Army Vermilion 21-May-1951 DOW
Davis Charles E CPL Army Caddo 14-Feb-1951 KIA
Davis John R PFC Marines Jonesboro 24-Apr-1951 KIA
Davis Timothy MSGT Army Rapides 11-Aug-1950 KIA
Davis Willie PVT Army Jefferson 1-Dec-1950 DWC
Dawkins Francis M CPL Army W Carroll 20-Jul-1950 KIA
Day John W CPL Army Orleans 21-Sep-1951 KIA
De Moll Casimire SGT Army Orleans 4-Feb-1951 DWM
De Rouen Adam J PVT Army Calcasieu 19-Oct-1951 KIA
Dean Alvin C CPL Army Orleans 12-Jul-1950 DWC
Deason Willie Ray PFC Marines Pitkin 9-Aug-1952 KIA
Decker William T SGT Army St Tammany 12-May-1951 KIA
Decoto William P PFC Army Livingston 11-Feb-1951 KIA
Delcambre L J Jr 2LT Army Iberia 14-Jun-1952 KIA
Dement Billy E SGT Army Evangeline 10-Sep-1950 KIA
Denmon Jimmy R PVT Army Caddo 5-Sep-1950 KIA
Dequire George PFC Marines Morgan City 5-Sep-1952 KIA
Deshotel Grover W PFC Army Evangeline 8-Mar-1951 KIA
Didier Donald Joseph PFC Marines New Orleans 6-Dec-1950 KIA
Dodd Howard H PFC Army Caddo 6-Oct-1951 KIA
Dorsey Ural SGT Marines Oakridge 19-Mar-1953 KIA
Doucet Preston G PVT Army St Landry 15-Oct-1950 KIA
Doucette Anthony C PFC Army Orleans 12-Feb-1951 DWC
Douglas Harold SGT Army Grant 21-May-1951 KIA
Doyle Clyde G CPL Army Allen 19-May-1951 KIA
Driskell Herman L 2LT Army Richland 6-Jul-1950 KIA
Driskill William Chris PFC Marines Arcadia 29-Nov-1950 KIA
Duhon Alvin L PVT Army Calcasieu 13-Sep-1950 KIA
Dungen Herman PFC Army Orleans 1-Dec-1950 DWC
Dunn Sylvester PVT Army Lincoln 28-Oct-1951 KIA
Dupeey John C SGT Army E Baton Rouge 4-Feb-1951 KIA
Dupont Richard CPL Army Avoyelles 30-Nov-1950 DWM
Dupre John L Jr PVT Army Plaquemines 21-Sep-1952 KIA
Dupuy Junius PVT Army St Mary 6-Feb-1951 KIA
Dye Richard CPL Army E Carrol 1-Dec-1950 DWC
Dye Robert L PFC Army W Carroll 16-Apr-1951 KIA
Ebarb Joseph D PFC Army Sabine 3-Aug-1950 KIA
Edwards Cleveland PFC Army Jefferson 11-Sep-1950 KIA
Elkins Clyde W PVT Army Webster 20-Aug-1951 KIA
Elmore Johnnie Jr PFC Army Madison 14-Feb-1951 DWC
Englade Russell J PFC Army Orleans 3-Nov-1950 DWM
Ernest Clarence J CPL Army Pointe Coupee 9-Jul-1953 DWM
Ervins Charles CPL Army Franklin 1-Sep-1950 KIA
Eskine Malcolm J PFC Army Jefferson 25-Aug-1950 KIA
Estes Thomas C PFC Army De Soto 16-Jul-1950 DOW
Etheridge Clifford PFC Army Sabine 29-Sep-1950 KIA
Evans George C PVT Army Caddo 27-Jul-1950 KIA
Evans James Mackie SGT Air Force Leesville 25-Nov-1953 DWM
Farrow Ernest PFC Army Orleans 28-Sep-1951 KIA
Favaloro James F CPL Army Orleans 25-Mar-1951 KIA
Finley Douglas Shirley Jr CPL Marines West Monroe 29-Jan-1951 KIA
Finn Patrick Thomas PFC Marines New Orleans 5-Apr-1953 KIA
Fontenot Alvin SGT Army Jefferson Davis 30-Nov-1950 KIA
Fontenot Burkeman PVT Army Evangeline 10-Jul-1953 KIA
Fontenot Joseph C PFC Army Allen 20-Jul-1950 KIA
Fontenot Joseph W PFC Army Livingston 13-Feb-1951 DWC
Ford Nolan Earl PFC Marines Vivian 20-Sep-1951 KIA
