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Weekly Market Bulletin

issued by Harry D Wilson, Commissioner of Agriculture and Immigration
State of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, Vol 24 #3
Transcribed by Jeana Gallagher

Weekly Market Bulletin
09 Dec 1939  

Horses, Mules and Jacks

Boagni, Kenneth Opelousas horses
Clark, Mrs Macie Cypress horses & mules
Plauche, Eister Plaucheville horses & mules
Pardue, WC Jonesboro horses
Wallior, Remy Opelousas black Percheron stallion & black jacks
Thompson, JL Nebo mare
Fleming, Mrs Luna Tickfaw filly
Esau, JJ DeRidder horse
Hewitt, Earl J Welsh stallion
Floyd, OC Bastrop bay mare
Kohler, MJ DeRidder mares & colt
Stinson, AE Ruston Percheron stallion
Palmer, AC Jr Gurley mare & mule
Perkins, OS Main St, Opelousas mare
Roden, FV Baskin filly (sire Desert Flight, US reount stallion)
Thomas, RI Watson colt
Rhodes, JE Many horse
Oddo, Peter Atherton Drive, Met Ridge, New Orleans horses
Fogleman, Floyd Morrow mare & horse
Herrington, WW Florien mare
Muse, Edwin Lake Charles  horses
Walch, MJ Acacia St, New Orleans plantation walking horse
Vice, MK Heflin mare
Daigle, E Elton pony mares & colt
Bell, Mitchell J Kinder horse
Gaspard, Eviel Hessmer horse
Knight, JH Sicily Island mares, work horses & mules
Hauser, CA DeRidder mares
Laborde, Guy J Mansura horse & mules
Rea, John T Bernice brood mare
Jeansonne, Dewey Cottonport horse & mule
Hauser, Edwin F DeRidder working gelding
Hamilton, DM Laurel Hill bay saddle horse & mules
Friley, CD Westwego saddle horse, paint pony & bay horse
Gray, JT Minden saddle horse
Norsworthy, Jeff Bellwood bay horse
Siegle, Otto Monroe grey Persheron & Belgian stallions, horses & jacks
Nesom, Rivers Nesom mare
Schoultz, Maurice Covington mare, mule & work horse
Taylor, ER Anacoco horses, mares, colts & mules, no trading
Bebee, Lee in Iowa paint stallion
Perry, Violet Husser horse
Hutchinson, HL Duson brown stallion (sire thoroughbred, dam a Morgan)
Coffey, Henry Chestnut horse & mule
Gauthier, LJ Bunkie saddle horse
Robinson, GA Pride horses, mares & mules
Eubanks, HH Kelly mule
Muse, WW Lottie mule
Wynn, FE Oak Ridge mule
McCullin, JW Quitman mules
Vatter, Jacob Opelousas mule
Potier, AH Pearl River mule
Smith. Luther Roseland mare mule & horse wagon
Hammatt, Ned Highland Rd, Baton Rouge horse mules
Williams, AJ Leesville mule
Ussery, CH Selma mules
Hoagland, John A Many mules
Walsh, Wayne Castor mule
Gordey, AJ Melder mule, trade for mare
Aulds, Shep Choudrant mule
Bordelon, Lee F Moreauville mule
Crawford, FA Harrisonburg twin mule colts
Arceneaux, Mrs Hebrard Scott mules
Forshag, EP Amite horse mules
Strickland, ML Osyka, MS horse mules

Sheep and Goats

Melton, Huey Winnfield Rambouillet ram, Angora billy
Monger, TA Jennings ewes
Suplechin, Albert Cottonport Blackface and Dorset ewes
Hauser, Edwin F DeRidder sheep
Hamilton, DM Laurel Hill Dorset, Hampshire & Shropshire rams
Batson, EW Simsboro wews & rams
Byrd, RA Benton Hampshire sheep
Hedrick, JM Aurora Ave, Metairie buck
Trachet, AS Lake Charles buck
Presley, JF Bellwood Common goats
Alexander, JM Quitman muley goat


Kabel, Ernest Allen St, New Orleans Jersey cows
Branton, RL Merganza Jersey cows
Hutchinson, HE Pine Grove Jersey cows
Kohler, MJ DeRidder Jersey cows
Allen, WT Greensburg Jersey cows
Rex Jersey Farms Luling Jersey cows
Struble, KI Lake Charles Jersey cows
Mayer, Mrs FC Hammond Jersey cows
Knight, JH Sicily Island Jersey cows
Jones, Henry A Dodson Jersey cows
Bryant, EW Goldonna Jersey cows
Anderson, Mrs Bessie Robeline Jersey cows
Schoultz, Maurice Covington Jersey cows will trade of cattle
Gordey, AJ Meider Jersey cows
Doyal, FC Lecompte Jersey cows
Siegle, Otto Monroe Holstein cattle out of State of LA herd
Boagni, Kenneth Opelousas Grand Champion Shorthorn bull
Hewitt, Earl J Welsh Shorthorn bull
Fleming, Mrs Luna Tickfaw cow
Martin, Alford Minden cow
Standley, JW & son Monroe Hereford bulls
Hamilton, DM Laurel Hill whiteface calves
Bridges, Miss Etta Walker Hereford bull
Strickland, ML Osyka, MS Red Devon bull
Cox, Carradine Bell City Red Poll bull
Froemming, AW DeRidder Red Poll bull
Bunch, Tash Baywood Red Poll heifer
Hermann, HD DeRidder Red heifers, no trading
Wyatt, Bud Marthaville cows

Hogs-- Duric Jersey

Couvillon, Hester Plaucheville pigs w papers
Rabalais, Wiley Plaucheville gilts & boars
Southern Progressive Farms Simmesport gilts with papers
Settoon, EA Ponchatoula shoats
Smith, Albert Sidney Bienville boar, won 2nd at Parish fair
Hutchinson, HE Pine Grove sow & 4 pigs
Couvillon, Mrs US Simmesport pigs & prize winning boar w papers
Phenice, HC Jennings boars
Rabalais, Cranvil Plaucheville sow with pigs
Briery, Mrs NP Converse sow
Rae's Sunbeam Farm Plaucheville Reg sow
Teekell, SG Columbia sows w papers
Ponthier, Didier J Cottonport gilts
Rabalais, Albert Plaucheville gilts or boars
Mayeux, Ben Plaucheville sow
Gray, JN Alexandria male, placed 2nd LA State Fair w papers
Gordey, JL Melder pigs & gilts

Hogs--Bone Poland China ( listed as Big or Little)

