Natchitoches Baptisms, 1817-1840, Abstracts from Register 6 of St. Francis Catholic Church,
Natchitoches, Louisiana
Q and R
Rachal, Elisabet Rachal, Ludger Barthelemy Rachal, Marie Suzette
Queen, Anne Margueritte Rachal, Elisabeth Julia Rachal, Luis Alexandro Rachal, Marie Thereze
Querls, Henriete Rachal, Elize Rachal, Luis Bme, fils Rachal, Marie Victorine
Query, J.R. Rachal, Elisee, pere Rachal, Luis Julian Rachal, Mie Z.
Query, Maria Rachal, Eloy Rachal, M. Rachal, Marie Zeletine
Query, Marie Desend Rachal, Emmanuel Rachal, M. A. Rachal, Marie Zelima
Query, Narciso Rachal, Emanuel Hylaire Rachal, M. Hillaire Rachal, Marie Zelina/Zeline
Quesada, Cayetano Rachal, Emanuel Ludger Rachal, M. M. Rachal, Marie Zephise
Quesada, Francois Benil Rachal, Emmanuel Hilaire Rachal, Man. Rachal, Marte Aurore
Quesada, Joseph Cayetano Rachal, Esylla St. Claire Rachal, Mannette Rachal, Matthieu Aristide
Quesada, Joseph Mamesto Rachal, Etienne Rachal, Manuel Rachal, Ml
Quesada, Pablo Antonio Rachal, Etienne Derzilin Rachal, Manuel H. Rachal, N.
Queterante, Marie Rachal, Etienne Henry Rachal, Manuel Hilair Rachal, Nanette
Quierry, Jean Baptiste Rachal, Evariste Rachal, Marc Rachal, Narcis Bmy
Quierry, Marie Rachal, Firmin/Fermin Rachal, Maria Rachal, Narcis Olivert
Quinones, Gaspar Rachal, Francisca Rachal, Maria Adelle Rachal, Narciso Silvestre Seranos
Quinones, Juliana Rachal, Francisco Celestin Rachal, Maria Agata Rachal, Narcisis
Quinones, Maria Juliana Rachal, Francisco Silbestre Rachal, Maria Aglacee Rachal, Narcisse Barthelemy
Quintero, Ma Jeresusa Rachal, Fcois Adolphe Rachal, Maria Aloysa Rachal, Nevil
Quintero, Maria Francisca Rachal, Francois Firmin Rachal, Maria Anrriette Rachal, Norbert
Quintero, Theodoro Rachal, Francois Valcourt Rachal, Maria Celina Rachal, Octave
Quiry, Mie Rachal, Francois Yusfis Rachal, Maria Clemencia Rachal, Onezime
Quitrone, Marie Rachal, Francoise Rachal, Maria Euphrasine Rachal, Ophelia
Quitto, Marie Rachal, Francoise Louisa Rachal, Maria Justa Desire Rachal, Or.
Quitto, Marie Elisa Rachal, Francoise Yraine Rachal, Ma Liza/Laiza Rachal, Paul Firmin
  Rachal, Francoisse Delayde Rachal, Maria Lolet/Lolete Rachal, Paul Prudent
Rabalais, Derzilin Rachal, Gatien Fabien Rachal, Maria Louisse Rachal, Philibert
Rabalais, Fr. Rachal, Hilaire Rachal, Maria Manet Rachal, Philibert Mathieu
Rabalais, Jean Bte Rachal, Honorine Coralie Rachal, Maria Meliza Rachal, Pierr Constant
Rabalais, Joseph Rachal, Hypolite Rene Zepherin Rachal, Maria Susete Rachal, Pierre/Pier
Rabalais, Marguerite Rachal, Hyppolite Rachal, Marie Rachal, Pierre Apollinaire
Rabalais, Marie Catherine Rachal, J. Rachal, Mie A. Rachal, Pre Lucien
Rabalais, Marie Florentine Rachal, J. B. Clement Rachal, Marie Adelle Rachal, Prudent
Rabalais, Marie Louise Herma Rachal, J. Bte Rachal, Marie Agatha Rachal, Raimond
Rabalais, Marie Paisible Rachal, J. Bte Adolph Rachal, Marie Agusta Rachal, Rozalie Vercher
Rabalais, Marie Valencie Rachal, J. Bte Clement Rachal, Marie Aime Barberonne Rachal, S.