Foster Thomas H CPL Army W Carroll 9-Aug-1950 KIA
Foust Frank Andrey PFC Marines Monroe 28-Nov-1950 KIA
Franklin Allen PFC Army Calcasieu 7-Oct-1951 KIA
Franklin Rayfus SFC Army De Soto 1-Dec-1950 DOW
Frazier Donnie L PVT Army Caddo 15-Jun-1952 DWM
Frederic Johnny J PVT Army Ascension 20-Jul-1950 DWM
Frois Theodore C CAPT Army Orleans 6-Dec-1950 DWM
Fudge Clarence Jr PFC Army Morehouse 14-Feb-1951 KIA
Fuller Willie C PFC Army Orleans 28-May-1951 KIA
Fyffe Luke Cole 1LT Air Force Sulphur 17-Oct-1952 DWM
Gaines Lawrence W PFC Army Rapides 12-Feb-1951 DWM
Garcia Leonard P CPL Army Avoyelles 27-Jul-1950 KIA
Gaspard Leroy P PFC Army Avoyelles 25-Jul-1950 KIA
Gasquet Andrew J PVT Army E Baton Rouge 26-Nov-1950 DWM
Gaudet Gilbert Raymond PFC Marines New Orleans 13-Aug-1950 KIA
Gendusa Frank J PFC Army St Charles 1-Sep-1951 KIA
Gerald William D MSGT Army E Feliciana 2-Dec-1950 DWM
Gewin Lennard E 1LT Army Ouachita 16-Jul-1950 KIA
Giddings Albert E SGT Army Natchitoches 23-Oct-1952 KIA
Gilbert Frank J CPL Marines New Orleans 14-Apr-1952 KIA
Godchaux Charles A CPL Army Orleans 15-Feb-1951 DOW
Godeaux Lionel SGT Army St Landry 31-Aug-1951 KIA
Golden Alphonce SFC Army Orleans 1-Dec-1950 DWC
Gonzales Andrew L PFC Army Orleans 1-Dec-1950 DWC
Grace Robert B Iii PVT Army Tangipahoa 15-Aug-1950 KIA
Grass Garland A CPL Marines Alexandria 26-Nov-1950 DOW
Gray Robert L PFC Army Bienville 27-Oct-1951 KIA
Greenwood Melvin T PFC Army Orleans 1-Sep-1951 KIA
Greer Robert Lamar CAPT Air Force Pineville 31-Dec-1953 DWM
Gregg John L SGT Army Caddo 23-Nov-1951 KIA
Gremillion Tyrel J CPL Army Avoyelles 14-Oct-1952 KIA
Grisham David Howard CAPT Air Force Benton 31-Dec-1953 DWM
Gros Eno J Jr PFC Army St Charles 6-Dec-1950 KIA
Guidry Joseph CPL Army Jefferson 12-Jul-1950 DWC
Hageney Joseph Henry CPL Marines New Orleans 22-Mar-1955 KIA
Hall John W CPL Army Jefferson Davis 1-Dec-1950 DWC
Hanks Arthur P MSGT Army Rapides 4-Feb-1952 DOW
Hargrove Oscar H PFC Army E Baton Rouge 12-Feb-1951 DWC
Harrell James V SGT Marines Shreveport 30-May-1953 KIA
Harris Floyd PFC Marines Logansport 24-Sep-1950 KIA
Harris Herman G PVT Army Union 24-Jun-1952 DWM
Harris Houston CPL Army Caddo 17-Sep-1950 KIA
Harris Theodore J SFC Army Orleans 5-Oct-1951 KIA
Hartman Woodrow P PFC Army Jefferson 1-Sep-1950 KIA
Hawsey Charles R PFC Army Franklin 15-Aug-1950 KIA
Hayes Horace PFC Marines Bonita 28-Sep-1952 KIA
Heard Sam PVT Army Ouachita 28-Nov-1950 DWC
Hebert Robert J SGT Army Vermilion 4-Dec-1950 KIA
Henderson William P PFC Marines New Orleans 26-Jul-1953 KIA
Hendry Astor Ray PVT Marines Baton Rouge 22-Feb-1953 KIA
Herrington Garland CPL Army Rapides 28-Nov-1950 DWC
Hicks Martin L PFC Army Webster 19-Sep-1951 KIA
Hines Charles Henry CPL Marines Haynesville 26-Aug-1952 KIA
Hines Sam PVT Army Rapides 21-May-1951 KIA
Holloway Sherlyn PVT Army Webster 31-Jul-1950 KIA