NOTICE--no grade sires listed in the interest of better livestock

Melton, Heuy Winnfield Big males
Turner, Winnie Cottonport Little females
Manning, Charlie Franklinton boar from LSU stock
Andrepont, RJ Opelousas Big male & female
Ducote, Curtis J Cottonport Big males & boars trade for cypress posts
Roberson, Emerson Dubach Little hogs, sows, boars etc.
Fogleman, Floyd Morrow Big sow
Pearce, JW Morrow Big pigs
Fogleman, EL Big Cane Big boars w papers
Varnado, Mrs George S Corbin Bigsows
Morgan, Leland Shongaloo Big pigs
Williams, Darden Bernice Big males
Vice, MK Heflin Big w papers
Robinson, WG Springcreek Reg male sired by Rapid's Fox Parish Champion
Ducote, Oscar Cottonport Big sows
Edmiston, PE Choudrant Little pigs
Jeansonne, Dewey Cottonport Big sows
Decote, Oscar Cottonport Little males, trade for walking cultivator
Gordey, JL Melder Big boar
Cowan, JH West Monroe Big male & female
St John, BL Bernice Little pigs
Knight, JH Sicily Island Big sow
Butler, JE Lillie Big pigs
Warren, Leland Beech Drive, North Highlands, Baton Rouge Big pigs, sows & boars w papers
Fisher, Caldwell Morrow Big all types
Forshag, EP Amite Big hogs, will dress
Tassin, James H Cottonport Big gilts from TN stock
Brown, Lenox Baton Rouge males & females
Akin, EP Bernice Little gilt, sows and males from Indiana sire
Bunch, Tash Baywood Big gilts
Wyatt, Bud Marthaville gilts & male


Lemoine, OA Plaucheville Register boar from LSU farm
Lord, MD Winnsboro sow from Gayoso Farms
Patin, TN New Roads boar, sow & piglets
Prevost, PJ Moreauville female & males from LSU & Gayoso Farms
Chesney, Fred Winnsboro sow
Cole, Lehane Gibsland boars, gilts & pigs of Highscore & Promoter lines
Guillery, Alex Cottonport pigs


Davis, BF Gandy Black male
Froemming, AW DeRidder Big Bone males
Lewis, Peerliss DeRidder Blue male, Black male
Hamilton, DM Laurel Hill Black pigs
Harper, Arthur Winnsboro Little, Black & Spotted pigs
Harkness, Leon Heflin Big Blue gilts
Helm, Mrs AM Noble White sow w piglets
Hall, Lemma Ringgold Little


Nelson, Mrs RT Pelican 4 mixed pigs
Walsh, Wayne Castor 8 mixed pigs
Felts, Thomas R Minden 6 mixed pigs
Norsworthy, Jeff Bellwood mixed pigs
Gray, John T Minden sows, gilts, hogs & pigs


NOTICE-- Shipper should use regulation egg carton; purchaser must return container BY MAIL, postpaid unless otherwise directed

Daniels, Mrs RM Mansfield Dark Brown Leghorn eggs
Southern Progressive Farms Simmesport Barred Plymouth Rock eggs
Couvillon, Mrs US Simmesport BPR eggs
Hiser, Mrs Byron S Arcadia SC Rhode Island Reds eggs
Butler, Mrs JE Lillie Silver Laced Wyandotte eggs
Akin, Mr EP Jonesboro RCSLW eggs
Price, Mrs Oliver Converse Ancona eggs
Palmer, Mrs GR DeRidder Jersey Black Giant eggs
Pontchartrain Turken Farms Jefferson Highway, New Orleans Turken eggs
Rabalais, Granvile Plaucheville Giant Muscovy duck eggs


Culpepper, S Minden English, White Leghorns Colonial & Hillview
Collinsworth, Mrs EH Bienville WL, BR or RIR chicks
Voigt, WH Provencal WL Cockerels
Sayes, Mrs Oren C Vick SCWL Cockerels
Esau, JJ DeRidder Ancona hens, some BL, some WL
Goux, PL Marksville EW Leghones chicks
Arledge, JA Pollock EWL hens
Marr, Mrs Henry Marthaville WL cockerels, DBR cock
Barnhill, Mrs Emerson Marthaville Johnson strain WL cockerels
Jones, Henry A Dodson WR roosters & hens
Rosebush Poultry Farm Shreveport EWL & BR hens, DCIG hens & Cockerels
Davis, Lonnie Coushatta SCWL hens & rooster
Morgan, Mrs JH Oyka, MS EWL hens
Tilley, Joe Gibsland WL cockerels
Barnhill, Mrs AT Marthaville EWL paying pullets, SCW Wyandotte laying Pullets
Gaddis, Mrs WE Marthaville WL hens
Helm, Mrs AM Noble WL pullets & roosters
Lovett, JF Baton Rouge WL hens & RIR laying pullets
Fletcher, RH Winnfield WL hens
Ellis, JC Baton Rouge WL hens & pullets, English, Johnson & Booth strains
Calloway, Sadie Strong, AR Dark Brown Leghorn roosters
Riche, Jimmie Bunkie BL roosters
Salley, Mrs TL West Monroe BL pullets
Ford, Mrs Jim Benson Dark barred Plymouth Rock cocks & hens, SCrir roosters
Nelson, Mrs RT Pelican B Rocks
Milby, JW Winnsboro DBPR hens
Weldon, JF Bernice BR cockerel
Bailey, Mrs BD Mansfield Trueblood's DBR cockerels
Ducote, Oscar Cottonport DBR pullets
Anderson, Mrs Leta Kinder BR cockerels, SLW chicks
Spring, N Verne Bogalusa Drumm Sovereign BR cockerels
Price, Mrs Oliver Converse BR pullets
Hawkins, Flasdick Madisonville White Rock cockerels, 2nd at Parish Fair
Copellar, JM Coushatta SC Rhode Island Reds
Turner, Winnie Cottonport RIR roosters, roasting geese
Lord, MD Winnsboro RIR chicks from MO State Hatchery
Marcus, JD DeRidder RIR chicks & mixed chicks
Boudreaux, Miss Martha Crowley SCRI Reds chicks
LaFrantz, Miss KM Branch red roosters & White Pekin ducks
Cowan, JH Wst Monroe RIR hens
Martin, Mrs HD Baton Rouge SCRIR cockerels
Ducots, Belton Cottonport RIR roosters
Palmer, Mrs CR DeRidder RIR chicks, JB Giants, RI Reds
Bird, Mrs JT Marion RC White Wyandotte roosters
Hedrick, JM Aurora Ave, Metairie W Wyandottes
Anderson, Mrs Bessie Robeline WW hens from MO Hatchery
Dupree, Mrs Josey C Coushatta RC Silver Laced Wyandottes, pullets, roosters & table hens
Butler, Mrs JE Lillie RCSL Wyandottes
Greer, Arch Arcadia Mammoth Minorcas
Froemming, AW DeRidder Buff Orpington pullets, also white guineas
Claycomb, GB Lafayette Dark Cornish Indian Game Cockerels
Serio, Samuel R Dauphine St, New Orleans DCIG hens, Brown Chinese, Buff & Giant Toulouse geese
Kraft, Mrs Peter Ponchatoula DCIG hens
Jones, Mrs AP Pine Grove Light Brahmas Egg A Day strain
Woodhatch, Mrs ML Rosepine Jersey White Giants hens & roosters
Forbes, Mrs HT Pioneer Black Australorp rooster
Davis Plant Farm Plaucheville cockerels
Ferguson, Mrs Ellis Haughton Golden Buff pullets, mixed chickens & guineas
Wallace, Mrs JH Grayson Turkens cockerels, hens & pullets
Olivier, RH Shreveport Red Turken roosters
Wyatt, Mrs Mae Marthaville mixed fryers & broilers
Singletary, Mrs CL Marthaville fryers
Cryer, Mrs AJ Anacoco Mammoth Bronze tom & hen
Merritt, OB Osyka, MS turkeys
Dean, GC Colifax Bourbon Red Turkeys
Usserym CH Selma MB gobblers
Hauser, Roy DeRidder White Holland turkeys
Hamilton, DM Laurel Hill Bronze turkey toms & hens, White Muscovy drakes & hens, black & white ducks
Hall, Lemma Ringgold MB turkeys
Goree, Mrs Claude Simsboro Big Bone MB turkeys
Gremillion, Mrs Francis Plaucheville Bronze turkeys
Brugler, Mrs R Gentilly, New Orleans Muscovy ducks
Rabalais, Granvil Plaucheville Giant Muscovy duck hens
Doubourg, Mrs NJ Pearl River Muscovy ducks & drake
Halk, Victor Bogalua White Muscovy drake, black & white drakes
Pousson, Mrs Armand Iota Muley ducks
Pontchartrain Turkey Farm Jefferson Highway, New Orleans Muscovy ducks & drakes, White Breasted Pearl guineas
Kabel, Ernest Allen St, New Orleans Muscovy & French ducks
Myers, Mrs Curtis Converse corn fed geese
Millet, Mrs FA Luling geese
Stokes, Mrs MK Bunkie corn fed geese