Rabalais, Mte Rachal, James A. Rachal, Marie Aimee Rachal, San Joseph
Rabalais, Paisible Rachal, Jn B. Julien Rachal, Marie Aimee Lestage Rachal, Santiago Paesant
Rabalais, Paulin Rachal, Jean Baptiste Rachal, Marie Aline Rachal, Sebastien Cyprian
Rabalais, Pierre Rachal, Jn Bpte Bmy Rachal, Marie Antoinette Rachal, Seraphin
Rabalais, Placide Rachal, Jean Bte Bmy Rachal, Marie Aphise Rachal, Silvestre Julien
Rabalais, Rose Rachal, Jean Baptiste Bolivar Rachal, Marie Aspasy Rachal, Simeon
Rabale, Marie Celeste Rachal, Jean Baptiste Clement Rachal, Marie Ately Rachal, So.
Rabale, Marie Pessiere Rachal, Jean Baptiste Darias Rachal, Mie Athenais Rachal, Sosthene
Rabale, Pierre Rachal, Jean Baptiste Firmin Rachal, Marie Aurore Rachal, Suzanne
Rabalet, Neda Rachal, Jean Baptiste Julien Rachal, Marie Ava Rachal, Suzette
Raballey, Marie Celeste Rachal, Jn Bte Paliere Rachal, Marie Azelie Rachal, Sylvestre
Rabelais, Marite Rachal, Jean Eloi Rachal, Marie Azeline Rachal, Theodore Clement
Rachael, Maria Susanne Rachal, Jean Joseph Rachal, Marie Benigna Rachal, Thomas Urbin
Rachal, A. Barthelemy, Mrs. Rachal, Jean Julien Rachal, Marie Catherine Rachal, Useble Narcisse
Rachal, Ad. Rachal, Jean Villeray Rachal, Marie Celeste Rachal, V.D.
Rachal, Adelayde Rachal, Jeann Btte Bmy Rachal, Marie Celestine Rachal, Valsin
Rachal, Adele Rachal, Jeann Btte Julian Rachal, Marie Celine Rachal, Victor
Rachal, Adeline Rachal, Jne Rachal, Marie Cephalide Rachal, Victor Jean Comeve
Rachal, Agathe Rachal, Jeanne Cidalise Rachal, Marie Cephalise Rachal, Victor Julien
Rachal, Alexandre Adrien Rachal, Jeanne Sedalisse Rachal, Marie Ceraphine Rachal, Vilfride
Rachal, Alexandrine Rachal, Jeanvier Benjamin Rachal, Marie Chetisa Rachal, Vr
Rachal, Allain Rachal, Jerome Rachal, Marie Clarisse Rachal, Ysaac
Rachal, Antoine Bme Rachal, Joseph Rachal, Marie Clementia Rachal, Ysabella
Rachal, Antoin Narcis Seraphin Rachal, Joseph Agapito Rachal, Marie Clementine Rachal, Ysac
Rachal, Antoin Valery Rachal, Jh Dorsine Rachal, Marie Clezelia Rachal, Zelina
Rachal, Antoine Rachal, Joseph Evariste Rachal, Marie Desire Rachal, Zepherino
Rachal, Antoine, Widow Rachal, Joseph Olivier Rachal, Marie Emelie Rachel,
Rachal, Antoine Barthelemi Rachal, Joseph Onezime Rachal, Marie Emelise Racine, Marie Henriette Felice
Rachal, Antoine Seraphin Rachal, Joseph Saturnin Rachal, Marie Eulodie Radax, Francois
Rachal, Apolline Rachal, Josephine Rachal, Marie Euphasine Raddas, Henry
Rachal, Arthemise Rachal, Juan Baptista Rachal, Marie Euphrasine Ramben, Andres
Rachal, Asely Rachal, Juan Bta Bertelmy Rachal, Marie Felicie Ramben, Andres Lifrua
Rachal, Athanas Rachal, Juan Bautista Deny Rachal, Mie Florentine Rambim, Maria Francisca Ulalia
Rachal, Auguste Rachal, Juan Bautista Vrevil Rachal, Marie Francoise Rambin, A.