Holmes Oliver W PFC Army Orleans 12-Nov-1950 KIA
Holmes Pervis S PFC Army Rapides 25-Nov-1950 DWM
Holt Melbourne Girard SGT Marines New Orleans 31-May-1951 KIA
Hopkins Willard H SGT Army Sabine 27-Sep-1950 KIA
Hosch Clarence G PVT Army Orleans 14-Jul-1950 KIA
Houston Bernard PFC Army Lafayette 27-Nov-1950 KIA
Howard Albert SGT Army Caddo 1-Dec-1950 DWM
Hudson Frederick G Iii CAPT Air Force Monroe 9-Nov-1951 DWM
Hursey Jans Frederick PFC Marines Slidell 22-Sep-1950 KIA
Hutchinson Arthur Earl CAPT Air Force New Orleans 18-Jan-1952 DWM
Hymel Benjamin Anthony Jr PFC Marines Baton Rouge 28-Nov-1950 KIA
Ireland Charley B SFC Army Orleans 30-Nov-1950 KIA
Irving Leon C Jr CPL Army Orleans 27-Aug-1951 KIA
Jackson Eugene A CPL Army E Baton Rouge 28-Nov-1950 DWM
Jackson Jeremiah PFC Marines Natchitoches 19-Mar-1953 KIA
Jackson Knausberry PFC Army E Baton Rouge 18-Sep-1950 KIA
Jackson R D CPL Army Orleans 1-Sep-1950 KIA
Jacobs George J CPL Army Orleans 26-Nov-1950 DWC
Jacques Ernest J CPL Army Lafayette 13-Sep-1950 KIA
James Jesse J SGT Army Ascension 30-Nov-1950 DWC
Jeanjacques Henry SGT Army Orleans 7-Aug-1950 DWM
Jefferson Loyd PVT Army Beauregard 13-Jun-1953 KIA
Joe Joseph B PVT Army Lafayette 1-Dec-1950 DWM
John Leroy PFC Army Allen 1-Sep-1950 KIA
Johnson Alex PFC Army Catahoula 27-Jul-1950 KIA
Johnson Eldride PFC Army Orleans 27-Nov-1950 DWM
Johnson Jesse GSGT Marines Denham Springs 28-Nov-1950 KIA
Johnson John W MAJ Marines Harrisonburg 23-Apr-1952 KIA
Johnson Leroy PVT Army Natchitoches 14-Feb-1951 DWM
Johnson Milton E PVT Army Orleans 20-May-1951 KIA
Johnson Randolph Andrew PFC Marines Opelousas 23-Apr-1951 KIA
Jones Charles CPL Army Orleans 24-Sep-1951 KIA
Jones Dennis M CPL Army Webster 15-Jan-1953 KIA
Jones George W 1LT Army Orleans 25-Apr-1951 DOW
Jones Moise Jr SGT Army Orleans 1-Sep-1950 KIA
Jones Robert S PFC Army Orleans 3-Dec-1950 KIA
Jones W R SGT Army Morehouse 22-Feb-1953 KIA
Joseph Gerard PFC Army Avoyelles 2-Mar-1951 KIA
Joseph Morris E PVT Army Orleans 30-Nov-1950 DWM
Joseph Ralph A PFC Army St Bernard 29-Nov-1950 DWM
Juneau Wilson L PVT Army Avoyelles 26-Nov-1950 KIA
Keel David L SGT Army Beauregard 16-Oct-1951 KIA
Keen Bobby W PVT Army Winn 8-Jul-1953 KIA
Keever Francis W PFC Marines Monroe 26-Mar-1953 KIA
Kelleher James E SGT Army Bossier 10-Feb-1951 KIA
Kellum William H 1LT Army Claiborne 3-Jan-1951 DWC
Kelly Aubrey H PVT Army Caldwell 10-Oct-1951 KIA
Kelly Henry Bradford 1LT Air Force New Orleans 28-Feb-1954 DWM
Kimball James E PFC Marines Rayville 25-Mar-1953 KIA
King Allen D 1LT Army Claiborne 6-Aug-1952 KIA
King Lionel MSGT Army Bossier 14-Feb-1951 KIA
Kinler Larry P PVT Army St James 25-Nov-1952 KIA
Kirklin Robert R PVT Army Beauregard 8-Mar-1951 KIA
Kirtland Warren E CPL Army Grant 10-Sep-(sic) K(sic)
Kirwin John W PVT Army Orleans 16-Aug-1950 DWC
Kling Harry J PVT Army Ascension 26-Nov-1950 DWC