Kabel, Ernest Allen St, New Orleans pedigreed Racing Homers, Red & Long Carneaux, Kings, Nuns, Magpies, German Strassers, Modenas, Birmington Rollers & Tumblers
Traub, Henry New Orleans common pigeons
Virgadano, James Clearence St, Lake Charles Fantails, Blue Fantails, Tumblers & Black Lahores
Bonnet, GA Lafayette Giant Homers


Kabel, Ernest Allen St, New Orleans Love & Java rice birds, Martz Mt, Cinnamon & Yellow canaries, Houdian hen, White Head Polish, Bantams, DC games, Golden Sebrights, Brown Leghorns & White Silkie cock
Foeckler, H Aubry St, New Orleans RM yellow & spotted canaries
Walther, Mrs SP Gibson white, yellow & spotted Canaries
Muse, Edwin Lake Charles English Ringneck pheasants
Krist, Jerry Libuse Ringneck pheasant cocks
Fleming, Mrs Luna Tickfaw Pit game stags
Claycomb, GB Lafayette Gray Duckwing game cockerels
Friedrich, Roland New Orleans Buff Cochin bantams
Reppert's Honey Farms Shreveport Exhibition bantams in Black, White & Buff Cochins, Black Rose Combs
Parr, Myron 15th St, Alexandria bantam capons- trained

Cut Flowers

Daniels, Mrs R.M. Mansfield red & yellow Mums

Flowers and Ornamentals

NOTICE--Ornamentals must be passed by the State Entomologist, W. E. Anderson in Baton Rouge