Rachal, Aureline Rachal, Juana Seladifre Rachal, Marie Guiliantine Rambin, Adelaide
Rachal, Aurore Rachal, Julian Varnef Rachal, Mie Henriette Rambin, Adelaide Athenase
Rachal, Azelie Rachal, Julien Rachal, Marie Idea Rambin, Ambrosine
Rachal, B. Jin Rachal, Julien Rachal, Marie Josepha Rambin, Andre
Rachal, Baptiste Clement Rachal, Julienne Rachal, Marie Julia 1 Rambin, Andre Michel
Rachal, Barthelemi Ruben Rachal, Julio Rachal, Marie Laiza Rambin, Arsiloe
Rachal, Benjamin Rachal, L. Rachal, Marie Lollette Rambin, Athanze
Rachal, Benoit Constant Rachal, Laiza Rachal, Marie Louise/Louisse Rambin, Auguste
Rachal, Ber. Rachal, Landry Rachal, Marie Louise Zelia Rambin, Auguste Simon
Rachal, Bernardo Rachal, Leon Rachal, Marie Luce Rambin, Augustin Lestang
Rachal, Berthelemy Rachal, Lolette Rachal, Marie Manete/Manette Rambin, Augustin Simon
Rachal, C. Rachal, Louis Rachal, Marie Marcelite Rambin, Azenor
Rachal, C.F. Adolph Rachal, Louis B. Rachal, Marie Marselie Rambin, Carlos
Rachal, Catalina Juliana Rachal, Louis Bartheleme Rachal, Marie Melina Rambin, Catherine
Rachal, Celestin Rachal, Louis Barthelemy Rachal, Marie Melisa Rambin, Cecile
Rachal, Cipriano Rachal, Louis Casimar Rachal, Marie Melisair Rambin, Celina
Rachal, Cirien Rachal, Ls G. Rachal, Marie Monete/Monnet Rambin, Celina Marie
Rachal, Clem Theodore Rachal, Louis Galien Rachal, Marie Nanette Rambin, Charles
Rachal, Clement Rachal, Louis Gassion Cyriaque Rachal, Marie Narrolia Rambin, Cyriaque
Rachal, Clementine Rachal, Louis Getion Rachal, Mie O. Rambin, Desiree
Rachal, Constant Rachal, Louis Jn Rachal, Marie Octavie Rambin, Edouard
Rachal, Cydalise Rachal, Louis Jerome Rachal, Marie Ozitte Rambin, Edouard Lestang
Rachal, Cyprien Rachal, Louis Julian Rachal, Marie Poupone Rambin, Edward Lestan
Rachal, Cyriac Rachal, Louis Olasty Rachal, Marie Reyne/Reine Rambin, Esitee
Rachal, Derselin Rachal, Louis Remon Rachal, Marie Rosalie/Roselia Rambin, Felicite
Rachal, Dque Rachal, Louis Remon Zenon Rachal, Mie S. Rambin, Firmin
Rachal, Dominique Auger Rachal, Louis Simon Rachal, Marie Saset Rambin, Fr.
Rachal, E.J. Rachal, Louis Solastie Rachal, Me Solet Rambin, Francisco
Rachal, Eduardo Rachal, Lucile Armestine Rachal, Marie Sophie Rambin, Franco Agustin
Rachal, Eleoda Rachal, Lucher Rachal, Marie Suzanne Rambin, Francois





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