Knight L C PFC Army Washington 9-Oct-1951 KIA
Kogel Frederick J CPL Army Orleans 16-Jul-1950 KIA
Korolia Mike M CPL Army Orleans 13-Aug-1950 KIA
Kuhn Herman PFC Army St Tammany 30-Nov-1950 DWM
La Caze Charlie M PVT Army Vernon 15-Aug-1950 KIA
La Roue Billy J CPL Army Rapides 30-Nov-1950 DWC
Laffoon Huey Pierce CPL Marines Columnia 6-Mar-1952 KIA
Lafleur Charles S PFC Army Acadia 4-Oct-1952 KIA
Landry Avery M CPL Army Iberville 20-Jul-1950 KIA
Landry Jules Herman PFC Marines Baton Rouge 3-Oct-1950 KIA
Lanier Shelton PFC Marines Lake Charles 24-Jul-1953 KIA
Lartigue Alvin A PFC Army Orleans 21-Sep-1951 KIA
Lawrence Donald E PFC Army Tangipahoa 15-Oct-1952 KIA
Lawson Aaron A PFC Army E Baton Rouge 28-Nov-1950 DWC
Le Blanc Henry Thomas D PFC Marines New Orleans 17-Aug-1950 KIA
Le Blanc Robert Joseph PFC Marines Rosedale 9-Aug-1952 KIA
Le Bleu Meus PVT Army St Landry 24-Sep-1950 DWM
Le Jeune Warren SGT Army Calcasieu 22-Apr-1951 DOW
Leader Maple L PFC Army Livingston 1-Dec-1950 DWC
Leavins James M SGT Army La Salle 12-Feb-1951 KIA
Leblanc Reginald L PVT Army Ascension 30-May-1951 KIA
Leboeuf Lawrence J PFC Army Orleans 1-Nov-1950 DWM
Ledoux Wilton C PVT Army Calcasieu 1-Sep-1950 KIA
Lejeune Eloie D MSGT Army Jefferson Davis 8-Jan-1951 KIA
Lejeune Kermit J CPL Army Acadia 28-Nov-1950 DWC
Lemoine Anthony R PFC Army Avoyelles 26-May-1952 KIA
Lemoine Earl J PFC Army Avoyelles 6-Jul-1953 KIA
Leon Clarence B PVT Army Orleans 23-May-1951 KIA
Lewis Willie PFC Army Caddo 9-Jun-1951 KIA
Lindsay Max A PVT Army Vernon 20-Jul-1950 DWM
Lindsey Ray Edward SSGT Air Force Bunkie 31-Dec-1953 DWM
Lisenby Johnnie B PFC Army Caldwell 2-Dec-1950 DWM
Little Henry Dean SN Navy Bogalusa 26-Sep-1950 DWM
Littlefield Gary E CPL Army E Baton Rouge 30-Nov-1950 DWC
Lockett Johnny B PFC Army Jackson 20-Jul-1950 KIA
Lopiccolo Joseph SGT Army Orleans 17-Feb-1951 KIA
Louviere Ray V CPL Army Terrebonne 13-Feb-1951 DWM
Loyd Roy PFC Marines Saline 26-Mar-1954 KIA
Lucas Earl B PFC Army Tensas 22-Sep-1952 KIA
Lyles Paul E PVT Army Calcasieu 16-Jul-1950 KIA
Mahler Norman J PVT Army Lafourche 6-Dec-1951 KIA
Malmay J B CPL Army Sabine 2-Dec-1950 KIA
Mandino Tony SGT Army Jefferson 28-Nov-1950 KIA
Mann Robert V MSGT Army Caddo 19-Aug-1950 KIA
Manuel John R SGT Army Evangeline 9-Mar-1951 KIA
Marcin Mike Jr PVT Army E Baton Rouge 20-Jul-1950 KIA
Marcotte Allen CPL Army St Landry 6-Nov-1950 KIA
Mares Edward F MSGT Army Orleans 16-Jul-1950 KIA
Marks Amar Dudley PFC Marines Arnaudville 5-Mar-1951 DOW
Martin Albert J PFC Army Orleans 27-Jul-1950 KIA
Martin James E CPL Army Vernon 3-Dec-1950 DWM
Martin James M MSGT Army Vernon 16-Jul-1950 KIA
Martin Silton J Jr CPL Army Orleans 7-Sep-1950 KIA
Mason Burke J SFC Army St Martin 30-May-1951 DOW
Mason Earon L PVT Army Tangipahoa 16-Feb-1951 KIA
Matthews Robert PFC Army W Carroll 8-Mar-1951 KIA