Jones, Mrs AP Pine Grove double red japonicas
Kavanaugh, Mrs JF Clay Shasta daisy, geranium, begonia, white iris, orange day lily and mixed bulbs
Mathes, Zuma Doyline white iris daffodil, jonquil, redbud, crape myrtle, spider lily, narcissus and mixed bulbs
Michael, Mrs BA Lake Chinese Sacred lily, pink queen lily, white fairy lily, sweet nar, yellow daffodil, snowdrop, pink rain lilly
Miller, Mrs CD Baton Rouge pink ginger lily, paper nar, Easter lily, jonquil, orange day lily, pink & Lady Campbell japonica
McKinney, Mrs MG Hosston mixed iris, Elnglish boxwood, nandina, spider lily, Kerrie japonica, gardenia, jasmine, althea rose
Nolen, Mrs Jim S Bernice Nar bulbs & jonquil
O'Bannon, Mrs TF Bernice Paper  & sweet narcissus, daffodils, bllue grape hyacinth, rain lily
Oliver, Mrs Hy Osyka, MS Crinum, jonquil, red montbretia, butter & egg, snowdrop, Johnny jump ups
Schlosser, Mrs MM Frenier Roosevelt ferns, blue native iris, Texas bluebell, spider lily, montbretia, orange day lily, foxglove, cacti
Schneider, Mrs DM Bogalusa camellia japonica, azalea, privet hedge, spirea, weigela, boxwood, jasmine & gardenia
Smith, Mrs Beulah Lake red amaryllis, narcissus & snowdrop
Spillman, Mrs HA Jackson waxleaf ligustrum, pussy willow, abelia grandiflora, gardenia,  & lavender
Woods, Mrs Warren A Cornor LA violet, milk & wine lily, Creole narcissus, hemerocallis, sweet olive
Banks, Miss Naomi Chatham geranium, serise, begonia, rhubar, cactus, cereus
Blackwell, Mrs JF Lake mine & wine lily, ginger lily, Pearl tuberose, violet
Brewster, Mrs JJ Toro shasta daisy, gladiolus, daffodils, snowdrop, cereus, Easter cactus
Broussard, Miss Orilla 17th St, Baton Rouge wild iris blue
Brown, Mrs DJ Montgomery narcissus, jonquil, snowdrop, iris, spider lily, hyacinth, & jasmine
Bucklin, CJ Elton redbud, dogwood, yaupon, pampas grass, wistaria, golden privet, spirea, flowering quince & oleander
Cooley, Mrs Lizzie Ragley Easter lily, amaryllis, oxalis, St Bernard lily, umbrella palm, salvia, dusty miller, fushsia, Boston ivy
Copes, Mrs Henry Jr Oak Grove hollyhock, shasta daisy, blue wistaria, redbud, verbena,
Culpepper Flower Yard Chatham Roosevelt, Boston, maiden hair, ostrich plume & sword ferns, cactus, geranium, fairy & rain lilies
Dragg, Mrs Sanford Lake rain lily, daffodil, ginger lily, amaryllis, red iris
Duckett, Roberta Riverton Giant pansy, gladiolus, mock ornage
Harris, Mrs WL Choudrant old rose althea, bird's eye w red berries, lilac, spirea, mt laurel, dogwood, orange day lily
Hewes, Mrs CG Cornor nerine lily, day lily
Howell, Mrs WC Arcadia Amur hedge, althea, spirea, Confederate jasmine, coralberry, jonquill, day lily
Beardsley, Mrs WB Rosepine jasmine, firethorn, Rosea honeysuckle, ligustrum, spirea
Beatty, Mrs SR Sibley blue iris, spirea, almond deutzia, cape jasmine, lilac, ligustrum
Bergeron, Miss K Hammond cornflower mix, day lily, freesia, gaillardia, blue iris, larkspur, petunia, violet, gladiolus, canna
Breaux, Miss Beatrix A Lafayette Rubra Virginalis camellia
Butler, Mrs JE Lillie Ausria, King Humbert, President or Winter's Colossal canna, and jonquils
Butter, Ivan L Forest Hill Pansy, gladiolus, tuberose, camellia
Butter, LH Forest Hill Camellia japonica, gardenia, nandina & boxwood
Butter, WM Forest Hill Redbud, dogwood, grand-daddy greybeards
Denham, Mrs SQ Baton Rouge sweet olive, magnolia, fuscata, pittosporum, mock orange, Chinese fir, ligustrum, lilac, 2yr roses
Daniels, Mrs RM Mansfield narcissus, snowdrop, exhibition gladiolus, blue iris, violet, fairy lily & amaryllis
Derouen, Mrs AC Erath Formosa Azalea, bridal wreath, Lady Bank rose, camellia, hydrangea, iris, button mums, Wistaria
Dugal, Mrs JA Carencro Camellia, azalea, magnolia, dogwood, weigela, rose bushes, sweet olive
Harvill, AB Doyline narcissus, blue iris, spider lily, jonquil, trumpet daffodils, redbud
Hauser, Roy DeRidder Agave, peach, ligustrum, oleander, almond, quince, yaupon
Haydel, W Macolm Bunkie camellia, Alba Plena, Chandleri Elegans, Herme, Snow Ball
Hodges, BH Ragley Lombardy poplar, roses 2yrs, azalea, grancet greybeard, pittosporum, pampas grass
Lobell, AM Hammond rain lily, montbretia, mixed bulbs, waxleaf ligustrum, ornamental grasses, roses
Madden, Mrs M Ruston red, ywllow & lemon canna, iris, day lily, quince, dogwood, almond, pomegranate, butterfly bushes
Magee, WP Folsom camellias 4yrs, azaleas
McConathy, Mrs Ema Toro Sultana rose, begonia, geranium, snowdrops, St Bernard lily, oxalism, almond, Cydonia japonica
McDowell, Mrs Joe Hall Summit mixed bulbs, Xmas cactus, caladium, crinum, begonia, cedrus, Guernsey lily
McKee, Floyd Covington jasmine, spirea, weigela, deutzia Pride of Rochester, Abelia grandiflora, redbud
Nereaux, Esther Breaux Bridge sweet shrub, day lily, iris, Star of Bethlehem, oxalis, rain lily, canna, Japanese umbrella palm, air plants
Quinalty, Miss LE Montgomery redbud, Cape Jasmine, spirea, Cydonia japonica, Xmas coral, red eardrops, honeysuckle
Rebby, GW Belle Alliance common rose, nandina, magnolia, redbud, palms
Reuther, JC Chef Highway, New Orleans Purple Dawn, Scarlett O'Hara, Empereur de Russe, Gov Mouton, Reine des Fleurs camellia, Alba Plena
Schillings, Mrs JB Osyka, MS Montbretia, snowdrops, jonquil, day lily, iris, violet, fairy lily, hudrangea, crinum lily, geranium begonia
Sellers, Mrs JM Lillie geranium, American Beauty or Sultna red roses, violets, canna, narcissus
Smith, Mrs CH Baton Rouge camellia, azalea, seet autumn clematis, pittosporum, Cedrus deodara, Biota Orientalis, sweet olive


NOTICE: No sweet potato plants listed except those certified by the State Entomologist, WE Anderson, Baton Rouge

(these are all plants or sets to be planted)

Huszar, John Hammond Klondyke & Blakemore strawberry
Pfiffner, Tony Hammond strawberry
Mayer, FC Hammond strawberry
Schilling, CN Osyka, MS Klondyke strawberry
Reece, JJ Eros Klondyke strawberry
Stoyka, William Robert strawberry
Stoyka, John Robert Klondyke strawberry
Forrest, OE Hammond strawberry, original plants from LSU
Munchausen, FG Independence McClen stock & Missionary strawberry
Clement, Mrs Sidney H Reserve Citronella, white vegetable pears
Southern Progressive Farms Simmesport cabbage, red Creole & white Crystal Wax onion
Daniels, Mrs RM Mansfield onions, cabbage, Boston lettuce, leek & garlic, sage sprouts, horehound, spinach, leaf mustard
Couvillon, PS Cottonport RC onion
Couvillon, Mrs US Simmesport CW cabbage, RC onion, lettuce, carrot
Fontenot, Mrs Emile Abbeville garlic, shives, endive
Couvillon, Mrs GB Plaucheville onion, lettuce, Chinese cabbage, white shallots
Lemoine, Mrs Neven Plaucheville RC onion, IB lettuce, Chinese cabbage, shallots
Couvillon, Mrs PL Plaucheville onion, Crystal Wax onion, NY & IB lettuce
Union Plant Farm Plaucheville RC & CWW onion, Chinese cabbage, NY lettuce
Lemoine, Mrs Vallie Plaucheville CW & RC onion, NY & IB lettuce, Chinese cabbage
Foulks, CG Amite CW, FD & CM cabbage
David Plant Farm Plaucheville RC onion, IB lettuce
Gremillion, Mrs Francis Plaucheville parsley, London flag leek
Plauche, Mrs EO Cottonport cabbage, beet, spinach, carrot, lettuce, RC Onion, broccoli, collard, celery, parsley, Snowball cauliflower
Ever Rite Plant Farm Plaucheville AHF & CW cabbage, RC & WC onion, YB onion, beet, NY & IB lettuce, parsley & celery
Poultry & Plant Farm Bunkie cabbage, WB & WSS onion, NYW lettuce, garlic, beet, mustard & turnip
Cottonport Plant Farm Cottonport YB & CM onion, NYW lettuce, mustard, carrot, spinach, beet, garlic, Golden celery, parsley, broccoli
Plauche, Miss Edna Plaucheville cabbage, NYW & BB lettuce, beet, carrot, spinach, Italian broccoli, collard, parsley, celery, garlic, onion
Blatt, Hy Slaughter mixed Irish potatoes, small one removed
Williams, SO Glenmora kiln cured #1 Porto Rico sweet potatoes
Traub, Henry New Orleans tobacco stems