Mayeaux Larry J PVT Army Avoyelles 14-Jan-1951 KIA
Mayeux Lannis J PFC Army Avoyelles 3-Dec-1950 KIA
Mc Adams Ernest G PVT Army Caddo 1-Aug-1950 KIA
Mc Adams Ronald L PVT Army Tangipahoa 16-Jul-1950 KIA
Mc Comic James C PVT Army Richland 27-Oct-1951 KIA
Mc Craw James W PVT Army Beauregard 17-Sep-1950 KIA
Mc Gowan Clarence A 1LT Air Force Columbia 12-Jan-1952 KIA
Mc Kay Joseph R CPL Army Orleans 12-Aug-1950 KIA
Mc Millon Robert R PVT Army De Soto 24-Oct-1952 KIA
Meche Wilson Mark PFC Marines Estherwood 6-Oct-1952 KIA
Melancon Moise Jr PFC Marines Lafayette 5-Mar-1952 DOW
Mena Johnnie V SFC Army Sabine 18-Apr-1951 DOW
Menard Edward PFC Army Acadia 10-Oct-1951 KIA
Menard Nelson John PFC Marines Youngsville 7-Nov-1950 KIA
Mermilliod Jay J PVT Army Orleans 28-Oct-1951 KIA
Michel Alvin J PFC Army Stjohnthebaptis 15-Sep-1950 KIA
Mier Ernest PFC Army Acadia 6-Sep-1950 KIA
Mikell James C CPL Army Caldwell 12-Feb-1951 DWM
Mikronis Joseph C CPL Army E Baton Rouge 2-Aug-1952 KIA
Miles Herbert A PFC Army Caddo 2-Mar-1951 KIA
Miller George D SGT Army Washington 31-Jul-1950 KIA
Miller Linuis D PVT Army Orleans 19-Jul-1951 KIA
Miller Ruby L PFC Army Sabine 7-Jan-1951 KIA
Mills Laster PVT Army Catahoula 10-Apr-1951 KIA
Mills William Paul Jr CPL Marines Summerfield 7-Jan-1954 KIA
Minor James H PFC Marines Spokane 19-Oct-1953 KIA
Minor John PVT Army Rapides 1-Dec-1950 DWM
Mistretta Victor C PFC Army Jefferson 18-Sep-1950 KIA
Mitchel Rudus Jr PFC Army Orleans 16-Jul-1950 KIA
Mocklin Earl Joseph CS1 Navy New Orleans 12-Oct-1950 KIA
Mohr Cecil Rhodes Jr 2LT Air Force Ida 20-Jun-1952 DWM
Monette Roosevelt PFC Marines Cloutierville 1-Oct-1952 KIA
Montfort Houston E PVT Army Ouachita 17-Aug-1950 KIA
Moody J R CPL Army St Helena 5-Jul-1950 KIA
Moore Jack D PVT Army St Landry 8-Jun-1953 DWM
Moore Richard D CAPT Air Force Shreveport 30-Nov-1951 DWM
Moore Roosevelt J CPL Army Red River 18-Apr-1951 DOW
Moore Thomas O Jr PFC Army Webster 5-Nov-1950 KIA
Morrison J A CPL Army Ouachita 28-Nov-1950 KIA
Morse Sims Fay SGT Marines Shreveport 16-Jun-1951 DOW
Murphy Willie B SGT Army Allen 17-Jan-1951 KIA
Myers Paul H CPL Army Acadia 7-Sep-1951 KIA
Nichols James D SGT Army Franklin 27-Aug-1951 KIA
Nigerville Martin PFC Army Sabine 30-Nov-1950 DWM
Obrien James D PVT Army Washington 16-Jul-1950 KIA
Odums Luther SGT Army Caddo 24-Apr-1951 KIA
Ortego Edward J PFC Army Evangeline 14-Oct-1952 DWM
Ortego James D CPL Army Rapides 24-Nov-1951 KIA
Pardee Harvey M CPL Army Rapides 30-Nov-1950 DWM
Parkerson Charlesrupert 1LT Air Force Lafayette 28-Jan-1953 DWM
Patin Raymond Joseph PFC Marines Lafayette 21-Sep-1950 KIA
Paul Oliver SGT Marines New Orleans 3-Jul-1951 KIA
Peavey Billy R PFC Army Franklin 5-Nov-1950 KIA
Pecot Ralph A Jr PVT Army Lafayette 11-Nov-1950 KIA
Pendarvis Vance L PVT Army Ouachita 2-Dec-1950 DWM
Perry Frank J CPL Army Orleans 1-Sep-1950 KIA
Perry Jack L CPL Army Alcasieu 11-Oct-1952 KIA
Phillips Charles Joseph PFC Marines New Orleans 3-Sep-1950 KIA
Picard William A PVT Army Pointe Coupee 5-Jul-1950 KIA
Pickering Robert P PFC Army Franklin 25-Jul-1950 KIA
Pierce Walter J PVT Army Tangipahoa 16-Aug-1950 KIA
Pinto James PFC Army Orleans 21-May-1951 KIA
Pitre Charles D Jr PVT Army Rapides 8-Jul-1950 DWC
Pitre Ernest J CPL Army Iberia 30-Jun-1950 KIA
Pitre Frank Anthony SGT Marines New Orleans 17-Aug-1950 KIA
Plaisance Camille PFC Army Lafourche 15-Dec-1950 DWM
Poling Forest J PFC Army Orleans 12-Dec-1950 KIA
Polk Robert P PFC Army Franklin 4-Feb-1951 KIA
Porter Alvin PFC Marines New Orleans 29-Mar-1953 KIA
Porter James Howard SGT Air Force Shreveport 20-Nov-1953 DWM
Posey Thomas A PVT Army La Salle 22-Feb-1951 KIA
Pourciau Bruce A PFC Army Orleans 31-Jan-1951 KIA
Powell Willie PFC Army E Baton Rouge 12-Feb-1951 DWC
Pradat Alvin J PVT Army Orleans 5-Jan-1951 KIA
Pratter John E CPL Army Caddo 11-Aug-1950 KIA
Prejean Carol Chester PVT Marines Cutoff 13-Aug-1952 KIA
Prestwood Victor M PVT Army Jefferson 15-Sep-1950 KIA
Punch Edward J PVT Army Lafourche 15-Jun-1953 KIA
Radecker Philip T PVT Army Orleans 20-Jul-1950 KIA
Raphiel Lindy John PFC Marines New Orleans 2-Mar-1951 KIA
Rau Harry Lester PFC Marines New Orleans 28-Sep-1950 KIA
Reddick Billy F CPL Army Richland 10-Oct-1951 KIA
Reeves Ernest Julius Jr 1LT Air Force Lake Charles 12-May-1952 DWM
Reynolds Herbert W PVT Army Caddo 13-Jul-1951 DOW
Reynolds William G SGT Army Caddo 5-Aug-1952 KIA
Richard Roland R PFC Army Jefferson 20-Jul-1950 KIA
Richardson Leslie PVT Army Tensas 31-Jul-1950 KIA
Rider John H PVT Army Orleans 2-Aug-1950 KIA
Ridgeway Robert E CPL Army Orleans 23-Sep-1950 KIA
Rigaud Lionel W PFC Army Orleans 13-Sep-1952 DWM
Riggins George SGT Army Orleans 15-Oct-1952 DWM
Riley James H PVT Army Orleans 31-Jul-1950 KIA
Riley Reginald A PFC Army Ascension 16-Feb-1951 KIA
Robertson Samuel A PFC Army Orleans 19-Jul-1950 KIA
Rock Jasper Jr PFC Army Orleans 3-Jun-1951 KIA
Rodrigue Calvin L PVT Army Lafourche 1-Sep-1950 DWM
Rogers Floyd A T PVT Army Tangipahoa 29-Jul-1951 KIA
Rogers Harold F PFC Army Jefferson 15-Jul-1953 KIA
Roques William L CPL Army Orleans 15-Oct-1952 DWM
Ross Arthur Sr MSGT Army Orleans 3-Sep-1950 KIA
Rovira Harold J Jr SGT Air Force West Monroe 3-Sep-1951 KIA
Roy Hayward J PFC Army Lafayette 14-Feb-1951 KIA
Russel David Eugene PFC Marines Baton Rouge 18-Aug-1950 KIA
Rust Charles Vernon CPL Marines Keithville 12-Sep-1951 KIA
Rutherford Daniel CPL Army De Soto 3-Sep-1950 KIA
Ryan Lawrence Joseph Jr PFC Marines New Orleans 25-Sep-1950 KIA
Sacco Pascal PFC Army Assumption 2-Aug-1950 KIA
Samuel Wickcliff J PFC Army Pointe Coupee 15-Aug-1950 KIA
Sanders James PVT Army Orleans 21-Apr-1951 KIA
Sanderson Gerald R PFC Army Sabine 1-Dec-1950 DWM
Sapia Elroy R PFC Army Jefferson 12-Dec-1950 DWM