Davis, BF Gandy: Delta Pine Land cotton seed
Lewis, Peerliss DeRidder DPL 11 c/s
Hutchins, Floyd Heflin pure half and half c/s
Walsh, Wayne Castor DPL 11-A
Hawsey, WW Ethel Stoneville 6 c/s, common lespedeza, free from Johnson grass & coco
Weiland, HB jr Baker recleaned lespedeza seed, free from Johnson grass
Brian, WA Slaughter pan caught lespedeza seed free from Johnson grass, carpet grass seed
Blatt, Hy Slaughter P-c lespedeza seed
Hauser, CA DeRidder carpet grass seed
Robinson, GA Pride p-c lespedeza seed
Behrnes, Albert Slaughter recleaned p-c lespedeza seed free from other seeds
Albritton, WR Slaughter recleaned lespedeza seed
Hamilton, DM Laurel Hill carpet grass seed recleaned
Kleinpeter, CR Baton Rouge recleaned carpet grass seed
Copes, Mrs Henry Oak Grove Creole English peas, cushaw, pumpkin, mixed hollyhock & mixed peppers
Roberthon, Henry Jr Breaux Bridge Imp Red Creole onion seed from certified LSU Experiment Station stock
Butler, Mrs JE Lillie turnip, Indian, White English & Yellow peach seed
Cooley, JA Ragley Tall English peas, Queen Anne's lace, touch me not, weeping Mary, rainbow flower, mountain rose
McDowell, Mrs Joe Hall Summit white radish, okra, lettuce, hot pepper, mustard, dill, musk & water melon, gourd, mixed flower seeds
Perkins, Mrs Eva Pitkin turnip seed
Ambrose, JE Choudrant Cuban Queen watermelon seed
Shipp, JK DeRidder long straw pine tree seed with wings on
Gragg, Mrs AM Lake Charles morning glory, poincianna, arborvitae, gourds, peppers, periwinkle, asparagus, okra, Queen's Anne lace
Anderson, EM Marthaville old time seedling peach trees
Hatfield, GL Quinton St, Shreveport Palma Christi seed

Trees and Fruiting Vines

NOTICE: We list only those trees and fruiting vines inspected by the State Entomologist, WE Anderson, Baton Rouge

Cheatwood, Miss Lennie M Castor Yellow scuppernong cuttings
Bucklin, CJ Elton Chinese elm, Brown Turkey & Celeste fig, Tung, magonlia
Michael, Mrs BA Lake flowering magnolia, cedar
Daniels, Mrs RM Mansfield Tangerine orange, pomegranate, Yellow Press peach, cedar, pine, holly, mulberry, plum, persimmon, dewberry
Schrenk, John Forest Hill Tung 1yr
Smith, Mrs CH Baton Rouge Mimosa, weeping willow, magonlia, sweet myrtle, various berry, pine, yaupon
Denham, Mrs SQ Baton Rouge Leconte pear, blight proof pear, quince, plum, apple
Oliver, Mrs Hy Osyka, MS Citrus trifoliata, aples, fig, red plum & pear
Cooley, Mrs JA Ragley Japan plum
Anderson, EM Marthaville C t (all it has)
Reece, JJ Eros Pineapple Sand pears
Butter, WM Forest Hill Magnolia grandiflora, cherry laurel
Hauser, Roy DeRidder pear, plum, apple, persimmon, quince, fig, Satsuma orange, pecans, grapes, holly, live oak, umbrella china
Priery, Mrs NP Converse black walnut
Hodges, BH Ragley Satsuma, Meyer lemon, grapefruit, kumquat, fig, peach, pear, grape, tulip tree, silver leaf maple, cherry laurel
Salley, Mrs TL 7th St, West Monroe Youngberry, Concord & Niagara grape cutting
Sharp, David Pearl River Dixie & Pineapple Sand pear
Harvill, AB Doyline Red & Yellow plum, Mayhaw, Silver leaf maple, black locust, sycamore

Nuts and Nut Meats

Breeden, Mrs CT Greensburg Schley & Stuart pecans, paper shells
Farmer, JL Arcola Stuart pecans
Dudding, Mrs DH Sr Norwood Stuart pecans
Peterson, Mrs Oscar Sunny Hill mixed pecans
Copellar, JM Coushatta medium pecans
Weldon, FP Pitkin Stuart pecans
Daniels, Mrs RM Mansfield pecans, hickory nuts & pecan meats
Broussard, Miss Orilla 17th St, Baton Rouge pecans
Broussard, Mrs Ella Hobart pecans
Dykes, EV Osyka, MS large Stuart pecans, large paper shells & medium mixed
Dykes, DD Osyka, MS large Stuart pecans
Dykes, Mrs AM Osyka, MS large Stuart pecans, medium mixed
Haydel, W Malcolm Bunkie pecans, Big Z's
Hamilton, DM Laurel Hill paper shell pecans, sheller pecans, sacks extra
Byrnes, AE Ethel Stuarts, shelled pecans
Robert, Mrs WM Hessmer shelled pecans, whole halves
Gautnier, Theogene Hessmer shelled pecans, whole halves & pieces
Brown, Mrs LE DeRidder shelled pecans halves & pieces; hickory nuts & black walnut meats
Morrow, RH Morrow shelled pecans halves
Hardie, Miss Jennie Bunkie pecan meats halves & pieces
Waiters, Mrs WJ Gibsland pecans
Stokes, Mrs MK Bunkie shelled pecans, whole halves
Hoffman, EW St Gabriel pecan meats
Ewell, Mrs JS Longleaf shelled pecans, whole halves
Tanner, Mrs Blanche Cheneyville whole halves
Gray, Miss M Homer black walnut meats
Shirley, Mrs Arthur DeRidder black walnut meats
Cummings, Mrs JP Coushatta black walnut meats
Cotton, Mrs HC Coushatta black walnut meats
Westbrook, Mrs Florence Coushatta black walnut meats
Daniels, Mrs Jesse Mansfield black walnut meats
King, CJ Marion black walnut meats
Cheatwood, Miss Lennie M Castor hickory nut meats, black walnut meats
Martin, Mrs CA Saline hickory nut meats
Hennigan, Mrs WD Saline hickory nut meats
McDowell, Mrs Joe Hall Summit Hickory nuts meats, walnut meats
Calloway, Sudie Strong, AR hulled black walnuts
Driggers, EF Castor black walnuts
Dupree, Mrs Josey C Coushatta black walnuts outer hull off
Laurence, JE Jr Toro black walnuts outer hull on
Perkins, Mrs Eva Pitkin black walnuts outer hull off
Hendry, Mrs Ada Roseland hickory nuts outer hull off