Savoie Harold Joseph FN Navy Montequt 22-Sep-1952 DWM
Savoy Euclide J Jr PFC Army St Landry 18-May-1951 KIA
Schiele Catesby E CAPT Army Concordia 3-Jan-1952 KIA
Schlette Joseph W CPL Army Rapides 15-Oct-1951 KIA
Schmidt Carrol E PFC Army Orleans 22-Sep-1950 KIA
Schriefer Henry D PVT Army Vermilion 18-Jul-1953 KIA
Scott Jimmie Jr CPL Army E Baton Rouge 25-Nov-1950 DWC
Segura Lloyd J PVT Army Orleans 27-Sep-1951 DOW
Seldon Arthur W Jr PVT Army Orleans 10-Jun-1952 KIA
Seller J L PFC Army Caldwell 15-Sep-1950 KIA
Sepulvado Clayton PFC Marines Zwolle 3-Mar-1951 KIA
Severan Leon J SGT Army Orleans 14-Oct-1952 KIA
Shipp Willard H SFC Army Beauregard 11-Nov-1950 DWM
Shows J M PVT Army Jackson 21-Sep-1952 KIA
Simmons Louis T CPL Army Tangipahoa 27-Sep-1950 KIA
Simpson John Eugene Jr PFC Marines Berwick 24-Apr-1951 KIA
Sims Ernest L CPL Army Orleans 28-Jun-1952 KIA
Sirera William F CPL Army Orleans 7-Sep-1950 KIA
Slaven Charles W PVT Army Livingston 16-Aug-1951 KIA
Sly Willie W PFC Army Jackson 28-Nov-1950 DWM
Smith Clifton E Jr SGT Army Ouachita 17-Sep-1951 KIA
Smith Joe W PFC Army Natchitoches 4-Nov-1950 DOW
Smith Joseph C PFC Army Avoyelles 23-May-1951 DOW
Smith Lawrence J SGT Army Acadia 12-Feb-1951 DWM
Smith Wendall C Jr SFC Army Jefferson 1-Dec-1950 DWM
Sonnier Louis Jr PFC Army Acadia 28-Nov-1950 DWC
Sowers Douglas H PVT Army Winn 1-Feb-1953 KIA
Spears Elton M SGT Army Grant 17-Sep-1950 KIA
Speight Igene PVT Army Sabine 6-Nov-1951 KIA
St Germain Aldon J CPL Army Jefferson Davis 10-Mar-1951 KIA
St Germain Lionel PFC Army Orleans 31-Dec-1950 KIA
St Julien Paul E SFC Army Lafayette 30-Nov-1950 DWC
St Martin Carroll 2LT Army St James 1-Oct-1950 KIA
Stamper Mack Jr SGT Army Caldwell 26-Jul-1952 DWM
Stauffer Kenneth G 1LT Army Caddo 17-Apr-1951 DOW
Steelman C J PFC Army Bossier 19-Feb-1951 KIA
Stephens Ralph PFC Army Caddo 20-Jul-1950 KIA
Stevens Claude Otis Jr PFC Marines Ida 22-Jul-1952 KIA
Stevenson Bobby R PFC Army Jackson 6-Oct-1951 KIA
Stewart Walter L CPL Army Natchitoches 12-Jun-1952 KIA
Tansil Issiah PVT Army E Baton Rouge 29-Nov-1950 DOW
Taylor Billy B J CPL Army Orleans 13-Dec-1951 KIA
Taylor John A PFC Army Franklin 12-Aug-1950 KIA
Theriot Hubert J PVT Army Lafourche 15-Sep-1951 KIA
Theriot Sylvester PFC Army Terrebonne 28-May-1951 KIA
Thibodeaux Clement CPL Army E Baton Rouge 28-Nov-1950 DWC
Thibodeaux Joseph PFC Army Lafayette 5-Nov-1951 KIA
Thibodeaux Lucian CPL Army St Mary 28-Nov-1950 DWM
Thistlethwaite Lote SSGT Marines Opelousas 4-Jul-1953 DWM
Thomas Freddie B CPL Army Iberia 21-Aug-1950 KIA
Thomas Hosea PFC Army Orleans 26-Jul-1950 KIA
Thomas Issaih R PFC Army St Tammany 28-Nov-1950 DOW
Thomas Phillip CPL Army Desoto 3-Sep-1950 KIA
Thompson Hereford 2LT Army E Baton Rouge 31-Oct-1952 KIA
Thornburg Clyde SFC Army Franklin 13-Feb-1951 DWC
Thornhill Marion E Jr PFC Marines Baton Rouge 7-Jul-1952 KIA
Thurman James B CPL Army Union 25-Aug-1950 KIA
Tilden Melvin H CPL Army Orleans 14-Sep-1950 KIA
Trahan Daniel J SFC Army Acadia 23-Apr-1951 DOW
Trosclair Lawrence J Jr PFC Marines Marrero 21-Oct-1953 KIA
Turberville Jack Howard 1LT Air Force New Orleans 31-Dec-1953 DWM
Turner Charlie PFC Army Bienville 12-Sep-1950 KIA
Turner Clemon CPL Army Ouachita 25-Nov-1950 DWM
Tyler Harry M CAPT Air Force Shreveport 12-Jun-1951 DWM
Upshaw Huey Edward PFC Marines Lillie 1-Sep-1950 KIA
Van Dyke Bryant PVT Army Cameron 8-Aug-1951 KIA
Vegas Albert Joseph PFC Marines Cut Off 22-Feb-1954 KIA
Veillon L D PFC Marines Ville Platte 8-Feb-1954 KIA
Verret Howard P PVT Army Acadia 11-Nov-1950 KIA
Viator Joseph E SFC Army Vermilion 12-Apr-1951 KIA
Vignes Jakie J PVT Army E Baton Rouge 28-Jul-1950 DWM
Voigt Rufus E SFC Army W Carroll 20-Sep-1950 DOW
Wagner James R PFC Army St Mary 25-Nov-1950 DWC
Waguespack Melvin CPL Army St James 15-Aug-1950 KIA
Wainwright John K 1LT Army Tangipahoa 27-Feb-1951 KIA
Waldrop Alton SA Navy Baton Rouge 8-Mar-1952 DWM
Walgamotte Owen Leslie PFC Marines Chalmette 27-Oct-1950 KIA
Walker James Y PFC Army Caddo 17-May-1951 DWC
Walker Lester R SGT Army Concordia 3-Sep-1950 DWM
Ware James PVT Army Ouachita 1-Jul-1952 KIA
Washington Johnny PFC Army Franklin 20-Sep-1950 KIA
Watkins Louis CPL Army Orleans 1-Apr-1951 KIA
Watson Charles PVT Army Catahoula 27-Aug-1950 KIA
Weber Leonard F SGT Army Orleans 31-Aug-1950 KIA
Webster George W PFC Army Orleans 17-Oct-1952 KIA
Webster Lewis F LTC Air Force Shreveport 12-Feb-1952 DWM
Weems Randall M PFC Army E Baton Rouge 9-Feb-1951 DWC
Welch Lonnie F CPL Army W Feliciana 3-Jul-1952 KIA
Wesling Herman R PFC Army Calcasieu 3-Jan-1951 KIA
West Cleveland CPL Army Jackson 25-Oct-1951 KIA
Weyerman Clifton A PFC Army Winn 6-Dec-1950 DWM
Wheat David G PVT Army Rapides 11-Nov-1950 KIA
White Ruthers PVT Army Morehouse 16-Jun-1952 KIA
Wiggins H P PVT Army De Soto 9-Sep-1950 KIA
Wilcox Charles B PVT Army W Feliciana 18-Sep-1952 KIA
Williams Arthur L PVT Army Caddo 13-Jun-1952 DOW
Williams Charles J PFC Army Plaquemines 25-Aug-1950 KIA
Williams Clarence PFC Army Orleans 16-Sep-1951 KIA
Williams Lawrence CPL Army St Charles 2-Jun-1951 KIA
Williams Stevens CPL Army Avoyelles 1-Dec-1950 DWC
Williamson Daniel SGT Army Franklin 25-Nov-1951 KIA
Wilson Louis R CPL Army Rapides 26-Sep-1950 KIA
Wilson Wallace CPL Army Orleans 1-Dec-1950 DOW
Winborn James A PVT Army Tangipahoa 20-Jul-1950 KIA
Windecker Henry J SGT Army Tangipahoa 6-Jul-1952 KIA
Winder Alvin A CPL Army Orleans 2-Oct-1951 KIA
Wisenor Ernest J CPL Army Richland 13-Aug-1950 KIA
Wooten Ray D PFC Army Rapides 22-Sep-1950 KIA
Yielding Wilburn R CPL Army Evangeline 4-Sep-1950 KIA
York William E CPL Army Orleans 2-Nov-1951 DOW
Young James Louis PFC Marines Clarence 27-Oct-1952 KIA

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