Anderson, Mrs Tressie Quitman Improved Spanish peanuts, hand picked
Dupree, Mrs Josey C Coushatta H-p peanuts
Peterson, Mrs Oscar Sunny Hill Red Texas peanuts
Hendrick, TA Haynesville Imp Spanish peanuts
Barnhill, Mrs Emerson Marthaville Imp Spanish peanuts
Marr, Mrs Henry Marthaville Imp Spanish peanuts
Daniels, Mrs RM Mansfield shelled peanuts
Marze, Mrs JD Florien little Spanish peanuts
Broussard, Miss Orilla 17th St, Baton Rouge red peanuts
Daniels, Mrs Jesse Mansfield Spanish peanuts shelled
McDowell, Mrs Joe Hall Summit peanuts
Hennigan, Mrs WD Saline large Spanish peanuts
Ambrose, JE Choudrant small Spanish peanuts

Beans and Peas

Riche, Percy S Simmesport Avoyelles soybeans
Haydel, W Malcom Bunkie Avoyelles beans
Ducote, Belton Cottonport Avoyelles soybeans in new sacks
Gremilion, Mrs Francis Plaucheville Avoyelles soybeans
Bordelon, Lee F Moreauville Avoyelles beans machine cleaned
Brooks, CW Jacoby soybeans
Prevost, CW Moreauville Palmetto soybeans, recleaned
Riley, JM Alexandria Velvet beans in hull
Guillory, Ellis Echo Palmetto beans
Cryer, Albert Anacoco Speckle peas
Long, FG Choudrant Brown Sugar Crowder peas
Chatelain, Emanuel Marksville Whippoorwill peas
Ambrose, JE Choudrant Running Purple Hill peas
Cheatwood, Miss Lennie M Castor Tall English peas
Mansfield, Milton Bogalusa Creole English pea seed
Peterson, Mrs Oscar Sunny Hill CE peas
Blatt, Mrs Hy S;aughter CE peas
Hollowell, Lee Grand Cane CE peas


Pendleton, AB Alexandria ear corn
Muse, WW Lottie #2 white corn
Herrington, WW Florien Mosby Prolific corn
Broussard, Mrs Ella Hobart corn
Clack, Thomas Rayville Mosby corn
Hope, Paul P Folsom corn
Harper, Arthur Winnsboro corn


Mansfield, Milton Bogalusa Japanese Hulless popcorn, hand shelled
Richie, Percy S Simmesport lean popcorn shucked
Marze, Mrs JD Florien popcorn
Hardie, Miss Jennie Bunkie popcorn
Hollowell, Lee Grand Cane Dynamite popcorn
McDowell, Mrs Joe Hall Summit Imp rice popcorn

Onions and Garlic

Daniels, Mrs RM Mansfield red shalot onions
McDowell, Mrs Joe Hall Summit white multiplying onions
Daigrepont, Joseph Moreauville white multiplying shallots, sacks not included 2000 lbs
Ford, Mrs Jim Benson garlic for table use
Oliver, Mrs Hy Osyka, MS American garlic


Daniels, Mrs RM Mansfield dried Birdeye peppers, tabasco & squash peppers, red pods
Oliver, Mrs Hy Osyka, MS red Birdeye peppers
Hardie, Miss Jennie Bunkie dried red hot peppers
McDowell, Mrs Joe Hall Summit red peppers


Richardson, Miss MW Jackson vegetables pears
Daniels, Mrs RM Mansfield Ground artichokes
Oliver, Mrs HY Osyka, MS Ground artichokes
Daniels, Mrs Jesse Mansfield artichokes for pickles
Martin, Mrs EV Crowley horseradish roots for grinding


Butler, Mrs JE Lillie yellow Jersey butter from tested cows
Sellers, Mrs JM Lillie butter

Canned Goods

Butler, Mrs JE Lillie sweet peach pickles of yellow, white or red peaches, preserves 1939 crop by World's Fair recipe
Kraft, Mrs Peter Ponchatoula bread & buter pickles

Eggs-- Table Use

NOTICE-- Shipper should use regulation egg carton; purchaser must return container BY MAIL, postpaid unless otherwise directed

Daniels, Mrs RM Mansfield yard eggs
Calhoun, DC Pitkin white shell eggs

Barks, Roots and Herbs

Louisiana Vetiver Farms Hammond Vetiver root
Johnson, Burt Minden wild cherry & plum bark, bull nettle & sarsaparilla root
Ingo, Mrs CE Bunkie gumbo file
Daniels, Mrs Jesse Mansfield sassafras root


Hess, Louis Waldheim Satsuma oranges
Butler, Mrs JE Lillie sun dried ywlloe & white peaches

Syrup and Molasses

NOTICE: The Railway Express Co will take a 10 lb pail of Louisiana syrup to any point in the US, with a few exceptions for 35c

Bailey, Mrs BD Mansfield #10 cans heavy cooked sugar cane syrup grown in sandy land
Williams, BO Glenmora #5 cans pure cane syrup
Forshag, EP Amite 10 lb pail pure cane syrup bright cooked thick
Gremillion, Mrs Francis Plaucheville Co-290 syrup cooked to 35 degrees


Roy, Alvin Bunkie 50 gal barrel new fall honey
Cutforth, CH Reserve 10 lb cans fall honey, half comb, 5 gal honey
Packwood Honey Yards Reserve State certified mild honey not granulated in new 10 lb cans


NOTICE: No incubators listed.  Too many unsatisfactory transactions.

Hammatt, Ned Highland Rd, Baton Rouge farm wagon
Yancey, CW Jonesville single wagon, 2 horse cut under, Farmall tractor, 2 row middle buster, disk harrow, flat breaking plow, 7ft hay mower, Bosch lighting attachments for tractors, axle for Nabors trailer & axle for International truck
Bersuder, Joseph Burgundy, New Orleans used Army saddles
Hauser, Edwin F DeRidder trailer wagon made from Model T Ford chassis, Whiz cultivator
Lipscomb, WS Norwood single wagon, Delaval separator #12, small separator
Gray, JT Minden light wagon 1 or 2 horses
Aulds, Shep Choudrant wagon 4" tires
Fisher, Caldwell Morrow John Deere single wagon
Rosebush Poultry Farm Shreveport trapnest fronts, 300 chick floor brooders, 500 lb platform scale, Biddy Way brooders
Warren, Leland Beech Dr, North Highlands, Baton Rouge electric brooder
Friley, CD Westwego Sausage grinder large bench model
Palmer, AC Jr Gurley Fairbanks Morse windmill
Plettinger, GL St Francisville California fir tanks
Catherine Sugar Co Lobdell water tanks on wheels 250 gal capacity
Dane, William Gloria large sixe iron tank, trade for females goats
Ducote, Mrs Ernest Plaucheville walking cultivator with attachments
Smith, Leo Robeline 2 horse syrup mill, evaporator, 2 wheel stock trailer
Tassin, James H Cottonport JD walking cultivator
Hatfield, GL Quinton St, Shreveport Gee Whiz harrow, #1 Kelley turn plow, bed for pickup truck made of wood
Clawson, RW Bonita McCormick-Deering 2 horse potatoe planter, middle buster w rolling coulter, cast iron hog scalding kettle, 1 horse plows & 4 pairs plow gears
Deckelmann, WA Baton Rouge two 3 tine steel hay forks, Blount True Blue shares, blank middle buster share, rolling coulterPeter Wright patent anvil, iron pully, cultivator discs w scraper
Gillum, MM Downsville Ford tractor & disk, new Ford motor in it
Hewitt, Earl J Welsh McCormick Deering tractor
Condon, EC Jackson Ave, New Orleans Fordson tractor
Hamilton, DM Laurel Hill Farmall #12 tractor & buster, gang plow, Fairbanks Morse engine on wheels, grist mill, Avery disk cultivator, JD turn plow
Boagni, Kenneth Opelousas trailer capacity 3000 lb, Fairbanks Morse electric pump- needs repaired
Boyd, Guy M Collinston 4 wheel trailer
Marshall, George E Thibodaux heavy duty trailer hard rubber tirres
Vickers, Mrs FF Haughton T Model Ford truck
Fleming, Mrs Luna Tickfaw Chevrolet pickup truck 1935 model
LeDoux, EF Kinder 1937 Chevrolet 1 1/2 ton truck
Blackmon, BJ Florien small truck made from Model A roadster w 4 new tires
Coleman, DL Goldonna 1929 Model Chevrolet truck 1 1/2 tons with cab
Crooks, JM Pollock 1930 Chevrolet pickup w factory made cab
Neitte, Johnnie Robeline 1929 Model A farm truck
Davis, Lonnie Coushatta 1928 Model Chevrolet truck w pickup bed
Stracencer, Aswell Pitkin T Model Ford w truck bed
Hidalgo, Felix Jr Opelousas 1933 Model 1/2 ton pickup truck
Norsworthy, Jeff Bellwood 1929 Model Chev pickup w panel body
Vining, Ray Ponchatoula 1927 T Model truck motor
Norsworthy, WR Mer Rouge 1933 Dodge 1/2 ton pickup truck
Voight, WH Provencal 1932 Delco motor
Forshag, EP Amite Model A Ford motor power unit


Daniels, Mrs RM Mansfield burlap chop sacks


Chestwood, Miss Lennie M Castor Pine cones, sweet gums balls, white oak acorns, magnolia cones, & holly w red berries
Ford, Mrs Jim Benson Xmas trees in pine, cedar or juniper, holly, yaupon w berries, ferns, evergreen briers & wreaths
Grant, JC Colfax Holly, mistletoe, Xmas vine, Yaupon w red berries, sweet gum balls, magnolia cones, green pine needles & moss
Martin, Mrs CA Saline pine needles, pine cones, sweet gum balls, magnolia cones, holly & cedar
Morgan, Roland Madisonville silvery green Spanish moss, green pine needles, cypress balls, gum berries, Live Oak acorns
Miller, Mrs Alvin Many sprays of holly w red berries
Harris, Mrs WL Choudrant holly sprigs w red berries, bamboo w green leaves
Daniels, Mrs RM Mansfield holly, yaupon, cedar, sweet myrtle, pine & pine cones
Harrelson, Mrs Ernie D Grayson holly, cedar, pine needles, wreaths & crosses
Kirby, RG Baywood holly, yaupon, mistletoe, Xmas vine, sweet myrtle & green moss
Daniels, Mrs Jesse Mansfield holly w red berries, Yaupon, pine needles, cedar, red sugar haws, evergreen vine
Anderson, EM Marthaville Xmas evergreens
McDowell, Mrs Joe Hall Summit evergreens
Hennigan, Mrs WD Saline mistletoe, holly, cedar, pine needles & cones
Wheless, Mrs BT Minden evergreen glossy vines
Rabalais, Granvile Plaucheville mistletoe, holly w berries, sweet gum balls, cedar w berries & green moss
Hano, Mrs Leila Ponchatoula holly, mistletoe


Dupree, Mrs Josey C Coushatta new goose feathers
Graham, Mrs CM Jamestown slightly used goose feathers

Bear Grass

Daniels, Mrs Jesse Mansfield Bear grass blades

California Beer Seed

Buch, Mrs Donice Oak Grove Beer seed
McCutcheon, Kathryn Benton Beer seed


Jones, WH Dubberly gourds
Daniels, Mrs RM Mansfield dipper gourds
Gragg, Mrs AM Lake Charles dishrag gourds
McDowell, Mrs Joe Hall Summit nestegg  & ornamental gourds

Guinea Pigs

Miller, EH Mandeville St, New Orleans large female guinea pigs and small pigs
Traub, Henry New Orleans Guinea pigs all sizes
Pecan Shade Lofts Allen St, New Orleans grown, half grown and baby pigs

Hares and Rabbits

Miller, EH Mandeville St, New Orleans white bucks & colored rabbits
Traub, Henry New Orleans large males & female rabbits
Struble, KI Lake Charles Chinchilla & New Zealand white rabbits
Pecan Shade Lofts Allen St, New Orleans Chin Rex, Silver Foxes & male rabbits
Bidant, EL Harahan New Zealand rabbits


Hester, HH Luling native grass hay baled
Pendleton, AB Alexandria choice mixed grass hay
Pfiffner, Tony Hammond soybean hay cured without rain
Jeansonne, Harold Plaucheville fall hay cured without rain
Blatt, Hy Slaughter lespedexa hay
Duplechin, Albert Cottonport mixed hay
Shackelford, IB Jones mixed lespedeza and grass hay
Rae's Sunbeam Farm Plaucheville soybean hay crushed
Rabalais, Wiley Plaucheville fall hay cured without rain
Robinson, GA Pride lespedeza hay baled
Stelly, Stephen Iota oats hay baled with seeds


McCutcheon, Kathryn Benton tobacco for smoking 20c per pound

Straw, Shucks, Etc

Nickel, Elden Lake Charles new baled rice straw

Wood and Wood Products

Slaughter, LC Florien 6 ft fence posts
Guillory, Miller Cottonport 6ft cypress posts
Bordelon, Lee F Moreauville oak posts

Wool, Hides, Etc

Blatt, Mrs Hy Slaughter quilt size all wook batt
Hamilton, DM Laurel Hill large sheep skins with wool, 200 lbs of wool few burs
Stokes, Mrs MK Bunkie washed wool picked clean


NOTICE: In answering "Wants" be sure to STATE PRICE in first letter.  Write before shipping anything.

Woodward, Miss WIlly Sicily Island Jersey milk cow freshened not over 4 y/o, 3 gal on average feed, delivered
Jones, CH Dubberly milk cow freshened within trucking distance
Parker, PW Rosepine 10 cows & heifers
McCandlish, FJ Minden Reg whitefaced male calf, muley preferred 1 to 2yrs, state age and weight
Walker, Mrs CC Minden will trade carbide light plant w 7 lights for milk cow
Brumfield, DA Osyka, MS  will trade 400 bbl corn for cows or springers; also trade 20 head of hogs milk cow or springers
Hunter, Dorothy 10th St, Lake Charles will trade blocky type whitefaced bull for yearling or older heifer, no Jersey
Hawsey, WW Ethel red cows already bred to calve next spring and 2 meat hogs not over 125 lbs
Smith, AL Shongaloo LBP pigs, no fancy price and 5 or 6 common brush goats
Hinson, FW c/o Hospital in Jackson shetland pony, no fancy price
Scoggins, James Kirk Anacoco will trade large cow and calf for a mare to breed
Rae's Sunbeam Farm Plaucheville wil trade filly for mare mule about 2y/o
Riley, JM Alexandria stepping farm mule not over 10 y/o
Alexander, JM Quitman will trade home raised filly 1/2 Percheron for good farm mule not old, give boot if deserved
Shirley, Sam R Vicksburg, MS milk goats either Nubain, Saanen or Toggenberg
Carrier, Harlan Amite 5-10 reg milk does weaned of some well known breed
Hutchins, Floyd Heflin 25 to 30 goats
Tracht, AS Lake Charles young Toggenburg muley buck that can be reg in buyer's name
Friley, CD Westwego Birds, what have you?
Pontchartrain Turken Farm Jefferson Hwy, New Orleans Toggenburg bucks or buck kid eligible to AMGRA reg;  peahens & peafowl, white Chinese geese & eggs, royal purple guineas
Haskins, TB Marthaville will trade colt for 45 bbl white ear corn.
Serio, Samuel R Dauphine St, New Orleans 10 sacks of shelled corn, 100 lbs per sack, state price and delivery
Schmitt, Grant DeRidder Little Jap riding cultivator, trade for 50bu of corn
Murray, Chris Quitman 100 to 120 bu corn delivered
Moseley Stock Farms Shreveport young mules, mule colts, brood mares trade for corn at market price
Kapotsy, A Leesville 2 tons of Bermuda or lespedeza hay cured without rain delivered
Friley, CD Westwego rabbits, what you have?
Helm, Mrs AM Noble 50 lb of small pecan, will buy or trade for
Jahncke, Walter F Howard Ave, New Orleans Azaleas, camellias & bridal wreath
Ackermann, HF Tokalon Place, Metairie 2 or 3 native magnolia trees 4-5 ft
Smith, AL Shongaloo 1/2 bu New Era peas
Lindsey, RL Jacoby 2 Camellia japonicas variegated10-15"; 2 sweet pomegranates 12-15"; 3 magnolias 24-30"; 2 tung trees 15-25"
Smith, Mrs DC 5th Ave, Fort Worth, Texas 50 or 100 Nerine lily bulbs
Gordey, AJ Melder fall grown Katahdin & red Triumph sed Irish potatoes grown from certified 1939 crop
Lord, MD Winnsboro will pay 60c each for purebred hens any breed delivered
Nelson, Mrs RT Pelican will pay $1.00 each for 2 female Chinese geese
Wisinger, DO Mira 1 or 2  dox large breed AAA English White Leghorn laying hens not over 1yr
Neilson, Mrs SE Ruston will exchange 2 y/o Bourdon Red turkey hens or 1 y/o gobbler for the same breed, must be purebred
Laborde, Mrs Arnie Effie 6 Brown Leghorn roosters spring or summer hatch bought direct from hatchery, state name of hatchery & date bought
Froemming, AW DeRidder Whiteface Black Spanish Pullets & rooster
Russum, Mrs WA Hickory ST, Harahan will trade 2 white Jap Silkie roosters for Mammoth Broze turkey hen
Cooper, Jon H Oakdale will exchange 1y/o Brown Leghorn hens, 1 black & 3 or 4 Ancona cockerels for geese Toulouse preferred
Hamilton, DM Laurel Hill 1000 fat pine posts 7ft
Heath, Robert Pleasant Hill 300 rich pine posts 6ft
Nesom, Rivers Nesom 400 or 500 heart cypress posts
Stoner, Mrs LH Greenwood, MS Fairbanks Morse power unit from 30 to 40 hp
Rhodes, JE Many will trade 2 horse wagon for 1 horse wagon
Davis, BF Gandy will buy or trade doe disc 6 or 8 cutter, state price
Safarik, Charles Libuse reaper & binder
Boyd, Guy M Collinston Letz feed mill or a feed grinder
Armour, RF Many will trade ear corn or thick syrup for used Texas saddle
Jeannson, Peter Cottonport will trade 2 3/4" tire wagon used 2yr & mule for a 1/2 ton truck
Anderson, EM Marthaville will buy or trade for 3 or 5 gal spray tank, copper alloy
Triplette, Mrs Sam Melville used roofing
Chapman, LC Columbus, MS 115 volt AC current electric fencer, used steel posts, 20x28 Case all steel thresher
Boogaerts, Felix Boyce unloading track for hay barn
Faber, Henry Hammond will trade mare mule about 12 y/o for 1928 or 1929 Model A pickup truck; or will trade mule & 1/2 ton Model A pickup truck for a Model A ton truck

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